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The abstract of doctoral dissertation ‘Some research on hypothesis testing and nonparametric variable screening problems for high dimensional data’

Yongshuai Chen ,

a School of Mathematical Sciences, Capital Normal University, Beijing, People's Republic of China;b School of Statistics, Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing, People's Republic of China

Hengjian Cui

a School of Mathematical Sciences, Capital Normal University, Beijing, People's Republic of China

Pages 228-229 | Received 22 Jul. 2020, Accepted 23 Sep. 2020, Published online: 31 Oct. 2020,
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In this thesis, we construct test statistic for association test and independence test in high dimension, respectively, and study the corresponding theoretical properties under some regularity conditions. Meanwhile, we propose a nonparametric variable screening procedure for sparse additive model with multivariate response in untra-high dimension and established some screening properties.


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