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    Experimental ecology research on destroyed evergreen broad-leaved forests in TNFP, Zhejiang(I): Ecological restoration experiments and long-term ecological study(Chinese)
    DA Liang-jun;SONG Kun
    2008, 2008 (4):  1-11. 
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    This paper set 4 different degradation plots(removing trees,H>8 m; removing trees, H<8 m;removing all aboveground plant;removing all aboveground plant and 0~10 cm depth surface soil) with each size being 20 m×20 m in Tiantong National Forest Park,Zhejiang province in 2003,leaving one as the comparison in the same year.Each plot was divided into two halves, one for natural restoration and the other for factitious restoration.In each plot, the habitat factors are inspected, including air temperature, humidity at the height of 0.3 m,1.5 m and 8.0 m,soil temperature and humidity in the depth of 5 cm and 20 cm, light intension in different height. In the natural restoration part of each plot, the floristic compositions and community structures were investigated in every season. In the factitious restoration part of each plot, the seeds of the dominate species were sowed and/or planted in.The germination of seeds and the growth of seedlings were studied for three years.The resnlts show that different destroyed plots have different restoration dynamics with different compositions and structures.
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    Experimental ecology research on destroyed evergreen broad-leaved forests in TNFP, Zhejiang (Ⅱ):The growth patterns of dominate evergreen trees obtained by tree ring analysis(Chinese)
    SONG Kun;YANG Xu-feng;KANG Min-ming;DA Liang-jun
    2008, 2008 (4):  12-24. 
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    This paper used tree ring analysis to study growth patterns of Castanopsis carlesii, Schima superba and Lithocarpus glaber. The results indicate that: (1) Castanopsis carlesii has the fastest diameter growth rate and height growth rate among three species. Schima superba has bigger variation in growth rate among individuals and size classes, suggesting greater growth plastic for Schima superba and steadier growth rate for Castanopsis carlesii and Lithocarpus glaber. (2) Six canopy accession types are divided basing on the number of releases and suppressions happened in canopy accession process. The average growth rates are contrasted among different canopy accession types and species. The growth rate decreased with the increasing of releases and suppressions trees experienced. Schima superba experienced more releases and suppressions than Castanopsis carlesii, which expanding their difference in canopy accession speed. (3) Castanopsis carlesii and Schima superba have different growth patterns: the former takes its own growth way insensibly to variation in light, however the latter changes its growth way. Differentiation of growth pattern, which is the synthesis of adaptive strategies to variation in light, may be an important mechanism to explain the coexistence of so much species in evergreen broadleared forest(EBLF).
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    Experimental ecology research on destroyed evergreen broad-leaved forests in TNFP, Zhejiang (Ⅲ): Analysis the adaptive strategy of common species in evergreen broad-leaved forest from caloric value(Chinese)
    SHANG Kan-kan;CHEN Bo;DA Liang-jun
    2008, 2008 (4):  25-30. 
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    Caloric values of various organs of plant species from Schima superba + Castanopsis carlesii community in the subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest in Tiantong National Forest Park(TNFP), Zhejiang Province were studied in this paper. The results showed that caloric values of different life-form's leaves had significant differences,and evergreen broad-leaved trees and deciduous broad-leaved trees were higher than evergreen broad-leaved shrubs. It also showed that caloric values of dominant plants at sapling stage were higher than those of young and adult. Lithocarpus glaber, Castanopsis carlesii, Castanopsis fargesii, Castanopsis sclerophylla and Myrica rubra, five main species, showed the different caloric pattern of different organs. It suggests that energy pattern is closely related to their adaptive strategy in the subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest.
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    Diversity,spacial pattern and dynamics of vegetation under urbanization in Shanghai (Ⅰ): Flora of the remnant natural vegetation and its dynamics changeduring past difty years in Sheshan area of Shanghai China(Chinese)
    WANG Chen-xi;WANG Juan;LI Yan-yan;DA Liang-jun
    2008, 2008 (4):  31-39. 
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    This paper studied the characteristics of natural plant species influenced by urbanization and fragment by analyzing the flora of the remnant nature vegetation in Sheshan area, Shanghai. According to our collection and identification, there are 350 species and varieties, 235 genera and 85 families of wild seed plants, which can be divided into 13 types and 10 subtypes in the geographical distribution patterns.The results are as follows. There are remarkable relations between species and the area of each hill.The flora on Sheshan has a greatly close relation to that on Mt. Tianmu. Compared with plant lists in 1950s, there are 178 nature seed plants undiscovered, most of which are perennial herb.
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    Diversity, special pattern and dynamics of vegetation under urbanization in Shanghai(Ⅱ):Study on the flora of Jiangwan Airport, an abandoned land, Shanghai(Chinese)
    YANG Yong-Chuan;WANG Juan;Da Liang-jun
    2008, 2008 (4):  40-48. 
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    The floristic character of abandoned Jiangwan Airport in Shanghai was analyzed. The flora of vascular plant in the study area consisted of 229 species and varieties, 176 genera and 66 families' of which 5 species, 5 genera and 5 families belonged to Pteridophyta. Among the vascular flora, 82.6 percentages was herbage and 28.8 percentages was Cosmopolitan. According to the geographical distribution of seed plants genera, they were divided into 13 types (varieties included). The floristic composition is complex and geographical components are various, meanwhile temperate elements have a little superiority. For Jiangwan Airport is faced with the further exploitation, the key habitats should be conserved and the vegetation also should be managed according to their status to construct a green space system with lower cost and higher value rapidly.
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    Diversity, special pattern and dynamics Vegetation under urbanization in shanghai(Ⅲ): Flora of the ruderal in the urban area of Shanghaiunder the influence of rapid urbanization(Chinese)
    TIAN Zhi-hui;CHEN Ke-xia;DA Liang-jun;GU Hong-mei;
    2008, 2008 (4):  49-57. 
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    Through investigating the flora of the ruderal in the urban area of Shanghai, this paper analyzed the diversity of ruderal influenced by rapid urbanization, and studied the charateristics of ruderal adapt to the urban habitats with high heterogeneity. In the investigated 260 quadrats of ruderal community,107 species of ruderal were found to be belonged to 89 genera and 32 families. Gramineae and Compositae,the largest families,played a major role in these quadrats. High proportion of monotypic genus indicates that the heterogeneity of urban habitat is high. On the base of ruderal with wide adaptability adapt to urban habitat universally, the strategy of annual vegetation adapt to high strength and frequency man-made habitats is of short life cycle and strong adaptability. Special arid habitat in urban area increases the proportion of winter annual.
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    Isolation and identification of luminous bacteria from the Qinghai Lake and observation by electronic microscope(Chinese)
    MI Qin;AN Yan;HAO Wei;HE Yan;ZHU Wen-jie
    2008, 2008 (4):  58-65. 
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    The twenty-two strains of luminous bacteria from the body of the fish,Gymnocypris przewalkii, in Qinghai Lake, were isolated .They were submitted to an extensive phenotypic characterization, which included the test of their ability to utilize 51 organic compounds.The results indicated that the twenty-two strains belonged in the Vibrio qinghaiensis. They could utilize many kinds of organic compounds as sole carbon source and energy source ,and accumulate PHB in their cells. Their optimal growth pH was of pH 9.0.They could grow in media without sodium ions, and the salt concentration of their optimal growth was of 1%~1.2%. So they were different from the luminous bacteria living in sea water. In addition, all of these isolated twenty-two strains could grow at 40 ℃,and previously reported strains of Vibrio qinghaiensis were only of 10% at this temperature. The morphology observation using electronic microscope showed that on the surface of the bacteria there were some peripheral tubular projections, besides a polar single flagellum, and these projections were evidently different from bacteria flagella or pili, and which were never reported previously on the other species of luminescent bacteria now.
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    Observations on the micro-structre and ultrastructure of the conrtical pigment granule of a Hypotrichous ciliate, Trichototaxis songi(Chinese)
    ZHOU Hai-ying;WANG Zheng-jun;SHENG Xin;GU Fu-kang
    2008, 2008 (4):  66-70. 
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    Study on seven behavioral traits of lateral functional dominance in Nu(Chinese)
    LUO Dong-mei;ZHENG Lian-bin;LU Shun-hua;XU Bo-song
    2008, 2008 (4):  71-77. 
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    Samples of 170 middle school students of Nu nationality were investigated on 7 behavioral traits of lateral functional dominance including handedness, hand clasping, arm folding, leg folding, foot preference, stride type and eye preference. The results are as follows. The preferences of the right type on 7 traits are much higher than that of the left type, except stride type. There is sexual difference on the preference of leg folding and eye preference and that of foot preference is significant while there is no sexual difference with the rest items. There is no significant difference between Nu and other 8 ethnic groups on the preference of 7 behavioral traits, except that of the stride type and hand clasping. The correlations are found among 5 groups of the traits, that is, hand clasping and handedness, arm folding and leg folding, arm folding and foot preference, arm folding and eye preference, eye preference and stride type.The preference of R-R type is much higher than that of the L-L type.
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    Thermal decomposition behavior of metal-oxygen clusters with Dawson structure(English)
    KONG Ai-guo;LI Jiang;LAI Ke-qiang;ZHANG Gui-rong;DING Han-ming;SHAN Yong-kui
    2008, 2008 (4):  78-87. 
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    The thermal decomposition behavior of metal-oxygen clusters with Dawson structure, YmHnP2M18O62&#8226;qH2O, was systematically investigated using the X-ray power thermodiffractometry and FTIR at different temperatures, TG-DTA. The experimental results indicated that Dawson-type metal-oxygen clusters with anion,[P2Mo18O62]6-,and different counter cations,NH4+,Cu2+,K+,underwent an irreversible thermal rearrangement around 210 ℃,240 ℃,250 ℃, respectively to give the corresponding Keggin-type metal-oxygen clusters containing [PMo12O40]3-as one of the products. For the metal-oxygen clusters containing tungsten, the pyrolysis procedure of potassium salt with [P2W18O62]6-anion is similar to that of metal-oxygen clusters with [P2Mo18O62]6-anion, whenas the NH4+, Cu2+salts of [P2W18O62]6-seem to decompose directly into WO3 at 400 ℃, 450 ℃,respectively.These results testify that the thermal solid-state rearrangements of Dawson-type anions correlated with the thermal stability of the corresponding Keggin-type compounds. Furthermore, some proposals about the criterion and the adjudication of thermal decomposition temperature for metal-oxygen clusters with different thermal decomposition behavior are also given.
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    Fabrication and characterization of OLED with RhB doped in ZnQ2 (Chinese)
    DING Hong-liu;ZHAO Ting;SHI Guo-yue;JIN Li-tong
    2008, 2008 (4):  88-95. 
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    By vacuum evaporation deposition, dye-doped OLEDs were fabricated with the structure of ITO/TPD/ZnQ2: Rhodamine B(RhB)/Al. The luminescent layer was composed of a dye RhB doped into ZnQ2 (bis (8-hydroxyquinolato) zinc) layer which showed much better electroluminescent properties than AlQ3(tri (8-hydroxyquinolato) aluminum). With different RhB concentration, OLED electroluminescence emission got different peak wavelength and visual color. The maximal shift of 34 nm was obtained due to dopant concentration. By investigating photoluminescence as well as electroluminescence behaviors, the energy transfer mode and emission mechanism were discussed in this paper. Both energy transfer and carrier trapping have been suggested to be responsible for dopant excitation and emission.
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    Synthesis and characterization of amino-silanemodified NdFeB magnetic particles(Chinese)
    WANG Li-qing; ZHANG Hong-yan; ZHAO Zhen-jie; WANG Qing-jiang; HE Pin-gang
    2008, 2008 (4):  96-101. 
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    In order to be conjuncted with active -NH2 groups, the surface modification of NdFeB permanent magnetic particles by 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APES) was studied in this paper. The surface functional groups of the modified NdFeB magnetic particles were investigated by FT-IR, DSC-TG, TEM and magnetic hysteresis loop measurements, and the experimental results showed that effective amino-silane modified magnetic particles was obtained under the optimum conditions. The methods reported in this paper have some advantages, such as simple reagents, easy operation and stable property. The APES coated NdFeB magnetic particles could be used for further biological researches.
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    Separation and determination of teniposide and related substances in its injection by HPLC-ECD(Chinese)
    JIN Wei;PENG Xing-sheng;YANG Yong-jian;YE Jian-nong
    2008, 2008 (4):  102-108. 
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    To establish an HPLC-electrochemical detection method to separate and determine teniposide and its related substances on a PhenomenexR LUNA Ph-Hex column, the condition of electrochemical detection was studied and the difference between electrochemical detection and UV detection was compared. Teniposide, lignan P, alpha-thenylidene lignan P(ATLP), picrothenylidene lignan P(PTLP) and the excipients of the injection were well separated using an acetonitrile-water(38:62) as mobile phase when the flow rate was 1.0mL/min, and the detection sensitivity was the highest when the working potential was set at+0.7V using the glassy carbon disc electrode as the working electrode. Compared with the UV detection method, the sensitivity and selectivity of electrochemical detction are higher. It can be employed in the detection of impurities in Teniposide injection efficiently without any disturbance and the assay of teniposide.
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    Study of synthesis of 3-(4-phenyl-1,3-dithiolan-2-ylidene)pentane-2,4-dione and its condensation reaction with arylaldehydes(Chinese)
    WANG Yan-ru;YU Hai-feng;LI Xiao-fang;LIU Qun
    2008, 2008 (4):  109-113. 
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    3-(4-Phenyl-1,3-dithiolan-2-ylidene)pentane-2,4-dione (2) was prepared in moderate(47%) yield by the reaction of acetylacetone with carbon disulfide and 1-(1,2-dibromoethyl)benzene using potassium carbonate as base.Under the optimized conditions, the condensation of compound 2 with arylaldehydes led to the corresponding products α-acetyl-α′cinnamoyl ketene dithioacetals 1d and α,α′-dicinnamoyl ketene dithioacetals 1e, respectively, in high to excellent yields.
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    Numerical simulation of current change and diffusion of oilfilm after the Chongqi bridge construction(Chinese)
    FU Li-hui;ZHU Jian-rong;CHEN Bing-rui;WANG Biao;LI Lu
    2008, 2008 (4):  114-123. 
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    Using the 3-D estuarine coastal and ocean numerical model ECOM in the north branch of Changjiang estuary, combined with oil film drift and diffusion module, the current change due to Chongqi bridge project, and the area, thickness, trace of oil film were studied after the oil spill accident happened at the sea-route in waterway. The results of model calculation showed that the main influence on current concentrated on bridge hollow and piers after bridge construction. The current was less influenced as the distance from the bridge increases. The current speed increased about 48 cm/s on the waterway and reduces on the piers. In the case of southeast wind with 4 m/s, with ebb tidal current the oil film drifted to downriver area of north branch during spring tide. To the 6 hr. oil film diffused to the mouth of north branch. During flood tide, to the 6 hr. oil film reached to the middle of Xinchunsha. Moreover, the change of wind speed and direction has a significantly influence on the oil film trajectory and pollution extent in the port.
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    Study on lake surface area change in the mid-lower reaches of the Yangtze River based on the remote sensing technique(Chinese)
    LIU Xin;HE Long-hua;ZHOU Chi;
    2008, 2008 (4):  124-129. 
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    Spatial and temporal data of the major lake surface aera change in the mid-lower reaches of the Yangtze River were obtained and analyzed on the platform of geographical information system (GIS) by using digital topography maps and satellite remote sensing images(Landsat TM/ETM) in different periods of time. The results showed that: the total lake surface area in the mid-lower reaches of the Yangtze River reduced about2 544.51km2 from 1971 to 1988 ,and 1 151.97km2 from 1988 to 2000. This should due to both nature factors and human activity ,but the major factor was lake reclamation.
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    Simulation and analysis of Shanghai central citypopulation density in 1990-2000(Chinese)
    LIAO Bang-gu;XU Jian-gang;HAN Xue-pei;QI Yi;MEI An-xin
    2008, 2008 (4):  130-139. 
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    This paper discussed population density simulation of shanghai central city in 1990-2000 based on land use, and analyzed the population distribution and change. Some steps were introduced to simulation process to improve precision, such as zoning by cluster analysis, modeling separately by zoning, gradually eliminating errors and precision controlling by street zones. Then the temporal and spatial characteristics of population density change were analyzed based on GIS. Raster overlay produced a map of population density change; concentric circle method and sector analysis method were used to show the distribution characteristics different with distance and orientation; the relationship between population density and residential land use shows the improvement of living condition in Shanghai from 1990 to 2000.
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