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    Community structure and biodiversity characteristics of macrobenthos off coast of Lianyungang(Chinese)
    CHEN Bin-lin;FANG Tao;LI Dao-ji
    2007, 2007 (2):  1-10. 
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    This article studied the community composition and biodiversity characteristics of macrobenthos under the intense environmental disturbances and analyzed the pollution status of sampling stations in three areas of Alkaline Factory, Port region and Nuclear Power Station off the coast of Lianyungang. The result shows that polychaete and mollusk are the dominant species which are 42.703%, 51.352%,56.03% and 46.085%,38.145%,32.034% of the total individual numbers, respectively in the three areas. The average value of Shannon-Wiener and evenness index in the region of Nuclear Power Station are the biggest which are 3.184 and 0.868, respectively, and the values in the Alkaline Factory are the smallest. The biggest average value of richness index is in the Port region which is 1.416, and the smallest value is in the Alkaline Factory. There is a approximate inverse relation between macrobenthos richness index and median grain siz
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    Calculation of the Taxonomic Diversity of Fish Communities in the Yangtze River Estuary(Chinese)
    ZHANG Heng;LU Jian-jian
    2007, 2007 (2):  11-22. 
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    Based on the fish surveys using various sample nets in the Yangtze River Estuary, combined with previous studies, the fish master list in this area was updated and its hierarchical diversity was analyzed. The results show that there are 305 species of fishes, belong to 2 classes, 28 orders, 101 families and 215 genera, recorded in the Yangtze River Estuary. The cartilaginous fishes are composed of 5 orders, 12 families, 14 genera and 22 species, while bony fishes composed of 23 orders, 89 families, 201 genera and 283 species. The funnel plots with 95% confidence limits for both average taxonomic distinctness (Δ+) and variation in taxonomic distinctness (Λ+) of the Yangtze River Estuary fish master list were established. The value of Δ+ is 79.9, a little higher than those in Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea and East China Sea.
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    Pollen and Paloenvironment Analysis of Holocene in Shanghai Region(Chinese)
    JIA Li;YU Li-zhong;ZHANG Wei-guo
    2007, 2007 (2):  23-29. 
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    Through the analysis and contrast between HM core and Dh core, combined with the data of AMS14C, six pollen assemblages were ploted out. At the mean time, six stages about the vegetation change and climate fluctuation were rebuild. In addition, there were three subassemblages ploted out in the Atlantic period, SubBoreal period and SubAtlantic period, which reflected the less vibration of the largescale climatic change. Pollen assemblage dominated by Concentricystes in the hard and green clay of late Pleistocene can make it sure that the hard green clay layer was formed by water.
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    Econometric Analysis of Paddy Production in Shanghai Suburbs(Chinese)
    YE Le-an;;WU Yong-xing;MAO Guo-fang
    2007, 2007 (2):  30-35. 
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    Based on the Cobb-Douglas function, an econometric model for paddy′s production in the suburb of Shanghai was established. In the model, seeds, fertilizer, machine, irrigation and drainage, electric power (MIE), and labor were regarded as the production elements effecting paddy′s yield. The conclusion is that the most effective factor on paddy′s yield is MIE′s input, and the inputs of nutrition, seeds, and labors are followed in order. With the increase of planted scale of paddy, farmer′s benefit can be added up, but the increase of paddy′s yield and farmer′s income is not obvious.
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    Multi-scale Characteristics of the Urban Heat Island Intensity in Shanghai(Chinese)
    SUN Juan;SHU Jiong;YUE Qun;LU Xiao-qin
    2007, 2007 (2):  36-43. 
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    The characteristics of the urban heat island (UHI) intensity in Shanghai were studied and calculated using wavelet transformation, based on per hour difference in temperatures in 2000 observed from Davis automatic stations installed at the Urban and Suburb of Shanghai. The results show that the period characteristics of UHI in Shanghai are asymmetric, which correspond with the period extending between wavelet amplitude centers and the strengthening of wavelet amplitude. Wavelet transformation can be used to analyze UHI synoptically. The UHI appears obvious on 14 hour-scale and 26 hour-scale in winter, while 12 hour-scale and 28 hour-scale in summer. The UHI in winter is stronger and more obvious than in summer.
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    Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis of the Regional Economic Disparities in China(Chinese)
    LU Feng;;XU Jian-hua
    2007, 2007 (2):  44-51. 
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    The aim of this paper is an exploratory spatial data analysis of Chinese provincial per capita GDP over the sample period of 1978-2001. It revealed strong evidence of spatial autocorrelation as well as significant patterns of local spatial association. The detection of spatial clusters of high versus low per capita GDP distribution throughout the sample period is an indicator of the persistence of spatial disparities over the Chinese economic landscape. Local Moran autocorrelation statistics, Moran scatterplots and LISA were also computed and reveal the existence of “atypical regions”.
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    Preparation of Nanometer MgO by Sol-gel Auto-combustion(Chinese)
    FANG Hai-hong;HU Bing-yuan;WANG Lin-sheng;LU Rong-li;YANG Cui
    2007, 2007 (2):  52-57. 
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    Nanometer MgO were prepared by sol-gel auto combustion techniques using magne-sium nitrate as raw material and citric acid as chelating agent. IR spectra of dried gels were examined to investigate the structural of precursors. By studying on the different TG curves of magnesium citrate gel, which prepared by different methods, we found that combustion process occurred and the nitrate ions acted as oxidant in combustion process. TEM photographs of synthesis powders by sol-gel auto-combustion showed that the crystallites were uniform. XRD curves of this sample showed that the particle sizes are 8.9 nm. The BET curves showed that the specific surface of the sample is 26.34 m2/g. And mechanism of foaming process in restraining agglomeration were discussed.
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    Preliminary Study on Polymorphism of Macronuclear and Mitochondria DNA in Resting Cell of Euplotes encysticus(Chinese)
    CHEN Ji-wu;ZENG Hong;GU Fu-kang
    2007, 2007 (2):  58-64. 
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    The macronuclear and mitochondria DNA between the resting and the vegetative cell of Euplotes encysticus were comparatively analyzed by using RAPD technique in order to explore the acting feature of two genetic systems in the resting cell of ciliates. The results showed that 220 fragments were amplified in the resting and the vegetative cell DNA from Euplotes encysticus (EE) by using 35 random primers. In these fragments, both the resting and the vegetative cell macronucleus DNA had 18 and 44 specific fragments, respectively. The variance values was 28%. And 154 fragments were amplified in the resting and the vegetative cell mitochondria DNA from EE by using 32 random primers. Among them, both the resting and the vegetative cell mitochondria DNA had 19 and 25 specific fragments, respectively. The variance values was 29%. These data hinted that the structures of the macronuclear DNA in the resting and the vegetative cell of EE had some variances. The structure of both mitochondria DNA also had some variances. Therefore, in the process of EE forming resting cell, the structures of the macronuclear and mitochondria DNA all had perhaps some changes. These changes were closely related to the acute alteration for structural features and metabolism activities during the resting cell formation and related to physiological and biochemical alteration in the resting state. These results provided basic data for revealing relationship between differentiation of ciliates cell structure and acting of cell genetic substance.
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    Comparative Study on Ultrastructure of Eggshells in Four Species of Birds(Chinese)
    WANG Jia-yue;TANG Si-xian;WANG Jie;FU Li-ping
    2007, 2007 (2):  65-71. 
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    Eggshell ultrastructures of Silver Pheasant (Lophura nycthemera),Common Quail (Coturnix coturnix),Pheasant-tailed Jacana (Hydrophasianus chirurgus) and Ashy Drongo (Dicrurus leucophaeus) were observed and researched by scanning electron microscope. The results indicated that the eggshell structures of four birds were much similar with other bird species, which were outer layer, spongy layer, cone layer, mammilla, shell membrane layer and pore channels through the shell from outer to inner. But obvious differences about the amounts and diameters of vesicular holes in spongy layer, the amounts of pores and mammillas of inner surface and the thickness of radial sections within the four birds were observed. From high to low, the arrangement of the amounts of vesicular holes in spongy layer was Common Quail, Silver Pheasant, Ashy Drongo and Pheasant-tailed Jacana; the arrangement of the diameters of vesicular holes in spongy layer was Silver Pheasant, Ashy Drongo Common Quail and Pheasant-tailed Jacana; the arrangement of the amounts of pores of inner surface was Silver Pheasant,Common Quail, Pheasant-tailed Jacana and Ashy Drongo; the arrangement of the mammillas of inner surface was Common Quail, Silver Pheasant,Pheasant-tailed Jacana and Ashy Drongo; the arrangement of the thickness of radial sections was Silver Pheasant,Common Quail, Pheasant-tailed Jacana and Ashy Drongo. The different structures are related with specific difference and living environment. And it is also the accustomization for environment.
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    Morphological Variation of Different ChineseGeographic Populations of White Shrimp (Exopalaemon modestus Heller)(English)
    CHEN Jie;GUO Hui;CHEN Li-qiao;WANG Xiao-yan;HAN Jie
    2007, 2007 (2):  72-80. 
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    Morphological data of white shrimp (Exopalaemon modestus Heller) collected from five fresh water lakes in China were analyzed. Ten morphometric traits were measured from over 300 shrimps and the degree of morphological similarity among sites was calculated using multivariate analysis techniques. Eight from the eleven adjusted morphometric traits in females as well as six in males were effective to discriminate differences among five populations. Discriminant analysis revealed that over 90.8% females and 87.8% males of individuals could be classified to their sites of origin. The results of cluster analysis and principal component analysis revealed that populations from Taihu Lake and Dianchi Lake are most similar and form a common cluster when the other three populations from Xingkai Lake, Hulun Lake and Chaohu Lake form another branch, which means that the patterns of morphological variability in this species could be determined by the local environmental conditions,more research work must be done to identify the source of inter-population variability in the morphology of the white shrimp.
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    Influence of Cadmium and Lead to the Metallothionein in the Liver of the Quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica)(Chinese)
    WANG Jie;WANG Ming-shan;TANG Si-xian;ZHOU Zhong-liang
    2007, 2007 (2):  81-86. 
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    The quails, Coturnix coturnix japonica, were fed with saline of CdCl2 or mixture of CdCl2 and PbCl2 orally, and were sacrificed after 16 days. The cadmium binding metallothionein was purified from the quail liver by the Sephedax G-75 permeation chromatography and centrifugal devices for concentration. After that the protein was tested by UV spectrophotometer and analysis of amino acid composition. The results demonstrate that the quail metallothionein contains 63 amino acid residuals, which has the general biochemical properties of mammal metallothionein: spectroscopic feathers typical of cadmium thiolate clusters, low molecular weight (6 614 Da), high metal (cadmium) content and the high level of cysteine content (about 31.82%). The cadmium-hemoglobin saturation assay was applied for quantification of metallothionein in the quail liver, the results showed that the synthesis of metallothionein in the quail liver can be induced by heavy metal cadmium and lead, and the amount of the liver metallothionein was increased with the heavy metal concentration exposed. The induction of metallothionein in the quail liver suggests that the heavy metal homeostasis mechanism in quails may have evolved similarly to mammals.
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    Studies on the Antioxidation Effects of Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Dihydrolipoic Acid(Chinese)
    LIAO De-feng;CHEN Ji-wu;XIE Ping;ZHU Zhen-qin;XU Rong
    2007, 2007 (2):  87-92. 
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    Lipoic acid(LA) widely exists in all kinds of cells. It can be converted to dihydrolipoic acid (DHLA) in mammalian cell. The ability of alpha-LA and DHLA to scavenge reactive oxygen species and prevent DNA from oxidative damage by •OH was evaluated using chemiluminescence systems and colorimetric systems. The experiments show that LA and DHLA can directly scavenge •OH、H2O2、ONOO-and DPPH• ,effectively inhibit lipid peroxidation and DNA oxidative damage by •OH; DHLA can also effectively scavenge O•2-. These results indicate that both LA and DHLA are effective antioxidants and the anti-oxidative ability of DHLA is obviously stronger than that of LA. The present investigation can provide new free radical biological data for the further study on the medical and health-care applications of LA and DHLA.
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    Fermentation Medium Optimization of Transglutaminase by Response Surface Analysis(Chinese)
    CAO Dan-yue;GAO Hong-liang;CHANG Zhong-yi;HUANG Xiu-qin
    2007, 2007 (2):  93-97. 
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    The optimal flask-shaking batch fermentation medium of microbial transglutaminase produced by Streptomyces sp. HS-1 was studied by Plackett-Burman design and Response Surface Analysis (RSA) with SAS (Statistical Analysis System). The results showed that the effects of soybean hydrolysate, glycerol and ammonium sulfate on the activity of microbial transglutaminase were significant among the eight factors by Plackett-Burman design and analysis. A polynomial regression model including the above three important factors was set up by RSA. The optimal concentrations of the three factors were assessed by the Canonical analysis. Estimated optimal conditions of the three factors were as the follows: soybean hydrolysate 24.0 g •L-1, glycerol 24.4 g • L-1 and ammonium sulfate 5.40 g • L-1. The enzyme activity was increased by 16.4%, from 6.27 μ • mL-1 to 7.30 μ • mL-1 using the optimal flask-shaking batch fermentation medium.
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    Luminescent Inhibition of Luminescent Bacteria by Ultra-Violets of Three Different Wave Lengths(Chinese)
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    2007, 2007 (2):  98-103. 
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    The influence of three kinds of Ultra-Violets (UVA, UVB and UVC) on two species of luminescent bacteria (V.qinghaiensis andV.fischeri) was studied. The results indicated that all three kinds of Ultra-Violets could inhibit the luminescence of the two species of luminescent bacteria. And with the increase of irradiation time, the inhibiting effects were enhanced without the changing of luminescent spectrum. UVC had the best inhibitory effect, UVB and UVA were in the next place. The experiments showed that even little irradiation(22 μW/cm2)would cause inhibition of luminescence in a few minutes. Furthermore, the MDA content produced by UV irradiation increased evidently. This phenomenon indicated that UV caused cellular membranes′ LPO which damaged the cellular membranes and inhibited the luminescence.
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    Primary Study of CREB4 Translocation Mechanism from Cytoplasm to Nucleus(Chinese)
    LIU Yong-qiang;NI Xiao-hua;ZHOU Dan;WANG Xin;GUO Wei-wei
    2007, 2007 (2):  104-110. 
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    cAMP response element-binding(CREB) proteins are a family of mammalian transcription activators that mediate cAMP and calcium-dependent gene expression through the cAMP response element (CRE). CREB4 is a novel member of the human CREB family. Yeast two-hybrid system revealed that karyopherinα2 may associate with CREB4215-279aa. Subcellular location of CREB4 and CREB41-279aa showed that the GFP-CREB4 fusion protein was localized in cytoplasm, whereas the fusion protein of GFP-CREB41-279aa was translocated in nucleus. Our experiments further showed that CREB4 and karyopherinα2 were co-located in cytoplasm,but CREB41-279aa and karyopherinα2 were co-located in nucleus. These results suggested that first C-terminal was cleaved and then CREB4was carried into nucleus by karyopherinα2 to activate gene transcription.
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    Theories of Environmental Management for Water Source Protection in Plain River Network Region in East China(Chinese)
    CHE Yue;WU E-nuo;YANG Kai
    2007, 2007 (2):  111-121. 
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    Revolved around two points (water source protection and local community development), both theoretical and practical aspects related to environmental management were discussed. The concepts concerning environmental management for water source protection in plain river network were defined and discussed. Complex System, Environmental Justice, Circle′s Protection, and Integrated Water Resources Management were applied to environmental management for water source protection in plain river network as main theories. The vulnerability of water source system and social-economic system, the equality of three areas (water source area, serving area and upper stream area), the circles of protection area and land use, and the integration of four dimensions (time, space, multidiscipline and stakeholder) were defined as the kernel of those theories. Water environment in Upper Huangpu River Watershed in Shanghai, as a study case, is influenced by regional social-economic factors, such as regional development and water quality of upper reaches, urbanization and population scale, local economic level and point pollution, land use and non-point pollution. The case study results show that the environmental management system composed of stakeholder involvement model, cooperative approach, and circle′s protection method is a new way to water source area protection in Upper Huangpu River Watershed.
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    2007, 2007 (2):  122-125. 
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    2007, 2007 (2):  126-128. 
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    2007, 2007 (2):  129-131. 
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    2007, 2007 (2):  132-136. 
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    Study on the Pharmacological Effects of the Different Crude Extracts of Oldenlandia(Hedyotis)(Chinese)
    CONG Rong ;KUANG Lisha ;FENG Jing;HOU Aijun ;Bai Meirong;QIAN Min
    2007, 2007 (2):  137-140. 
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