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    The Algebraic and Vertex Connectivity of Graphs
    XIAO en-li;SHU jin-long;WEN ren-kai
    2003, 2003 (4):  1-4. 
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    G is a simple graph with a(G) and k(G), its algebraic and vertex connectivity.This paper finds all the graphs satisfying a(G)=k(G).G=(V,E) is a simple graph of order n with vertex connectivity k(G)≤[n/2],and H is one of G's minimal vertex cut set,then a(G)=k(G) holds if and only if for every u∈H and every v∈V\H, uv∈E.

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    About Minimal Submanifolds of Locally Symmetric Spaces
    LV yan;LIAO cai-sheng
    2003, 2003 (4):  5-11. 
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    In this paper, we dicusses orentable compacted minimal submanifolds in orientable locally symmetric Riemannian manifolds and obtains a global pinching theorem for lenggth of second foundamental form for this manifolds.
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    Shared Values and Normality
    ZHANG Wen-hua;PANG Xue-cheng
    2003, 2003 (4):  12-18. 
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    Let ∮be a family of meromorphic function on the unit disc ⊿ and let a and b be distinct values. If for every f∈∮, f and f(k) share a and b on ⊿ and the zero of f(z)-a are of multiplicity ≧k,where k≧3 be a positive integer,then ∮ is normal on ⊿.

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    Study on the Independentce of Continuouse Events
    WAN Fu-yong;XUH-kun
    2003, 2003 (4):  19-24. 
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    In this paper, the relation between the independence of events and the probabilities of them is discussed from a series of mathematical experiments.We mainly focus on the case of continuous events. A typical example was given from correlation to independence.Our results show that there is a process from quantitative changes to qualitative changes for the correlation of events.
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    The Pricing Analysis of Irredeemable Convertible Bonds
    WANG Yuan-pei
    2003, 2003 (4):  25-32. 
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    In this paper, we prove that there exist two boundaries which are the optimal exercise boundary and the worst exercise boundary by changing the valuation of convertible bonds into the two-free-boundary promblem of the Black-Scholes equation.When the value of a company acrosses increasingly the optimal exercise boundary,the return of its irredeemable bonds is largest if they are converted into its stocks.When the vale of a company acrosses decreasingly the worst exercise boundary,the value of its irredeemable bonds is zero if they are converted into its stocks.
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    A Cryptographic Voting Scheme Based on Discrete Logarithm
    CHEN Zhi-jie;WANG Zhen-hua;SHI Jian-yi;LU Hong-wen;LI Zhi-bin;YE Jia-chen;SHEN Chun-li
    2003, 2003 (4):  33-35. 
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    A cryptographic voting scheme based on discrete logarithm is proposed in this paper. The voting scheme bearing the following characteristics:voting can not be falsified or denied;the voter has complete control of his own private key and need not share the key with others;the decision of each voter is kept secret.So this new voting scheme is especially suitable for the final decision-making process of an organization;
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    Design and Implementation of Digital Beamformer for Wideband Constant Beamwidth
    XIE Cheng-huan;HUANG Le;ZHU Shou-zheng
    2003, 2003 (4):  36-41. 
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    This paper presents a scheme using the DFT orthogonalizing pre-process to implement a wideband constant beamwidth pattern for the digital beam-forming antenna array.This pre-process decomposes the input wideband signals into orthogonal outputs at discrete frequency points in a relevant frequency band.The complex weighting vector at the reference frequency is evaluated using Genetic Algorithm to make the array reponse cater for the pattern specified. The complex weighting vectors at other frequencies satisfying the request of wideband constant beamwidth can be deduced from the one at the reference frequency.The results of computer simulation show this scheme is effective.
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    A Kind of System Structure and Implementation of MIMI for GSM/GPRS Mobile Phone
    GU Zeng-hui;WONG Shu-xian;TONG Xiao-hui;LIU Jin-gao
    2003, 2003 (4):  42-48. 
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    This article introduces a software platform which as is used in porable equipment supporting GSM or GPRS.It discusses the design and implementation of MIMI on this platform and provides connunication mechanism of system structure.It also improves interface to make it more humanized.

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    Simulation of Sea Images in the Infrared in the Wave Band of 3-5 Micron
    JIANG Jin;SHEN Guo-tu;YANG Bao-cheng;CAI Ji-guang
    2003, 2003 (4):  49-54. 
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    The theoretical modeling of the infrared images of sea surface is quite important to the research of the infrared images of the ship.The paper studies the method of simulating the infrared images of sea surface in the wave band of 3-5 micron. The coarseness of sea surface is calculated by making use of the JONSWAP model and FFT.Fully considering various enviromental parameters such as sky radiance and sun radiance,the infrared images of sea surface in wave band of 3-5 micron can be simulated on computer.Also the paper has studied the influence of the angle of the detector.
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    The Experimental Measurment of the Material Linear Expansive Coefficient with the Holographic Interferometry Method
    ZHOU Jia-yuan;JIANG Yi-de;HUAN Qiang;HU Shi-lun;WANG Xiaoming;DAI Hui-ying
    2003, 2003 (4):  53-59. 
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    This article introduced the experiment theorem and device of calculating the material linear expansive coefficient with the holographic interferometry.We obtained the first stept result and adopt forward the further improvement of the experiment and the method to decrease experiment error.The experiment is a new application of holographic interferometry to this field.
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    Study of the Aminating Electroreduction of Pyruvic Acid
    LIANG Jue;ZHANG Gui-rong;LIU Yuan-lan;TANG Jie;LIU Xiao-feng;CHEN Li-ming;LU Jia-xing
    2003, 2003 (4):  60-65. 
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    In this paper,the aminating electroreduction of pyruvic acid was studied by potentiodynamic method.We have discussed a variety of factors of this reaction, such as style of cells,material of electrodes,temperature,the concentration of pyruvic acid and the buffer,oxygen resolved in the solution,etc.,which infuence the curve of linear sweep. The possible mechanism of the aminating electroreduction of pyruvis acid was obtained and we consider it as a CE reaction.
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    The Multiscale Analysis of Paleoclimate Change of the West Edge of the Loess Plateau Since 30,000 Years
    ZHANG Yu-fen;LI Chang-an;LIU Xue-mei;HUANG Chang-sheng
    2003, 2003 (4):  66-72. 
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    It has been proved that Malti scale (Multi resolution) analysis of wavelet transforms in an important method to study the changing cycles of the Quaternary period climate on different time scales.In the west edge of the loess plateau,the wavelet analysis of magnetic capbability climate substitutute curve of HongZuiShi section shows that 1) there are about 56 climatic fluctuations of hundred-year-scales,15 climatic cycles of thousand-year-scale and 3 glacial staircases-interglacial staircase periods during the last glacial maximumin (30-10KaBP ) ; 2) in the thousand-year-scale climatic curve decomposed with wavelet,warm events are more outstanding, peaks(Denekamp,?(),(BΦL)); 3) younger Dryas Only has reflection in the hundred-year-scales climatic curve, it is not evident in the curve of long period; 4) in the hundred-year-scales climatic curve, the last glacial maximum fluctuation as frequuently and 18-28KaBP was the stage in which the frequency fluctuation was the largest.But the climatic fluctuation frequency tends to be regular with the increase of the period scale.
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    A Comparative Study on Muti-regression Analysis and Artificial Neural Network of Corn Production in China
    WU Yu-ming;XU Jian-hua
    2003, 2003 (4):  73-79. 
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    Aiming at the influencing variables and data from the year of 1978 to 2000 in China, this paper sets up muti-regression analysis model and BP artificial neural network model. Take prediction of total corn production as an example, two methods of corn production prediction based on multi-regression analysis and BP artificial neural network model are introduced in this paper. The results show that after being exercised,the network can provide nonlinear mapping relation between independent variables and dependent variable of corn production in China. The model is novelty, has higher precision and good effect.It can be widely applied in modeling of many forecast area,and also has high generalizing value.
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    A Statistical Model of Storm-induced Deposition in the North Passage,Yangtze Estuary
    KONG Ya-zhen;SHI Feng-yan;ZHU Shou-xian
    2003, 2003 (4):  80-86. 
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    By the analyses of main factors affecting storm-induced deposition in the North Passage,Yangtze Estuary, the previous storm-induced deposition formula has been improved,and a new formula has been presented in terms of the intensity and path of typhoon, the evolution tendency of local bedform and the tidal state.The handcast verification by use of No.9430 typhoon and No.9711 typhoon prove the calculated results from the new formula are in well agreement with the filed data.
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    Observed and Analysis on Hydrology in the Chagnjiang Estuary in March of 1996
    ZHU Jian-rong;LIU Xin-cheng;SHEN Huan-ting;XIAO Chen-you
    2003, 2003 (4):  87-93. 
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    Based on the analysis of the observed hydrological data in March of 1996 in the Chagnjiang Estuary,the following results are concluded. In the North Branch, the velocity of the flood current is obviously larger than that of the ebb current, the residual current land-ward flows,and there exists serious saltwater instrusion from outer sea and from the upstream,i.e., from the North Branch, and is different with the variation pattern in regular estuary.The salinity is mainly influenced by the saltwater instrusion from outer sea during spring and early middle tide ,and by the saltwater instrusion from upsteam during neap and later middle tide. At the lower reachesof the South Branch, the the velocity of the ebb current is larger than that of the flood current and the ebb tide duration is longer than that of the flood. The maximum salinity occurs at the flood slack, and the minimum salinity occurs at the ebb slack.The salinity variation is affected by the saltwater intrusion from the outer sea, the hydrology obeys normal variation pattern in regular estuary.
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    General Design of Cadastral Management Information System of Towns and Cities
    YAN Zhi-min;WANG Feng-xia
    2003, 2003 (4):  94-98. 
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    Acording to the status quo of Cadastral Management Information System of Towns and Cities in China , the aim and significance of establishing a Cadastral Management Information System of Towns and Cities was discussed. On the basic of explaining of the design ideas and principles of Cadastral Management Information System of Towns and Cities, the system structure,the data flow and the basic frame of system technical realization were particular set forth. The article provided a new way for current Cadastral Management Information System of Towns.
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    Ecological Succession and Sustainable Development in Taihu Lake
    CHEN Li-qiao;LIU Ying;YANG Zai-fu;CHEN Yong;ZHOU Zhong-liang
    2003, 2003 (4):  99-106. 
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    The trend of ecological succession was studied for the past 50 years in Taihu Lake.With the passage of time ,the water quality has been worsening and sediment thickening ,while the density of phytoplankton has been increasing,species richness decreasing with the smaller species becoming dominant.The trophic status shows the tendency from meso-eutrophic type to near eutrophication.Potamogeton malialaianus was the dominant species of submerged plants in 1950s,but the rate of swamp forming is more rapidly due to the increasing sedimentation and rapid growing of emerging plant and leaf-floating plant after 1990s.Density and biomass of benthos raised from 1959 to 1989, but natural resources and biomass of mollusca reduced after 1990s rapidly because of pen fish culture and excessive catching,total yield of fisheries continued to raise.Since 1984,pen fish culture converted from extensive models to intensive ones,the culture species were shifted from regular species to high valued species, from heavy pollution and enviroment-hostile to ecological types.The comprehensive control and ecosystem rebuilding in Taihu Lake must be emphasized and carried out so as to maintain the sustainable development of lake resource.
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