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    Mathematical Principle of Stability for Quasigeostrophic Motions(Chinese)
    LIU Yong-ming;
    2008, 2008 (1):  1-19. 
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    Several best possible inequalities are derived by the variational principle. These inequalities play an important role in Mathematic physics. And their application to the nonlinear stability of quasigeostophic motions are given.
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    q-Differential operator identity and its applications(Chinese)
    FANG Jian-ping;
    2008, 2008 (1):  20-24. 
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    This paper generalized the q-exponential operator defined by Rogers. Then used the new operator to give a proof of Sears′ nonterminating q-series transformation formula. In addition, several extensions of AskeyRoy integral formula were given.
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    Application of singular value decomposition in g-Inverses (Chinese)
    CHEN Xiao-juan;GUO Wen-bin;
    2008, 2008 (1):  25-29. 
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    Images with cyclic or dihedral symmetry generatedby complex dynamical (Chinese)systems
    ZOU Yu-ru;LU Jian
    2008, 2008 (1):  30-36. 
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    This paper explored the orbit trap methods for generating images with cyclic or dihedral symmetry from a dynamical system's point of view, and illustrated the mathematical principles of the construction of the symmetric orbit traps. Constructing the function with Cn or Dn symmetry, tracking the series of points corresponding to the function and introducing a new coloring algorithm derived from colormap technique, visually fascinating images with Cn or Dn symmetry can be created.
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    Hausdorff measure of Sierpinski Sponge generated by normal tetrahedron(Chinese)
    CHEN Ying-zhou;GUI Yong-xin;LI Wen-xia
    2008, 2008 (1):  37-43. 
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    In this paper, the Hausdorff measure of a class of self-similar sets in ${\mathbf R}^3$ is considered. The exact Hausdorff measures of those sets are obtained under some conditions.
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    Properties of the Corresponding Statistics of the Technical Analysis Indexes on SARV Model(English)
    HUANG Xu-dong;ZHANG Qiong;LIU Wei
    2008, 2008 (1):  44-50,1. 
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    In the stock market, Some popular technical analysis indexes ( e.g.
    Bollinger bands, RSI, ROC $\cdots$ ) are widely used by traders. It
    is well known that discrete-time model was typically used in empirical financial literature. This paper investigates the probabilistic properties of the corresponding statistics of the technical analysis indexes Bollinger bands, RSI and ROC for stochastic autoregressive volatility (SARV) model as real stock market. Under the given onditions, the stationarity and the law of large number of these statistics are proved .
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    Statistical analysis of 2-level orthogonal saturated designs:the procedure of searching zero effects(Chinese)
    ZHANG Xiao-qin;ZHANG Ying-shan;MAO Shi-song
    2008, 2008 (1):  51-59. 
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    The difficulty of analyzing orthogonal saturated designs is that there are no degrees of freedom to estimate the error variance, so that the ordinary ANOVA is no more available. The paper proposes a new method to identify the number of the effect parameters which is equal to zero, namely the Procedure of Searching Zero Effects. This proposed method is based on the mean of the order statistics. Consequently, the error variance is estimated and the active effects are identified.
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    Pulmonary nodule segmentation algorithm based on three-domain mean shift clustering(English)
    NIE Sheng-dong;LI Li-hong;CHEN Zhao-xue
    2008, 2008 (1):  60-67. 
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    In a Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) scheme for pulmonary nodules using computed tomography (CT) images, nodule segmentation is an important intermediate step, which impacts a great influence on the final performance of detection. In order to improve the detection rate of nodule and suppress the false positive, a more effective and physical meaningful nodule segmentation method is proposed in this paper. The algorithm is based on mean shift clustering method and CI (Convergence Index) features, which could represent the multiple Gaussian model of pulmonary nodules both for solid and sub-solid, substantially. This approach is based on an idea of utilizing features in a more "active" way, that is, we integrate the feature to the segmentation algorithm rather than just calculate them after segmentation. The presented segmentation method can figure out the outline of pulmonary nodules more precisely and especially suitable for the segmentation of sub-solid nodules.
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    Novel design pattern of aspectoriented programming (Chinese)
    XU Qianying;YANG Zongyuan
    2008, 2008 (1):  68-74. 
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    The paper presented a novel design pattern of aspectoriented programming: Aspect Bridge Pattern in the process of refactoring a persistence framework. This pattern solves the coupling problem between the component and the behavior pattern, and is obey to the principle: decouple in high level, couple in low level.
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    Dissymmetrical P2P topology and resource locating algorithm (Chinese)
    YANG Jing;HE Liang;GU Junzhong
    2008, 2008 (1):  75-82. 
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    The paper proposed a dissymmetrical and pure P2P topology based on K-arytree architecture named DSKTree with the view of ”node symmetrical characteristic”. It can solve the unstable and linearly increasing scale problem in resource sharing application using pure P2P topology. It also designed resource locating algorithm in DSKTree topology. The performance analyses showed that it can optimize the cost of locating and lower the influence to performance while the scale of the system increases.
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    Multi-receiver identity-based proxy signcryption (Chinese)
    HU Zhen-peng;QIAN Hai-feng;LI Zhi-bin
    2008, 2008 (1):  83-88. 
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    Based on the identity-based signcryption, this paper proposed a multi-receiver identity-based proxy signcryption scheme, in which some good characteristics of bilinear pairing are used. The new scheme offers a good solution to the problem of signature with a lot of multi-receiver. Additionally, this scheme which can achieve confidentiality, public verification and high security, was simply designed and easily implemented. Only one pairing computation is needed in it to signcrypt a single message for all receivers. As a result, the efficiency gain of the new scheme is huge especially when there are a large number of recipients.
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    Computer solution of middle game problems in Go (Chinese)
    YU Lei;LIU Jin-gao
    2008, 2008 (1):  89-93. 
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    An approach to solve middle game problems in Go, which was based on the probability of winning and the combinatorial game theory, was presented. Specifically, the algorithm of probability of winning was improved in this paper. With this approach, the program Midgame was implemented, which could generate and evaluate candidate moves and find the best one. Having been tested by professional Go players, Midgame is estimated at about 3 dan in terms of its middle game performance. It is accurate enough to be used by Go programs in real time and of great significance in application of computer game, artificial intelligence and games.
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    RFID solution with the feature of liner-feedback-shift-register (Chinese)
    ZOU Chen-yi;ZHENG Zheng-qi;LI Fu-cheng
    2008, 2008 (1):  94-98. 
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    This paper studied a kind of radio frequency identification (RFID) solution with the feature of liner-feedback-shift-register. The solution improves the efficiency and reliability by taking advantage of the liner-serial's randomicity. Combining the shift-register and electrically erasable prorammable read-only memory (EEPROM) as control cell can increase the speed of responding. It also decreases the responding of reading or writing signals, system consumption for the system through using the ferroelectric random-access memory (FRAM) as memory cell
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    Non-covalent functionalization of MWNT with PS in situminiemulsion polymerization(Chinese)
    JIN Sheng-song;TANG Guo-qiang;WANG Hong-min;BIAN Cheng-xiang;XU Xue-cheng
    2008, 2008 (1):  99-105. 
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    PS(polystyrene)/MWNT(multi-walled carbon nanotubes) composite latexes were prepared via in situ miniemulsion polymerization.5% cross-linker DVB was added into monomer to make some PS fix on the surface of MWNT by cross-linking entanglement.The MWNT are covered with PS microspheres or thin film in the composite latex. After demulsification and removing free PS, MWNT in the obtained composite are still wrapped with some polymer and can be dispersed homogeneously in toluene.This method overcomes the difficulty of combination between polymer and MWNT in non-covalent functionalization.
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    Rotational analysis of the (5,21) band in the second negativeband system (A2Πu -X2Πg) of O2+ (Chinese)
    LI Ling;BEN Jing-wen;CHEN Yang-qin;YANG Xiao-hua
    2008, 2008 (1):  106-111. 
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    The (5, 21) band in the A2Πu -X2Πg system of O2+ was studied for the first time, by employing optical heterodyne detected velocity modulation spectroscopy in the region of 11 387~11 800 cm-1. Adopting effective Hamiltonians, the precise molecular constants of the lower level involved were obtained by a nonlinear least-squares fitting procedure.
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    Experimental study of vertical sediment mixingcoefficients in 2D uniform flow (Chinese)
    ZHU Chuan-fang;KONG Ya-zhen;DING Ping-xing
    2008, 2008 (1):  112-118. 
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    Experiments on sediment transport by two-dimensional uniform currents were carried out using wave-flow-sediment flume. It is found that the vertical distribution of suspended sediment concentration (SSC) agrees well with Rouse's equation, and the vertical sediment mixing coefficient is proportion to the vertical fluid mixing coefficient, and may be described by a para-bola. The maximum of vertical sediment mixing coefficient is related to hydrodynamics and SSC.
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    Relationship between vegetation and urbanheat-island effect in Shanghai (Chinese)
    TANG Xi;SHU Jiong;YUE Qun
    2008, 2008 (1):  119-128. 
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    The gray-scale values of band 6 of Shanghai Landsat ETM+ images acquired on 13 March and 3 July in 2001, were converted to pixel brightness temperature to represent the land surface temperature distribution by calculating model of ETM+ TIR brightness temperature. And the overall characteristics, variability, and related influencing factors of urban brightness temperature heat island was generalized. Then regression analyses between Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and brightness temperature on local scale in different landcover types revealed a significant inverse correlation between radiation temperature and vegetation level, and the cooling effect of vegetation on underlaying surface was stronger in summer than in spring. Furthermore, comparisons of the regression lines’ slopes implied that the vegetation’s influence upon surface temperature is conditioned by the underlaying surface structures, so while increasing same vegetation in well-vegetated and sparsely or non-vegetated areas during the summer daytime, the former’s extent of temperature declining is inferior to the latter’s. As suggested, vegetation planning must be adaptive to the local conditions of different land environment.
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    Phylogenetic analyses of orthotrichaceae on generus level based on three gene sequences including chlorophast rbcL (Chinese)
    HU Tian-yin;GOU Shui-liang;SHI Xue-lian
    2008, 2008 (1):  129-138. 
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    The sequences of NADH dehydrogenase subunit 5 gene, chloroplast rbcL gene, and tRNA-Leu (trnL) gene, which were downloaded from Genbank, were taken as indices. The phylogenetic relationships in the genus level of the family Orthotrichaceae were analyzed by using the program of Clustalx and Winclada based on the ingroup including 33 species belonging to 21 genera of the family and the outgroup including 19 species of Ptycomitriaceae,Hedwigiaceae,Erpodiaceae,Pterobryaceae, Neckeriaceae, Meteoriaceae, Symphyodontaceae,Hookeriaceae,Hypnaceae and Poltrichaceae.Three consensus trees were made and indicated:(1) The family Orthotrichoideae is clearly a monophly;(2) It supports that the Orthotrichoideae could be categorized into two subfamilies:Orthotrichoideae and Macromitrioideae; (3)Bryomaltaea is better to be placed within the subfamily Macromitrioideae.
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