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    Application of Satellite Remote Sensing Data to the Calculation of Topography and Flooding at Littoral Zone(Chinese)
    ZHU Shou-xian;HUANG Wei-gen;DING Ping-xing;ZHANG Wen-jing
    2007, 2007 (4):  1-8. 
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    A new method was presented using satellite remote sensing data in the calculation of topography and flooding at littoral zone. Flooding lines were drawn from high resolution satellite remote sensing images at different tidal level, and the topography of littoral zone was calculated with these lines. Then, the littoral zone topography was applied in the calcuation of flooding, which was checked with the satellite remote sensing images. Based on this method, the littoral zone flooding lines in Zhanjiang Harbor of China were analyzed by Landsat satellite remote sensing images, and the littoral topography and flooding were calculated.
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    3D Numerical Simulation of Storm Surge in the Changjiang Estuary and the Hangzhou Bay(Chinese)
    HUANG Hua;ZHU Jian-rong;WU Hui
    2007, 2007 (4):  9-19. 
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    The study was based on the improved 3-D estuarine, coastal and oceanic model ECOM-si, in which a model of sea surface pressure and wind fields was embedded. By coupling the action of runoff, astronomic tide and storm surge, water level process in the Changjiang estuary and the Hangzhou Bay during three typhoons(No. 9711(Winnie), No. 0012(Prapiroon) and No. 0014(Saomai)) were simulated in this paper. The model revealed well the water level process during three typhoons. The simulated storm surges by Fujita pressure formula(formulaⅡ) were better fitting the observed than those by FujitaTakahashi pressure formula(formulaⅠ). The mean square errors between the simulated and the observed water level by formulaⅡduring three typhoons were 42.5 cm, 41.7 cm and 35.5 cm, respectively.
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    Design and Application of Integrated Visualized Storm Surge Forecasting System(Chinese)
    GE Jian-zhong;HU Ke-lin;DING Ping-xing
    2007, 2007 (4):  20-25. 
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    The design of the system involved requirement analysis, functional and interface designs,combining the actual hydrological and meteorological data. Manmachine interaction interface was developed by using VB, FORTRAN, and MATLAB. The system has functions of numerical forecasting, data analysis and data storage. This integrated visualized system forecasted the water levels and setup of No.0509 Matsa Typhoon successfully by adjusting the model parameters according to the actual measurment of wind and water levels.

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    Study on Relation between Variation of Chlorophyll aConcentration and Sediment Grain Size on an Intertidal Flat(Chinese)
    LI Wan-hui;DING Ping-xing
    2007, 2007 (4):  26-33. 
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    The chlorophyll a concentration and grain size in the sediment of an intertidal flat, as well as their relations were studied based on experiment data observed in the mudflat of Chongming Dongtan in Changjiang Estuary, where samples from three transects were taken during April, May, October and December in 2005. The results showed that there were remarkable seasonal variations of chlorophyll a concentrations and grain size at the surface of the mudflat, i.e., the chlorophyll a concentrations were higher in April [(5.997±0.803 ) μg·g-1] than in December [(0.571±0.091) μg·g-1], and the grain size had the similar trend of seasonal variations. The correlation between chlorophyll a concentrations and finegrained sediment content was significant at the 0.05 level ( r=0.693, P=0.012). Moreover, due to the light limitation, the chlorophyll a concentrations at the surface of the sediments were high, and rapidly decreased with the depth, and also were higher on the sediments surface in bare tidal flat than in Scripus mariqueter zone of the transition area.
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    Primary Discussion on Seabed Evolution ofNanhuizui and Qiqu Archipelago(Chinese)
    FU Gui;LI Jiu-fa;DAI Zhi-jun;WU Rong-rong;YU Zhi-ying
    2007, 2007 (4):  34-41. 
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    Based on the hydrological and sediment survey datum in the spring of 2005 and the history sea charts, from the points of view on hydrodynamic condition, suspended sediment, sedimentary character, scouring and silting of the seabed, the evolution law of the seabed in the sea area of Nanhuizui and Qiqu Archipelago was analyzed. A trend of weaker silting and stronger scouring of this sea area in the recent 50 years was found, which is caused by the effect of ocean dynamics, the change of sediment flux to the sea and the constructions of some great coastal engineering projects.
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    Spectral Analysis and Remote Sensing Detection of Tidal Shoal′sVegetation in the Estuary of Yangtse River(Chinese)
    ZHANG Jie;SHEN Fang;LIU Zhi-guo
    2007, 2007 (4):  42-48. 
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    This paper analyzed the spectrum character of preponderant vegetables and distilled wave band using the spectrum of the vegetation through field measure in the estuary of Yangtse River. Considering influence factors such as vegetation growth characteristic, season, vegetation cover in tidal shoal,vegetation index of combined characteristic wave bands was used to detect tide shoal's vegetation, in order that it could improve the vegetation classification precision and detect the changes of vegetation environment. The paper computed Vegetation Index of Ratio Vegetation Index(RVI), Normalized Difference Vegetation Index(NDVI), SoilAdjusted Vegetation Index(SAVI) and Modified SoilAdjusted Vegetation Index (MSAVI), and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the four vegetation indexes in different covers and seasons. Then used these indexes to detect the vegetation classification in TM image. In conclusion, combining the field measure and taking season factor into account for better classification. MSAVI wins the advantage of each vegetation index in classification.
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    Grain Size Distribution and Aeolian Feature of Loess on the Langgangshan Island in East China Sea(Chinese)
    LIU Fei;ZHENG Xiang-min;CAO Xi-qiang
    2007, 2007 (4):  49-55. 
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    On the basis of systematic sampling and analysis of grainsize of loess on Langgangshan Island in East China Sea, features of component were discussed. The Aeoliandust deposition on Langgangshan Island mainly consists of fine particles(10~50 μm),which is similar to the component of loess in other sections of China but comparatively coarser. The average content of clay is 24.9% and coarse particles (>50 μm) on Langgangshan Island section is over 10%, which indicates that the materials of source contain proximal aeoliandust from shelf area of East China Sea in addition to distant aeoliandust from Northwest China.
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    Heavy Metals in Urban Dusts and Soils of Shanghai and Its Pollution Assessment(Chinese)
    MENG Fei;;LIU Min;HOU Li-jun;CHANG Jing;JIANG Hai-yan;WANG He-yi
    2007, 2007 (4):  56-63. 
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    Through the investigation of 5 types of land use in Shanghai central city, including industrial, residential, traffic, greenbelt and commercial areas, heavy metals concentrations of 69 urban dusts, topsoils and 3 urban runoff samples were obtained. Compared with background concentrations, the heavy metal concentrations in urban dust and topsoils are much higher. The comprehensive pollution indexes in urban dusts and soils of the five land use types vary from 67.1 (residential area), 40.3 (green belt), and 22.9 (traffic area) to 12.5(industrial area), respectively. Both the dusts and soils are all polluted, especially due to the high concentration of Pb, Zn, and Cr. The urban runoffs EMCs (event mean concentration) of Cr, Pb and Zn in all land uses are high than Ⅴof the national standard. So the urban runoff will greatly influence the urban river water quality. Commonly, the heavy metal average contents of urban dusts are high in industrial, traffic and residential area and low in commercial area and green belts. When concerned the topsoils, however, the commercial area has the highest Cu content (75.2 mg●kg-1) and the lowest Pb content ( mg●kg-1), the traffic area has the highest Zn content (2 960 mg●kg-1); the residential area has the highest Pb (595 mg●kg-1) and Cr (627 mg●kg-1) contents. According to the EMCs in the urban runoff, the industrial area has the highest content of all 4 heavy metals and the EMCs of Cr, Pb, Zn, Cu in industrial are 6.9 mg●kg-1, 500 mg●kg-1, 3.9 mg●kg-1 and 2.3 mg●kg-1. The runoff around the industrial area, therefore, should be considered seriously. According to the EMCs in the urban runoff, the order of the rest land use types, from the highest to the lowest Pb, Cr and Zn concentration,is traffic area,residential area and commercial area.
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    Application of Argogeologic Environment Survey in the Development of Regional Agriculture:A Case Study in Shangyu City, Zhejiang Province (Chinese)
    CHEN Mei-jun;HU Xiao-meng;XIE Huai-sheng
    2007, 2007 (4):  64-70. 
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    Taking the work of Argogeologic Environment Survey in Shangyu City as a case study, the paper analysed and evaluated the environmental quality of soil and surface water according to the field survey data. Based on the soil and surface water environmental quality evaluation, land safety and suitability evaluation, the status of land use,and the industry distribution feature in the region, the paper maked a suggestion on land function zoning. In this paper, argogeologic environment survey is used in the work of regional agriculture development, which provides scientific grounds for agricultural spatial arrangement.
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    Study on the Climate Changes Recorded in the Sediment of the Caohu Lake during the Last 300 Years(Chinese)
    FAN Bin;XU Shi-yuan;YU Li-zhong;JIANG Hui;ZHANG Wei-guo;DAI Xue-rong
    2007, 2007 (4):  71-76. 
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    According to systematic research on the phytolith fossils in the sediment of core AC2 from the Caohu Lake, three phytoliths zones were divided. Based on changes in the main components in the phytolith zones and principal components analysis, the evolution of paleoenvironment and paleoclimate in the past 300 years was reconstructed. There are two warm periods(1770 s—1780 s;1890 s—1970 s ), one cold period(1780 s—1890 s)and one warming stage(1970 s—2003)in the last 300 years. The environment changes of each period in the Caohu lake area were further discussed, compared with the climate changes of the historical documents and instrumental data of Hefei and the mid-lower reaches of the Yangtze River.
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    Up-regulations of EphB4, EphA2, EphB3 and Ephrin-A5 in NSCLCs and Their Clinical Significances(English)
    YUN Yun;ZHANG Hong-feng
    2007, 2007 (4):  77-85. 
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    To better understand the biological functions of Eph/ephrin genes in human lung carcinomas, mRNA expression levels of EphA2, EphB,EphB4,ephrin-A5 and ephrin-B2 were quantified in samples from 48 non-small-cell lung carcinomas (NSCLCs) in comparison with normal lung tissues by real-time PCR assay. The up-regulations of EphB4, EphB3 and ephrin-A5 in 27 of 48(60%), 39 of 48(81%) and 31 of 48(65%) lung cancers were found respectively. The results also showed that the expression of ephrin-A5 gene is associated with tumor histology, tumor size, metastasis, gender, smoking habits and age of the patients. There is a significant correlation between EphA2 expression and tumor size, tumor age and family history. All these results suggest that EphB4, EphA2, EphB3 and ephrin-A5 might function independently or synergistically in initiation and progression of primary lung cancer, and they might serve as valuable targets for therapeutic intervention.
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    Viability Rates of Eriocheir sinensis Sperms in SixPreservation Solutions (In Vitro)(Chinese)
    CHEN Dong-hua;ZHOU Zhong-liang;FAN Li-jun;QU Di;ZHAO Yun-long;WANG Qun
    2007, 2007 (4):  86-94. 
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    To evaluate the preservation effects of different solutions, viability rate and density were assessed in of Eriocheir sinensis preserved in six solutions (In Vitro) at 4 ℃. Meanwhile viability rate of sperms was assessed by eosin stain. Those six preservation solutions were calcium-free artificial sea water I (Ca2+-FASW I), calcium-free artificial sea water II (Ca2+-FASW II), isostonie sodium chloride (NaCl) solution, aseptic physiological saline, isostonie potassium chloride (KCl) solution and isostonie glucose solution. Results showed that most of sperms preserved in KCl solution and glucose solution were thorough dead after 2 days. While sperms in Ca 2+-FASW I, II still keep alive.Especially in the Ca2+-FASW II, 92.19% sperms survived after 6 days′ preservation. Therefore, Ca2+-FASW II is an excellent solution to preserve Eriocheir sinensis sperms (In Vitro). Furthermore, Ca2+-FASW II was used to study its preservation effect with different sperms destiny, pH value and osmotic pressure. It indicated that no less than 95% sperms survived after 2 days′ preservation at 106~107 sperm/mL at 4 ℃. At least 90% survived after 15 days′ preservation at pH 7~10. More than 75% survived after 15 days′ preservation at 700~850 mOsmol/kg H2O among 10 scalar solutions at the different osmotic pressures (500~1 000 mOsmol/kg H2O) modulated by NaCl. It is concluded that with sperm density at 106~107 sperm/mL, osmotic pressure at 750~850 mOsmol/kg H2O and pH at 7~10, Eriocheir sinensis sperms are preserved in the optimum condition (In Vitro).
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    Study on DNA Damage Induced by HgCl2 and CdCl2 Using SCGE in Eriocheir Sinensis Sperms (In Vitro)(Chinese)
    FAN Li-jun;ZHOU Zhong-liang;CHEN Dong-hua;ZHAO Yun-long;SUN Ju-xiang;WANG Qun
    2007, 2007 (4):  95-100. 
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    DNA damage induced by mercuric chloride (HgCl2) and cadmium chloride (CdCl2) in Eriocheir sinensis sperms (in vitro) was studied using single-cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE). Separated DNAs were dealt with six HgCl2 and CdCl2 scalar solutions (for each) (0 mmol/L, 0.01 mmol/L, 0.05 mmol/L, 0.1 mmol/L, 1 mmol/L, 5 mmol/L) for one hour at 37 ℃ (water bath) respectively. The length of cometic tail and damage rate of DNAs were betaken as SCGE indices. Results showed that DNAs in control group are free of damage, static in electric field and manifested as a round fluorophoreu without any cometic tails. While those dealt DNAs are damaged to various degrees and demonstrated as cometic fluorophoreu in electric field after Ethidium bromide (EB) stain. Furthermore, with the incremental concentration of HgCl2 and CdCl2, damage rate and migration distance also enlarge accordingly, that′s to say, dose-response relationship exist between SCGE indices and concentration of HgCl2 and CdCl2. Therefore, it is concluded that certain concentration of HgCl2 and CdCl2 does induce DNA damage in Eriocheir sinensis sperms (in vitro) and the damage degree is related to the concentration of HgCl2 and CdCl2, which have been attested using SCGE.
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    Influence of gp150 Protein on Cell Membrane Proteinsduring Dictyostelium Development(Chinese)
    HAN Yi;CHEN Ying-ying;HOU Lian-sheng
    2007, 2007 (4):  101-106. 
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    To study the change of membrane proteins during Dictyostelium discoideum development, we used wild-type cells KAx-3 and mutant cells AK127. Membrane proteins was prepared by biochemical extraction by TritonX-114, separated using SDS-PAGE and scanned by BIO-PROFILE of VILBER LOURMAT. The results showed that 68 kD,60 kD,54 kD,50 kD,37 kD,34 kD and 31 kD are more stable during wild-type cells KAx-3 and mutant cells AK127 developments; they were not changed by AK127 cells devoid of gp150 proteins developments. The difference of protein content exist in 45 kD, 25 kD, 20 kD and 17 kD proteins, contents of those proteins being increased in the wild cells, and two new 10~12 kD proteins appeared in wild cells after 12 h development. This result indicates contents of those proteins expression are influenced by gp150 protein.
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    Cloning, Expression and Property of Protein Phosphatase 2C of Staphylococcus(Chinese)
    GUO Wei-wei;Ni Xiao-hua
    2007, 2007 (4):  107-111. 
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    A novel dual specificity protein phosphatases named sPP2C (protein phosphatase 2C, Staphylococcus aureus) was cloned from Staphylococcus aureus gene library. sPP2C gene contained 741bp. The protein contained 247 amino acids and a protein phosphatases 2C catalytic domain. The molecular weight was 26.1 kDa, and pI was 4.95. sPP2C was expressed in Ecoli.Rossetta and purified by affinity chromatography. Enzyme property research revealed that sPP2C showed no phosphatase activity towards pNPP(p-nitrophenyl phosphate)which is a common synetic protein phosphatase substrate, whereas sPP2C showed phosphatase activity towards oligopetptides containing pSer/Thr and pTyr, indicating that sPP2C is a novel protein phosphatase with dual substrate specificity.
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    High Throughput Screening Method of Identifying Antagonist for Glucagaon Receptor in Chinese Herbs(Chinese)
    WAN Juan;XU Zhi-liang
    2007, 2007 (4):  112-118. 
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    This paper generated a cell-based functional assay for human glucagon receptor antagonist screening. The human glucagon receptor cDNA was cloned into a mammalian expression vector pCDNA3.1 (h Glucagon receptor /pCDNA3.1). This plasmid was co-transfected with a reporter gene construct (3×CRE/3×MRE/SRE-LUC) in HEK293 cells. Stable cell line expressing both human glucagon receptor and the reporter gene was selected for compounds screening. The assay condition was optimized. Our results demonstrated that this cell-based assay can be optimized for high throughput screening and applied to identify antagonist for glucagon receptor in Chinese Herbs.
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    Effects of Lipoic Acid on Protecting in vitro CulturedBovine Aortic Cells from Oxidative Damage(Chinese)
    LIAO De-feng;CHEN Ji-wu;XIE Ping;ZHU Zhen-qin;XU Rong
    2007, 2007 (4):  119-123. 
    Abstract ( 2862 )   Save
    In order to reveal the potential function of lipoic acid (LA)in protecting cardiovascular system from oxidative damage,the effects of LA on cultured bovine aortic endothelial cells (EC) and smooth muscle cells (SMC) injured by H2O2 were investigated. The results showed that LA can dose-dependently promote the activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and decrease the level of malondialdehyde (MDA) in EC and SMC,indicating LA can effectively prevent EC and SMC from H2O2 induced oxidative damage. Our results can provide new free radical biological data for the further study on the medical and health-care use of LA.
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    Biodiversity of Macrobenthos in Upper Reaches of Huangpu River(Chinese)
    LIU Bao-xing;YOU Wen-hui;
    2007, 2007 (4):  124-131. 
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    This paper investigated the macrobenthic biodiversity in Upper Reaches of Huangpu River from April 2005 to March 2006.The Shannon-Wiener index(H′), species eveness index(J) and richness index(D) were used to study the community structure, species assemblage, diversity of macrobenthos in Upper Reaches of Huangpu River. A total of 13 species were collected. Of these , the dominant species with high density were Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri , Bellamya aeruginosa and Corbicula fluminea, while the dominant species with high biomass were Corbicula fluminea and Bellamya aeruginosa. The Shannon-Wiener index(H′), species eveness index(J) and richness index(D) of Dianfeng were higher than those of Songpu Bridge. In seasonal variations, all of the three indices peaked in autumn, and were the lowest in summer, winter and spring respectively. According to the analysis of data, we found that the number of species and density have great effects on biodiversity; some environmental factors such as water temperature, water quality, habitat and human disturbance also affect biodiversity greatly.
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    (Chinese)Method for Calculating the Melting Temperature of Crystals at High Pressure
    ZOU Yong;CHEN Li-rong
    2007, 2007 (4):  132-136. 
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    According to the Lindemann′s law and the approximate condition that the quantity αBT is a constant above the Debye temperature, this paper proposed a method to calculate the melting temperature of crystals at high pressure,and calculated the melting temperatures at different pressure for three crystals (LiF, NaCl and Al). The results show that the agreement between the melting curves calculated and the experimental data is good.
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    2007, 2007 (4):  137-140. 
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