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    On the Simplest Filiform Lie Algebras
    LIN Lei
    2003, 2003 (3):  1-8. 
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    In this paper,the concept of simplest filiform Lie algebra is introduced and properties of n-dimensional simplest filiform Lie algebra g are discussed. A filiform Lie algebra g over any field F is referred to as simplest if its Lie multiplication between elements of an adapted basis is trivial except for ones defining the basis. Almost all discussions in the article are under the assumption o dim g≥4. A realization of such a Lie algebra g is given and derivation algebra Der g is determined. It is proved that if for the base field F, its characteristic is zero or p>n-2 the derivation algebra Der g is a solvable complete Lie algebra.Automorphism groups of simplest filiform Lie algebra are determined and it is proved that it is proved that they are centerless and solvable if ∣F∣≥n. At the end of the paper ,it is shown that the simplest filiform moludar Lie algebra g is restrictable if and only if n<p+2. And for the nonrestricable case a minimal p-envelope of g is given.
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    The Nonlinear Singularly Pertubed Problems for Elliptic Equations
    WANG Hui;MO Jia-qi
    2003, 2003 (3):  9-12. 
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    The nonlinear singularly perturbed problems for the elliptic equations are considered. Under suitable conditions, using the theory of differentisl inequalities the asymptotic behavior of solution for the boundary value problems are studied, which reduced equations posessess two intersecting solutions.
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    On-line Identification for Systems with Unknown Delay, Orders and Cofficients
    RUAN Rong-yao;YANG Chang-li;GONG Miao-kun
    2003, 2003 (3):  13-23. 
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    This paper proposes a new recursive estimate algorithm for unknown time-delay,orders and coefficients of linear discrete-time stochastic control systems (ARMAX model). It is proved that the estimates of the time-delay, orders and coefficients are strongly consistent.Simultaneously, a faster convergent rate of the coefficient estimates to their true values is obtained.
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    The Estimates of Bounds on Ruin Probabilities under Perturbed Risk Models
    LIN Qing-min;WANG Rong-ming
    2003, 2003 (3):  24-30. 
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    Bounds on the probabilities for risk processes perturbed by diffusion are considered. Using a generalization of Wald's fundamental identity, we derive upper and lower bounds in terms of some life distributions respectively. Examples on how to use these bounds are given,and comparision of our bounds with other's are considered.
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    A Simulation Model for A Stochastic Inventory System of FIFO Storage Queue Management
    HU You-hua;PAN Yin-rong;SUN Qiang
    2003, 2003 (3):  31-37. 
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    In this paper a model of a stochastic inventory system is created based the simulation principle of the discrete event system. In the model the concept of FIFO storage queue is proposed.Therefore the more reslistic dynamic simulation of the inventory system including deterioration can be made to select a optimal (s,S)inventory policy.
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    Three Fraction Pade Approach Spectral Function to the Coupled Quadrupole System
    TU Jian-min;DING Jian-hua;SHEN Yu
    2003, 2003 (3):  38-42. 
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    The spectral function P(ω) of the spin pair correlation function in a coupled quadrupole system are evaluated using the pade approximation starting from the exact derivation of frequency second and fourth order moments at high temperature limit. Different excited stste model of the spectral functions are given for different wave vectors.The effects of these parameters on the generalized spectral function are discussed.
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    Dynamical Analysis of the Motion of A Particle on fixed Hemispherical Surface
    PENG De-ying;WANG Shi-tao
    2003, 2003 (3):  43-48. 
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    In this paper,we have discussed motion of particle on a fixed hemispherical smoothless surface and obtained following results;

    (1) Construct dynamical equation and gave its solution.

    (2) Establish range of particle initial kinetic energy .

    (3) Find out relation between escape angles and coefficient of kinetic friction.

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    The Charateristics of Topography Change on Nanhui Nan Shoal,Shanghai
    XIANG Wei-hua;LI Jiu-fa;XU Hai-gen;YU Zhi-ying
    2003, 2003 (3):  49-55. 
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    Using empirical orthogonal function (EOF) method,this paper discusses the charateristics of topography change on Nanhui Nan Shoal.It is concluded as follows:First, erosion or deposition occurs sequentially from east to west alongshore.Second, there is an equilibrium node at the transitional part between submarine slope and seabed.Shoal profile change to the upside of the node is oppsite to the downside,i.e. the upside eroded while the downside deposited, and vice versa. The elevation change is very large on submarine slope, but it is relatively small on tidal flat and on seabed.
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    The Development of the Compound Eyes OF Macrobrachium nipponense
    LI Hong;WANG Qun;ZHAO Yun-long;ZHAO Yan-ming
    2003, 2003 (3):  56-60. 
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    We studied the development of the compound eyes in Macrobrachium nipponense by histological section methods and electron microscopy.The results showed:At gastrula stage, the cells in front of the embryonic area graduslly cleave to form optic disc rudiment.When the embryo reaches egg-metanauplius stage,the optic ganglion bigins to form. At egg-protozoea stage,the pigment begins to appear. The structure of the compound eyes at egg-zoea stage is similar to the adult,which including lentigen,lentigen cell,crystalline cell, retirular cell and rhabdom.
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    Study on Size Variation of rDNA Internal Transcribed Spacer 1 in Eriocheir japonica sinensis (Decapoda,Grapsidae)
    TANG B0-ping;ZHOU Kai-ya;SONG Da-xiang;CHEN Li-qiao
    2003, 2003 (3):  61-68. 
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    The intra-individual size variation of rDNA ITS1 (first internal transcribed spacer of rDNA) was detected in some invertebrates, such as Schistoaoma japonicum, Paragonimus westermani, Simulium. In our experiment of investigating the primary structure of ITS1 of Eriocheir japonica. sinensis the intra-individual size polymorphism was detemined at first, but further study showed that the polymorphism was an artifact,which was due to PCR primers mismatching.This conclusion was finally demonstrated by verifying conditions of PCR and reamplifying the ITS1 domain using redesigning primer that was corresponding to 5.8S rDNA sequences of E. japonica. sinensis that obtained in this study. The nucleotide sequence of the ITS1 of E.japonica sinensis has been firstly determined in this species.
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    Effects of Fragmentation on the Species Composition of Evergreen Broad-leaved Forests
    CHEN Xiao-yong;CHEN Bo;JIANG Yi-feng
    2003, 2003 (3):  69-74. 
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    Forest fragmentation may lead deleterious consequences for plant community.Species richness and composition of fragmented,peninsular and continuous evergreen broad-leaved forests were investigated to evaluate fragmentation effects. Fragmented torests contain more apecies than continuous forests with comparable areas.Species richness is lowest in peninsular plots. Peninsular forests have few or comparable species richness. There are more exotic species (cultivated and escaped) in fragmented and peninsular plots than in continuous forests. Our study shows that patch size plays important role in species richness and composition. However, the surrounding matrix, time experiencing fragmentation and human disturbance also affect the plant species and composition. Liana is very low in disturbed peninsular forests and refllects the worse forest quality. It may be a useful indicator for conservation and management of evergreen broad-leaved forests under intensive human disturbance areas in eastern China.

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    The Study of Avian Community and Species Diversity in Shanghi Suburb Area in Sunmmer
    LUAN Xiao-feng;XIE Yi-min;DU De-chang;XU Hong-fa
    2003, 2003 (3):  75-82. 
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    During the summer of 2001 and 2002, we studied three typical summering avian communities in twenty-seven habitats that belong to subtropical cultivated land,wetland and forestland habitats within the auburb area of Shanghai. 68 species,which belonged to 11 orders,25 families, were recorded in three habitats.The total average density of birds is 2.7237/hm2 ,The Shannon-wiener index(H)is 2.2815, species evenness(J) is 0.5407, C index is 0.2254. In three typical habitats,the diversity index(3.0759) in wetland area is higher than others, but the density (0.8495) is lower than others.On the contrary, the diversity index (1.6464) in cultivated land is lower than others but the density (4.9608) is higher than others. Meanwhile, the species of forest birds is few comparatively.The results showed that that teh density will be rose up through improving naturalness of enviroment,increasing spatial heterogeneity and reducing the disturbance of human beings.
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    The Impacts of Dredging on the Community and Structure of the Micro-invertebrate in Suzhou Creek
    DAI Ya-qi;XIONG Yun-qing;YOU Wen-hui
    2003, 2003 (3):  83-87. 
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    From October 1999 to July 2001,this study investigated the effects of dredging on the community and structure of the micro-invertebrate in Huangdu and Huacao on headwaters of Suzhou creek. The result was that Mollusca and Oligochaeta were dominant in the both sites.Before dredging, there were six species of Mollusca,tree species of Oligochaeta and one of Hirudinea in Huangdu, and one Mollusca and four Oligochaetas in Huacao. After dredging,more species of invertebrate were found. In Huangdu,there was one species more than before, and in Huacao, there were four species more than before.So the recovery of the species in Huacao is more obvious. Dredging removed the density and biomass of the community, but the diversity of the community was increasing graduallu in one year. Furthermore, exponentisl of diversity of dredged was always higher than before in Huacao.But in Huangdu, it wasn't higher than before until half year later. It is suggested that dredging in headwaters of Suzhou creek help for the recovery of the community of micro-invertebrate.
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    Study on Influential Factors and Regulating on Discharge Levy of Catering and Service Industries in Shanghai
    TANG Min;YANG Kai;HUANG Chang-ying
    2003, 2003 (3):  88-94. 
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    Taking Jing'an district of downtown in Shanghai as an example, the paper selected 580 catering and service industries in four seasons of 2000 and analyzed discharge levy according to cover 1000 monitoring data. The case study shows: ①The accumulative pollution load proportion of CODcr and Oil exceeds 95%, so they are the typical pollution factors in wasterwater.These trade that discharge wastewater above 1000tons per month are main pollutant headstreams for their total pollution load proportion is beyond 60%. The relationship betweenpollutant concentrations and scales of enterprises is negative and the concentrations are much thicker in amount of small scales trades. ② The relationship between the discharge levy amount and the total pollution load retains a highly positive correlation.The unit price ascends with increasing pollution load containing in per ton wastewater and they significantly accords with cubic estimation model. ③ The average unit price in Jing'an district at the level of 0.26yuan is lower than the average pollution abatement cost of 0.56yuan in wastewater plants in Shanghai.Based on above data analysis,the paper discussed regulating approaches on discharge levy of catering and service industries, such as implementation of all-out levy, combination of total quantity and concentration controlling, et al.It intends to supply external foundations for discharge levy standard and monitoring model in catering and service industries.

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