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    Adaptive- Control for Linear Stochastic Systems with Unknown Orders and Coefficients
    YANG Chang-li;RUAN Rong-yao;GONG Miao-kung
    2004, 2004 (1):  1-14. 
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    This paper considers single-input single-output linear discrete-time stochastic feed-back control systems(ARMAX model) with unknown orders and coefficients, and propose a new adaptive control algorithm, which is easily implemented on-line. The algorithm can guarantee the global stability of the resulting closed-loop system and the asymptotic optimality of the adaptive tracking. And the estimates of the orders and coefficients are all strongly consistent in the closed-loop identification. Simultaneously, the convergent rate of coefficient estimates to their true values is also given. The simulation results given in this paper show that the new algorithm of the adaptive control we developed here are effective and feasible, besides the control quantities are in the range of the admissible control.
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    Exact Travelling Wave Solutions for R-L-W Equation
    NIE Xiao-bing;WANG Li-reng
    2004, 2004 (1):  15-21. 
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    Stimulated by extended tanh-function method, a double functions method is proposed for constructing exact travelling wave solutions for nonlinear evolution equations. By means of the method, sixteen kinds of exact travelling wave solutions for R-L-W equation are obtained, which contain soliton wave solutions and periodic solutions. The results obtained by Zheng Bin and Zhang Hongqing are extended. With the aid of Mathematica, the method can be carried out partly by computer.
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    On Weighted Least-squares Skew-Hermite Solution of Matrix Equation AXB=E
    WANG Ming-hui;WEI Mu-sheng
    2004, 2004 (1):  22-28. 
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    Using CCD of a matrix pair, this paper obtains the expression of the weighted least-squares Skew-Hermite solution with minimum norm of matrix equation AXB二E and the necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of its Skew-Hermite solution. Also, in the solution set of matrix equation, the
    expression of the optimal approximation solution to given matriix is derived.
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    Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Nonlinear Equations
    LIU Can-wen;LIU Jie
    2004, 2004 (1):  29-34. 
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    In this paper the problem on numerical solution of nonliner equations is transformed into that of optimization with linear constraints,and then that solution is found through the genetic algorithm. we also revise genetic algorithm into self-adaptive parallel genetic algorithm to prevent premature convergence. Numerical simulation experiments show our algorithm offers an effective way to solve the nonlinear equations from another viewpoint.
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    Asymptotic Normality of Anti-symmetric K-U Statistic
    ZHANG Ri-quan;WANG Jing-long
    2004, 2004 (1):  35-39. 
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    In this paper, Un= is called the anti-symmetric K-U statistic, where h(x,y)=- h(y,x) is an anti-symmetric function. When k is a constant and k=O(ns) where
    0<s<1/2,the asymptotic normality of the anti-symmetric K-U statistic will be established respectively.
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    Comparison of MINQUE and Simple Estimator of Covariance Matrix
    Abdul-Hussein Saber AL MODEL
    2004, 2004 (1):  40-44. 
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    This paper considers comparison of MINQUE and simple estimator of ∑ in the multivariate normal linear model Y~N(XB,∑⊙V) under the risk of squared loss function criterion, where the design matrix X need not have full rank and the dispersion matrix V can be singular. A necessary and sufficient condition is obtained.
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    Longitudinally Driven Magneto-impedance Effect on Glass-covered Fe-based Nanocrystalline Microwires
    LIU Long-ping;ZHAO Zhen-jie;RUAN Jian-zhong;WANG Rui-li;YANG Xie-long
    2004, 2004 (1):  45-48. 
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    Amorphous Fe73.0Cu1.0Nb1.5V2.0Si13.5B9.0 microwires were prepared by glass-coated melt-spinning technique. Nanocrystalline samples were obtained by annealing the amorphous wires at appropriate temperatures and the longitudinally driven giant magneto-impedance effect has also been investigated for the first time. The result showed that the maximal magneto- impedance value was 1020% obtained in the sample annealed at 5700℃.
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    The Study of MEMS Millimeter Wave Phase Shifter
    GUO Fang-min;ZHU Shou-zheng;WEI Hua-zheng;ZHENG Ying;ZHU Rong-jing;XIN Pei-sheng;ZHU Zi-qiang;LAI Zong-sheng;YANG Gen-qing;LU Wei
    2004, 2004 (1):  49-55. 
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    Several designs of MEMS millimeter-wave phase shifters are presented in this paper. They consist of a coplanar wave-guide (CPW) transmission line periodically loaded with 8-32 metal bridges, functioning as capacitive switches. Every switching element consists of a thin metallic membrane actuated by applied bias. Remarkable phase shifter performances were observed. 21Al0.96Si0.04 bridges MEMS Phase shifter reached to 372(/3. 5mm under 20V bias at 35 GHz, the with an insertion lose (S21) of about 4-7 dB.
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    Fe/ PZFE Nanometer Composites by High Energy Ball Milling
    QIAN Fang-zhen;JIANG Ke-yu;RUAN Jian-zhong
    2004, 2004 (1):  56-60. 
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    Fe/PTFE nanometer compound was prepared by high energy ball milling. Firstly, PTFE was milled for 50h,90h,120h ,then Fe/ PTFE mixture was milled for 700h. The components were indentified by 57Fe Mossbauer spectroscopy. The Mossbauer effect studies show that the spectrum includes not only both
    sextets of bulk and interface of a-Fe ,it indicates the size of particle Fe is in the order of nanometer, but also one singlet for Fe3+, one doublet for Fe2+ , they corresponds to FeF2 and FeF3 respectively. As milling time increases,the component of interface of a-Fe disappears, meantime, the Fe3C appears. The result shows that it is helpful to produce FeF3 as PTFE was initially milled.
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    Studies on Standardization of GIS in Shanghai
    WANG Feng-xia;ZHANG Chao
    2004, 2004 (1):  61-66. 
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    With the flourish development of GIS, more emphases are placed on standardization of GIS. On the basis of discussing the concept of standardization of GIS, the article analyses the study status of standardization of GIS at home and overseas. At last, some proposals of standardization of GIS in Shanghai are put forward.
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    Abstraction the Environmental Physical Field Values of Influencing MCSs Movement
    GUO Zhong-yang;DAI Xiao-yon;LIN Hui;JIANG Ji-xi;HANG Qian
    2004, 2004 (1):  67-72. 
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    The evidences have indicated that rainstorms are usually related with the movement of MCSs, however, the factors of influencing MCSs movement are very complex. In this paper, GMS infrared blackbody temperature over the Tibetan Plateau from June to August 1998 are used to automatically track the
    movement routes of MCSs. Based on these, spatial data mining method, decision tree, is used to develop the relationships between the movement routes of MCSs and their environmental physical field values, the results indicate that it is feasible to forecast the movement routes of MCSs using decision tree.
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    Effects of Chinese Cobra Cardiotoxin on Pain and Memory
    LIU Hua-qing;LI Rong-xiu;XIAO Qi-shi;LIU Hao-ran;WENG En-qi;WANG Ting
    2004, 2004 (1):  73-78. 
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    To study the analgesic effect and ameliorating effect of cobra cardiotoxin (CTX) on learning and memory impairment induced by scopolamine in mice. The toxicity of CTX was measured in acute toxicity test. The analgesic effect of CTX in mice was measured by hot plate method and acetic aicd writhing test.
    The ameliorating effect of CTX on learning and memory impairment induced by scopolamine in mice was studied by Y-Maze, Shuttle-box, Step-down and Water Maze methods respectively. LD50 value of CTX was 2.17 mg/kg. CTX ip 0.03 mg/kg, 0. O6mg/kg significantly prolonged the latency time of mice to hot plate stimuli, attenuated the writhing times induced by acetic aicd. CTX ip 0.06 mg/kg, 0.12mg/kg significantly reduced the errors of the mice in Y-Maze test, decreased the mices training times, shorten the escape latency in Shuttle box test. In Step-down test, CTX ip 0.06mg/kg, 0.12mg/kg increased the escape latency and reduced the number of errors, CTX also reduced the searching platform latency and swim path-length in Morris water maze test with mice. All of the effects are dose-dependent. The results above suggested that CTX has an effect of analgesia and is able to improve the learning and memory impairment induced by scopolarnine in mice.
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    Studies on the Morphology and Morphogenesis in Diophrys oligothrix
    YAO Jun-jie;PANG Yan-bin
    2004, 2004 (1):  79-87. 
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    The morphology, morphogenesis of Diophrys oligothrix during the asexual division were studied in detail. Studying on the development of adoral zone of membranelles(AZM) and comparing the AZM of daughters with its parental AZM, we conclude that the AZM of the proter is reorganized. Comparing the
    morphogenesis of macronuclei and the nuclear apparatus among D. oligothrix, Euplotes and Aspidisca, we can find evolutionary relation among them. After binary division, both the proter and the opisthe of D. oligothrix still recover their ciliary pattern.
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    Analysis on the Contents of Protein and Amino Acids in Cherax quadricarinatus during Different Embryonic Development Stages
    LUO Wen;ZHOU Zhong-fang;ZHAO Yun-long;YANG Zhi-biao;ZHANG Ming-feng
    2004, 2004 (1):  88-92. 
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    The compositions of protein and amino acids were measured and analyzed during the embryonic development of Cherax quadricarinatus. The results indicated that the contents of total protein and total amino acids were all downtrend. The total amino acid contents reduced from 58.05 % (dry weight) at the fertilized egg stage to 47.49% at the prepare-hatching stage. The correlation between the total amino acid and the essential amino acid(except methionine) was prominent, the coefficients of variation were from 8. 25 0o to
    13. 34N. In the non-essential amino acid,the contents of glutamine acid and aspartic acid were relatively higher, but the content of cysteine was relatively lower. The results above indicated that protein and amino acid were not only the construction substances of embryonic development, but also the dominating energy sources.
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    Study on the Toxicity of Sediment and Water of Suzhou Creek
    LIU Yun;HONG Rong;ZHU Wen-jie;TANG Guo-yin;WENG En-qi
    2004, 2004 (1):  93-98. 
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    The toxicity of sediment and water of Suzhou Creek was investigated by toxicological methods including acute and sub-acute toxicity test performed on luminescent bacteria, fishes, mice and rats. In luminescent bacteria toxicity test, for the reaches of Zhaotun, Huangdu, Huacao, Beixinjing, Panwanli,
    Changshou Lu Bridge, Wuning Lu Bridge and Zhejiang Lu Bridge, exposure to the water and the lixivium of sediment inhibited the luminescence, which suggests these samples have toxicity effect on the photobacteria. Furthermore, the toxicity effect is more obvious in urban reaches than in suburb ones, in summer than in winter, in the sediment than in the water. In field test, for the reaches of Changshou Lu Bridge and Zhejiang Lu Bridge, after exposure for 96 hours the livability rate of crucian respectively decreased to 0% and 30%;but for Huangdu reach the livability rates crucian was 83 %. The results suggest urban reaches are evidently unsuitable for cruciads survival. The results of the test on mice suggest the sedimant of Beixinjing
    reach has acute toxicity to mice. According to the results of sub-acute test on rats the sediment and the water of Beixinjing reach could be harmful to animars liver. On the basis of the above results we draw the conclusion that Suzhou Creek especially its reaches in urban area is unfavorable for biological survival.
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