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    Study on ecological benefits about air purification of ecologicalforest belts in Zhenhai district, Ningbo(Chinese)
    HUANG Yan-cheng;ZHANG Jun-guo;SHEN Chen-chen;XU Wei;XIA Ti-yuan;DA Liang-jun;ZHOU Na
    2009, 2009 (2):  1-10. 
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    Based on the quantitive analysis of five pollutant contents in the leaf samples which were collected from the three ecological forests in Zhenhai district, Ningbo,Zhejiang province, this research is expected to provide experimental data for the evaluation on the effective of ecological forest and species chosen. The results showed that, as the distance between the ecological forest and the industry areas become shorter, the content of pollutants in plants and the ecological benefits of purifying the air become higher; that is, Haitian ecological forest belt >Zhenluo ecological forest belt>Xiongzhen ecological forest belt. The ecological benefits of the eight plants are ranked by DPS. From high to low, the sequence is populus sp,Taxodium ascendens,Viburnum odoratissimum, Hibiscus syriacus, Ligustrum lucidum, Cinnamonum camphora, Elaeocarpus balansae, Osmanthus fragrans.
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    Characteristics of soil profile and organic carbon density amongsuccession stages in the evergreen broadleaved forestsof Tiantong region, Zhejiang province (Chinese)
    ZHOU Wu;GUO Ming;ZHONG Qiang;WANG Xi-hua;;YAN En-rong;
    2009, 2009 (2):  11-20. 
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    The main successional stages including grassland, Pinus massoniana dominated forests, Schima superba dominated forests and Castanopsis fargesii dominated forests in the Tiantong region, were selected to examine temporal trends of soil profile and carbon density. The results showed: (1) soil physical and chemical properties exhibited contrasting temporal patterns, with proportion of soil particulates, soil organic matter and soil moisture (10~20 cm) displaying a gradual increasing trends through succession, and with soil pH and soil bulk density generally decreasing with time; (2) soil carbon density was the lowest in the intermediate layer (10~20 cm) along soil profile, and was “Ushaped” through succession; and (3) among soil properties, proportion of soil particulates was positively correlated with soil moisture and negatively correlated with soil bulk density; soil organic carbon positively correlated with soil carbon density. It is concluded that soil physical and chemical properties substantially improve during secondary succession of evergreen broadleaved forests.

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    Ecological economic valuation of rubber plantation in Xishuangbanna(Chinese)
    XIA Ti-yuan;WU Jia-yong;DUAN Chang-qun;DA Liang-jun
    2009, 2009 (2):  21-40. 
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    The valuation was made by using of market valuation method, shadow engineering method and opportunity cost method. The results indicated that the ecological economic value in unit area was 38 107 yuan/(hm2·a), and in 2005 total value was 49.54 billion yuan, which occupied 62.86% of total GDP in this area; the ratio of economical value and ecological value was 1.14∶1. The values of various services were ordered as follows: Carbon fixation and oxygen release > rubber > forest byproduct > organic matter production > water conservation > nutrient cycling > soil conservation; carbon fixation and oxygen release was 14 900 yuan/(hm2·a), nutrient cycling was 85 yuan/(hm2·a).
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    Survey and design of 3D spatial data models for urbanunderground space information (Chinese)
    ZHU Liang-feng; ZHUANG Zhi-yi;
    2009, 2009 (2):  29-40. 
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    Conceptions and characters of the existing 3D spatial data models were systematically analyzed and classified. To meet the special requirements of 3D modeling and visual analysis in urban underground spaces, two kinds of data models that suited to spatial structure information and spatial property information respectively, were designed and implemented. To express the complicated geometric structure of geological entities, underground structures and pipelines, a 3D vector data model, which is based on boundaryrepresentations and topological relationships, was developed. 3Draster structure model is used to modeling and visualization physical and chemical property parameters inside geological bodies. To meet the demand of the geological property modeling, a conversion approach of 3D vector data model to 3Draster structure model is implemented.
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    Characteristics and disaster evaluation of the tropical cyclonesin southeast coastal areas of China (Chinese)
    ZHANG Li-jia;LIU Min;QUAN Rui-song;LU Min;WANG Jing-jing;XU Shi-yuan
    2009, 2009 (2):  41-49. 
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    The feature of tropical cyclones in southeast coastal areas of China was analyzed by using data concerning tropical cyclones during 1990 to 2007 in China. And the disaster losses of tropical cyclones were estimated. The result showed that it was high frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones in southeast coastal areas, and was concentrated in Fujian and Guangdong provinces; the period from July to September in a year was the peak of landing; and there was obvious difference among regions. The result showed that the losses of tropical cyclone disasters were heavy, and were the heaviest in Zhejiang and Fujian provinces.
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    Microbial diversity in root zone soils of Acacia confusa and Eucalyptus urophylla polluted by heavy metals (Chinese)
    KANG Min-ming;;CHEN Hong-yue;CHEN Chuan-guo;DA Liang-jun;WU Qi-tang;HE Shu-qiong
    2009, 2009 (2):  50-60. 
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    Using BIOLOG microplate technique, the microbial diversity in root zone soils of Acacia confusa and Eucalyptus urophylla polluted by heavy metals in Guishan of Huangpu area (Guangzhou) were studied. The results show that the soil of Guishan in Huangpu area is mainly polluted by total Cd and Zn, which have the badly negative influence on soil microbial community. The worse soil condition reduces bacterial amounts, delays microbial metabolic activity, lowers microbial carbohydrates and amino acides utilization and reduces microbial diversity indexes. Bacterial amounts and Microbial diversity in root zone soils are higher than soils without plant. However, because of the heavy metal pollution in Huangpu area, the bacterial amounts, microbial substrate utilization patterns and diversity indexes in the root zone soils of Acacia confusa show no significant difference with that of Eucalyptus urophylla. While, at the late stage of incubation, microbial metabolic activity in the root zone soils of Acacia confusa increases sharply and has higher metabolic capability than other soil samples. Moreover, Acacia confusa can not only stabilize the Cu and Pb in soil, but also absorb Cd and Zn. And its nitrogen fixation can enhance soil nutrients. Therefore, Acacia confusa, a popular pioneer tree in Guangzhou, is suitable for the vegetation rebuilding in the heavy metals polluted site in Huangpu area, Guangzhou.
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    Effects of implementation of TBT legislation on TBT concentrationsin marine sediments all over the world (Chinese)
    ZHU Xiao-lan;LIU Qing-po;QIAN Li-juan;GUO Su-zhen;SHI Hua-hong
    2009, 2009 (2):  61-71. 
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    Tributyltin (TBT) used to be widely used as biocides in antifouling paints, but now has been banned in different degrees due to its harmful effects on marine ecosystems. Based on rich references, this paper analyzed relationship between legislations against TBT and concentrations of TBT in marine sediment. At least 22 countries or areas have legislations against TBT and 59.1% of them are in Europe. Most of the legislations were published before 1991. IMO legislation to ban TBT totally will come into force on September 17, 2008. In the world scale, TBT in sediment did not show significant decrease during 1986 to 2006. In contrast, TBT in sediment was a little higher after 1990s’ than before. It was mainly due to the great development of marine transportations, the limited countries with legislation and the global pollution of TBT. As for the areas with registrations against TBT, TBT in sediment usually did not decrease significantly until 4~5 years later. Partial legislation of TBT had positive effect on controlling TBT pollution in small harbors. However, TBT pollution in sediment got worse in those countries without legislation of TBT in recent years. Due to the lag effect of TBT legislation and the slow degradation of TBT in sediment, it will take more decades for TBT concentrations to decrease in sediment and water, and for a ecosystem to recover effectively. 

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    Ligninolytic enzymes production in white rot fungi and theusage of immobilized carriers (Chinese)
    GAO Shang;CHEN Cheng;TAO Fang;DAI Xing-chun;HUANG Min-sheng;SHI Hua-hong;WANG Guo-hua
    2009, 2009 (2):  72-77. 
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    The adherence performance and enzymesproducing of four species of white rot fungi to different support materials were studied. The results indicated that the MnP and LiP of 〖WTBX〗Phanerochaete chrysosporium〖WTBZ〗 were higher than the other white rot fungi, with the maximum actirities up to 225.67 U/L, 110.35 U/L respectively. It could adhere well to the surfaces of nylon fibre, carborundum nylon, fibre sponge, corn cob and sponge. But the carriers of carborundum nylon, fibre sponge and corn cob were better than other carriers. The enzyme activity of the corn cob is higher and sustains longer. The peak activities of MnP and Lip were 244.94 U/L and 263.71 U/L, respectively.〖JP〗
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    Assessment of algal diversity and water quality in the foururban rivers of Shanghai in winter (Chinese)
    JIANG Xue-qin;YU Na;MAO Kai-yun;LIU Yi;LI Er-chao;CHEN Li-qiao
    2009, 2009 (2):  78-87. 
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    To evaluate the restoration from the contaminative water condition of four rivers with different ecological types, which are Wuchaogang river, Henggang river, Chaoyang river and Caoyanghuanbang river in the urban unit of Shanghai, the investigations of the spatial variations of phytoplankton community structure, and chemical and physical parameters were undertaken from November 2007 to January 2008, and the relationship between the phytoplankton diversity and water pollution was also analyzed comprehensively. There are 150 species of 7 phylums of planktonic algae, including 61 species of Chlorophyceae, 27 of Cyanobacteria, 24 of Acillariophyta, 23 of Euglenophyta, 11 of Xanthophyta, 3 of Cryptophyta, and 1 of Pyrrophyta. Dominant species are Chlorophyceae, Cyanobacteria and Acillariophyta. Judging from the whole winter, the four rivers have almost no differences in the distribution of species composition such as Chaoyang river (78 species)>Wuchaogang river (76 species)> Henggang river (74 species)> Caoyanghuanbang river (72 Species). The distribution of the four rivers in cell density and biomass are as follows respectively: Chaoyang river>Caoyanghuanbang river>Wuchaogang river>Henggang river, and Caoyanghuanbang river>Chaoyang river>Wuchaogang river>Henggang river. Chlorophyceae is the main phytoplankton, then Bacillariophyta and Cyanophyta. The contents of N and P in the four rivers are all surplus and have an obvious correlation with both the cell density and the biomass, which are negatively correlated with P, and positively with N. The four rivers were analyzed and valued with diversity indexes of nutritional status and the Caoyanghuanbang river is the best one, followed by Wuchaogang river and Henggang river, and Chaoyang river is the worst. It is found the three parameters of the diversity indexes are too ideal in assessing small urban rivers water quality, and they are inconsistent with that evaluation criteria of the species, cell density and biomass of phytoplankton. Therefore, it should be cautious to apply the biological diversity indexes to valuate urban rivers environment.
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    High feeding frequency improves the carbohydrate utilization by〖WTHX〗Carassius auratus pengzesis(Chinese)
    CAI Chun-fang;;CHEN Li-qiao;YE Yuan-tu;; CHEN Guo-feng;;WU Dong-feng;
    2009, 2009 (2):  88-95. 
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    Four isonitrogenous (35.5% dry matter) and isocaloric (16.8 kJ·g-1 dry matter) diets with two types (dextrin and glucose) and two levels (20% and 40% respectively) of carbohydrates were fed carps (〖WTBX〗Carassius auratus〖WTBZ〗 〖WTBX〗pengzesis〖WTBZ〗) at 2 times a day and 6 times a day respectively for 16 weeks to determine the effect of feeding frequency on the carbohydrate utilization. The initial fish weight was 3.7±0.3 g and three replicates were conducted. The weight gain rate, feed efficiency and protein efficiency ratio were improved when the feeding frequency increased from 2 times a day to 6 times a day. When the feeding frequency was 2 times a day, the fish fed the dextrin diet gained significantly more body weight than fish fed the glucose diet (〖WTBX〗P〖WTBZ〗=0.003), regardless of carbohydrate levels. Besides, the fish fed the low carbohydrate diet growth better than fish fed high carbohydrate (〖WTBX〗P〖WTBZ〗=0.003), regardless of carbohydrate types. When the feeding frequency was 6 times a day, however, there were no significant difference in body weight gain. When the feeding frequency was 2 times a day, fish fed the dextrin diet gained significantly more protein retention efficiencies than fish fed the glucose diet(〖WTBX〗P〖WTBZ〗<0.05), while no significant difference was observed when feeding frequency was 6 times a day. The retentions of lipid and energy at different frequencies followed the same general pattern as protein retention. Moreover, lipid retention in fish fed high carbohydrate were close to or more than 100%, indicating a part of dietary carbohydrate was transformed to body lipid. The body lipid increased significantly when the feeding frequency increased from 2 times a day to 6 times a day, and when the feeding frequency was 6 times a day, the body lipid of fish fed diet HG lower than that of fish fed other diets. The body protein, ash and moisture weren’t affected by dietary carbohydrate types or levels, nor feeding frequencies. The glycated hemoglobin was higher in fish fed high carbohydrate diet than fish fed low carbohydrate diet(〖WTBX〗P〖WTBZ〗<0.001), however, no significant difference was observed in plasma triglycerides and total cholesterols. These results indicated that high feeding frequency improved the carbohydrate utilization by 〖WTBX〗Carassius auratus〖WTBZ〗 〖WTBX〗pengzesis〖WTBZ〗. The reason might be related with weakened or eliminated the shift in metabolic flux induced by high blood glucose.
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    Domain function analysis of an Arabidopsis C2H2 zinc finger protein(Chinese)
    TANG Hong-bo;YANG Yang;SUN Yue;ZHANG Liang; WANG Yang;LI Xiao-fang;XU Ling
    2009, 2009 (2):  96-104. 
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    At3g23140 is a transcription factor with one single C2H2 zinc finger domain, containing C2H2 zinc finger domain in Nterminal regions and a Cterminal EARmotiflike sequence. Two different fragments of 〖WTBX〗〖STBX〗At3g23140〖STB3〗〖WTBZ〗 that only contain the C2H2type zincfinger domain were inserted downstream of 35S promoter in the plant expression vector pMON530, and introduced into wildtype Landsberg erecta (Ler). Independent homozygous transgenic lines were obtained after selection of T3 progenies. Ethylene detection results showed that endogenous ethylene value of 35S::〖WTBX〗〖STBX〗 A2〖STB3〗〖WTBZ〗 transgenic plants was less than that of the control, which was consistent with the phenotype of〖WTBX〗〖STBX〗 cs16966〖STB3〗〖WTBZ〗, but endogenous ethylene value of transgenic plant 35S::〖WTBX〗〖STBX〗 A1〖STB3〗〖WTBZ〗 has no significant difference with that of the wildtype. It indicated that repression was caused by overexpression of A2, which may due to A2 competing for the DNA sequence regulated by 〖WTBX〗〖STBX〗At3g23140〖STB3〗〖WTBZ〗, and nonC2H2 zinc finger domain of the Cterminal regions of A2 is essential for At3g23140 integrating with targeted DNA.
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    Role of central neuromedin U in regulating feeding behavior ispartially mediated by the melanocortin pathway (Chinese)
    LUAN Tian-yu;WEN Ying;ZHANG Gui-chun;DUAN Ya-le;HU Jin-feng;ZHAO Zheng
    2009, 2009 (2):  105-111. 
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    This paper investigated the associations between central neuromedin U (NMU) receptor 2 (NMU2R) and melanocortin (MC) receptor pathway (MCR3/4) in regulation of food intake and energy homeostasis. NMU, the endogenous ligand of NMU2R in hypothalamus, and SHU9119, a highaffinity antagonist of MCR3/4 pathway, were intracerebraventricularly (ICV) administrated to the fasting and nonfasting rats. The effects of NMU2R on feeding behavior and body weights and their relationships with the role of MCR3/4 signaling were evaluated in the absence or presence of SHU9119 in the rat. The results showed that ICV administration of NMU significantly decreased the food intake as observed at different time points. The anorexigenic effect of NMU was partially inhibited by ICV coadministration of NMU and SHU9119. Furthermore, ICV injection of NMU showed a similar pattern of reduced anorexigenic effect of NMU in SHU9119pretreated rats. These results suggest that functional agonism of NMU2R by NMU in the central nervous system can effectively regulate feeding behavior and energy homeostasis. The central modulation of NMU2R on feeding behavior is associated, at least in part, with melanocortin receptor pathway.
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    Size control of silica nanoparticles by modified StÖber method (English)
    LIU Shun-ying;LIANG Zhong-shi;ZHANG Shu-yan;GAO Feng; YU Jia-hui;LUO Shu-fang
    2009, 2009 (2):  112-121. 
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    Nearly monodispersed silica nanoparticles with controllable sizes ranging from 90 nm to 200 nm were synthesized via a solgel process by improving a classic Stber method. The effects of the silica precursor (tetraethylorthosilicate, TEOS), solvent, catalyst (NH4OH) and stirring speed on the finite size control of the silica nanoparticles were investigated by dynamic light scattering (DLS) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The results showed all these factors had significant effects on the size and size distribution of the silica particles. A good monodispersity can be obtained and the size variation can be controlled within 20 nm.
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    Influences of different oxidants on the structure and properties of Poly(otoluidine) synthesized by interfacial polymerization (Chinese)
    2009, 2009 (2):  122-128. 
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    Poly(otoluidine) was synthesized by interfacial polymerization using iron chloride, ammonium persulfate, and a complex (composed by K2S2O8, CuSO4 and NaHSO3) as oxidant, respectively. The molecular structures,morphologies and electrochemical behaviors were detected by FTIR, UVVIS, SEM and Cyclic voltammetry. The results showed that poly(otoluidine) particles appeared as micro powder and their diameters were within several hundred nanometers. All the three polymers showed good electrochemical activity. When using FeCl3 as oxidant, the molecular weight and conjugated degree, as well as the electrochemical activity of the poly(otoluidine), were the best.

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    Structure and conductive properties of polythiophenes andpoly(3octylthiophene) (Chinese)
    HAN Fei-fei;LIANG Dan;WANG Hong-min; TANG Guo-qiang;XU Xue-cheng
    2009, 2009 (2):  129-135. 
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    Polythiophene and Poly(3octylthiophene) were synthesized by direct oxidative polymerization under different temperatures. The chemical structure of samples were characterized by FTIR, XRD, NMR,XPS and UVVis respectively. The results showed that the strcture and the degree of crystallinity(DC) of samples depended on the length of side chain and reaction temperature. Poly(3octylthiophene) has a lower DC.Polythiophene prepared under low temperature has a higher DC. Experimental results suggested that there is certain relationship between DC, chemical structure and conductivity of samples.
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