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Fluorescence enhancement of zinc tetraphenylporphyrin nano islands on mica surface

JIANG Jian-wei, LU Yi-fan, LIU Yi-ting, LOU Shi-tao, ZHANG Xiao-lei,  JIN Qing-yuan   

  1. State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy in Science and Technology,  East China Normal University, Shanghai 200062, China
  • Received:2015-06-12 Online:2016-07-25 Published:2016-09-29


Zinc tetraphenylporphyrin (ZnTPP) film on mica was prepared by vacuum thermal evaporation,and the thickness could be calibrated by single molecular layer. The photoluminescence (PL) spectra of ZnTPP film on mica gradually changed from the spectra of monomer to that of dimer as the number of molecule layers increasing. The atomic force microscopy (AFM) image showed that ZnTPP molecules on the mica surface were clustered into nanoislands. The nanoislands were further aggregated in nonvacuum environment, which might enhance the intensity of dimer fluorescence. Fluorescence lifetime showed that the decay channel ratio of dimer increased significantly in non vacuum environment.

Key words: zinc tetraphenylporphyrin (ZnTPP), fluorescence enhancement, fluorescence lifetime