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Study on the covariant chiral effective field theory of vector meson

WANG Yan, YANG Jifeng   

  1. School of Physics and Electronic Science, East China Normal University, Shanghai 200241, China
  • Received:2019-03-22 Published:2020-01-13

Abstract: In this paper, we employ covariant chiral effective field theory to explore the prescriptions in the loops involving spin 1 vector fields. The self-energy diagram for a Goldstone boson containing a vector meson line is studied, and consistent results are obtained in two representations of the vector field. Our calculation shows that the EOMS[1](Extended On-Mass Shell) proposed indeed removes the terms that violate chiral power counting. Closer examination, however, shows that the problematic sources are actually localized; thus, we propose a simpler EMS (extended MS) cheme, which is further validated using a vertex diagram. Compared to EOMS, this scheme eliminates the localized terms that violate chiral power counting without additional manipulation or modification of the non-local terms. This feature would bring about better convergence of the chiral expansion and is more suitable for studying heavy hadrons with chiral effective theory.

Key words: covariant chiral perturbation theory, vector meson, chiral power counting rules, extended on-mass shell(EOMS), extended MS

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