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Optimization for parking space distribution in storage yard of automotive ro-ro wharf based on the strategy of gathered groups

CHEN Xiao-jing[1], HU Zhi-hua[1], LI Gong-jun[2], TENG Wei-chao[1]   

  1. 1. Logistics Research Center, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai 201306, China;
    2. Shanghai Haitong International Automotive Terminal Co.,Ltd., Shanghai 200137, China
  • Received:2016-01-06 Online:2017-01-25 Published:2017-01-13


The rationality of parking space distribution of the ro-ro storage yard effects the loading and unloading of turnover rate in the process of ro-ro transportation. In order to improve the working efficiency, the article researched the problem of parking space optimal distribution. According to the principle of gathered groups distribution, focusing on improving concentration degree of batch automobiles, a mixed-integer programming model was proposed to measure concentration degree of batch automobiles. Then a heuristic algorithm of grids random search was designed to solve the model. Compared with branch and bound method through numerical experiments, the results proved that the proposed model and algorithm are reasonable and valid, generalizing the theory research for parking space distribution and managment of ro-ro wharf.

Key words: ro-ro storage yard, batch automobiles, parking space distribution, concentration degree, grids random search