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    Local AT-algebras and Their Properties(English)
    YAO Hong-liang
    2006, 2006 (5):  1-7. 
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    This paper introduced the concept of a local AT-algebra and proved that a C*- algebra is a local AT-algebra if and only if it is an AT-algebra. Properties of AT-algebra conerning their semigroups formed by the equivalence classes of projections were studied.
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    Characterization of Non-Linear Isometries
    DENG Li-jin
    2006, 2006 (5):  8-12. 
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    This paper studied the characterization of non-linear isometries between infinite dimensional Banach spaces.Under the assumption that the range space is strictly convex, it was proved that f:X-->Y is an isometry <==> it preserves the distance a,b,ma+nb for a,b∈R+, m,n∈N. Thus in some sense the Aleksandrov
    problem was solved.
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    Reversible Homoclinic and Periodic Orbits Near Heteroclinic Loop
    SUN Ying, ZHU De-ming
    2006, 2006 (5):  13-23. 
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    This paper studied the dynamical behavior of a 4-dimensional reversible system near a heteroclinic loop connecting a saddle-focus equilibrium and a saddle one. An existence theorem concerning denumerable 1-homoclinic orbits and countable families of 1-periodic orbits was given under a generic condition; and an intuitionistic description about those orbits was also given.
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    Concise Approach for Solving Double Sine-Gordon Equation
    XIE Yuan-xi, TANG Jia-shi
    2006, 2006 (5):  24-26. 
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    By introducing an additional ordinary differential equation and the method of variable separation, some explicit and exact solutions to double sine-Gordon equation were found in a concise way.
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    Exact Solutions of Generalized Burgers' Equation with Variable Coefficients
    SHI Yu-ren, WANG Ying-hai, YANG Hong-juan, Lu Ke-pu, DUAN Wen-shan
    2006, 2006 (5):  27-33. 
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    This paper found some exact solutions of Burgers' equation with variable coefficients by the hyperbola function method, including solitary wave solutions and periodic solutions. Some of the solutions were derived for the first time. The results showed that this approach is simple and efficient even for solving partial differential equations with variable coefficients.
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    Finite Difference Solutions of a Cooperative Model with Diffusion
    GUAN Qiu-qin, WANG Yuan-ming
    2006, 2006 (5):  34-42. 
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    This paper studied the finite difference solutions of a cooperative model with diffusion. A monotone iterative scheme was developed for solving the nonlinear finite difference system. The existence and uniqueness of a nonnegative solution was investigated. It was shown that the system may have four types of
    nonnegative solutions for different parameters, and each of these solutions could be computed by a suitable choice of initial iteration in the monotone iterative scheme. Some numerical results were given.
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    Class of the Nonlinear Two Species Competitive Singularly Perturbed Robin Problems for Reaction Diffusion Systems
    WANG Geng
    2006, 2006 (5):  43-46. 
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    A class of the nonlinear two species competitive singularly perturbed Robin initial boundary value problems for reaction diffusion systems were considered. Under suitable conditions, using theory of differential inequalities the existence and asymptotic behavior of solution for initial boundary value problems were studied.
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    Perturbation Identities for the Generalized Polar Decomposition
    SHEN Dong-mei, WEI Mu-sheng
    2006, 2006 (5):  47-50. 
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    This paper studied the generalized polar decomposition of an m×n(m≧n)complex matrix A ith rank r as A=QH, where Q is a subunitary matrix and H a positive semidefinite matrix. By the method of singular value decomposition, the perturbation identities of Q and H under the unitarily invariant norms were
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    Combined Method for a Class of Partitioned Large Stiff Nonautonomous Systems
    DING Xin-tao, CHEN Guo-liang
    2006, 2006 (5):  51-58. 
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    The combined Runge-Kutta with Rosenbrock methods are presented for a partitioned systems of stiffly large differential equations. Nonstiff and stiff subsystems are integrated in parallel on two processors by an explicit RK method and a Rosenbrock method respectively. Their construction, convergence and numerical stability are studied, and numerical simulation experiments are conducted on a personal computer and a parallel computer
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    On the Spectrums of Frame Multiresolution Analysis
    XIN You-ming
    2006, 2006 (5):  59-65. 
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    Conditions for the spectrum of the central space of an FMRA were given, and a new characterization of the spectrums of the central spaces of FMRAs contained in an MRA was developed. It improved the results of H.O. Kim, et al
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    Maximum Genus and 1-Factors of Near-Triangulation Graphs
    LU Chang-qing, REN Han
    2006, 2006 (5):  66-71. 
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    This paper proved that if the geometric dual G*of a near-triangulation plane graph G contains a set of [1/2φ] independent edges, then the maximum genus γM(G) of G is at least [1/2β(G)]-1 where φ and β(G)$represent the number of faces of plane G and the Betti number of G. In particular, γM(G) = 1/2β(G) if
    φ=0 mod2. As applications, several known results are presented.
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    Minimum Cycle Bases of Outplanar Graphs on the Torus
    XU Mei, REN Han, DANG Ying
    2006, 2006 (5):  72-75. 
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    This paper investigated the cycle base structures of 2-connected outerplanar graphs on the torus and proved that there is a one-to-one correspondence between the minimal cycle base and two nonhomotopic noncontractible cycles with the shortest total length when $fw(G)≧ 2 and ew(G)>m,m=max{li |1≦i≦f}(l1...lf denote the length of all the non-Hamilton facial walks of G).
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    Fill-in Numbers of Some Graphs
    TANG Jie-quan, SHU Jin-long
    2006, 2006 (5):  76-82. 
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    By using the decomposition theorem and the local reductive elimination for the fill-in of graphs, the fill-in numbers of some special graphs, such as G1×G2, S(G) and double cyclic graphs were studied. And the following results were obtained: (1)F(Pm×Pn)≦(m-2)(n-2), where m≧2, n≧2; ; (2) if G is a 2-connected graph with m edges and n vertices, then F(S(G))=m+F(G); (3) let G be a double cyclic graph, the length of the two cycles being p and q, respectively, and t the number of the vertices which are both in the two cycles (the end points are excluded), then F(G)=p+q-t-6.
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    Maximally Edge-Connectivity of a Transformation Graph G+--
    CHEN Jin-yang, MENG Ji-xiang
    2006, 2006 (5):  83-85. 
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    This paper proved that for any graph G, its transformation graph G+-- is maximally edge-connected if and only if G has at least two edges and G ~≠ 2K2.
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    Sequential Mesh Test under Rayleigh Distribution
    PU Xiao-long, YAN Zhang-geng, MAO Shi-song, LI Yan, ZHANG Ying-shan
    2006, 2006 (5):  87-92. 
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    This paper discussed the sample inspection problem under Rayleigh distribution. and proposed sequential mesh test. By searching and iterative programs, the design of the new test is not hard to obtain. Examples showed that in comparison with other methods, the new test is more powerful with small sample size.
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    Statistical Analysis for Zero-Failure Data with EM Algorithm
    ZHAO Hai-bing, CHENG Yi-ming
    2006, 2006 (5):  93-98. 
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    The paper dealt with Type I censored sample by EM algorithm. Observed failure data were used to estimate unobserved failure data, and the distribution's estimated parameter was obtained. Moreover, a comparison of EM algorithm, maximum likehood estimation and a modified maximum likehood estimation was made. Finally,EM algorithm was used to statistical analysis for zero-failure data, and to estimate the exponential distribution's parameter.
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    Semantic Model for Web Search Interface
    YANG De-ren, GU Jun-zhong
    2006, 2006 (5):  103-109. 
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    The structure of a Web form was analyzed, logically optimized and reorganized; and then a formal description of a Web form was given. Based on a new ontology building method, the semantic model of a Web form was built. The model could be used to identify a form,prepare data and submit query automatically. It also facilitates getting the semantic of query results. At last, the process was explained with an example. The model proved to be practical by experiment, and it is useful for automatically querying dynamic Web contents.
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    Standardization and Optimization of the Temporal Label in BCDM
    WANG Lu-bang
    2006, 2006 (5):  110-115. 
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    This paper dealt with the temporal label in BCDM (the Bitemporal Concept Data Model), transformed the label into a new normal form, then the temporal variables were reduced even eliminated in the process of temporal optimization and temporal binding. The process of the temporal label optimizes the temporal storage and temporal searching.
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    Study on Effects of CNTs in PS/CNTs Composites
    SHI Yan, LI Xiang-mei, HE Wei-fan, XU Xue-cheng
    2006, 2006 (5):  116-120. 
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    PS/CNTs were prepared by a simple suspension polymerization method. TEM images showed that CNTs are wrapped in PS particles which are larger than pure PS particles, and it can be proved by DLS tests. TGA showed that the temperature of maximum speed on loss in weight of PS in composites is 80 ℃ higher than that of pure PS. And GPC tests also showed that the molecular weight of PS in composites is much higher than that of pure PS. So the CNTs have joined the polymerization of PS and bonded with PS which lead to an increase in polymerization extent of PS.
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    Improvement on the Model of IR Radiation Field of Natural Terrain
    WANG Ying-hua, SHEN Guo-tu, YANG Bao-cheng, CAI Ji-guang
    2006, 2006 (5):  121-126. 
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    Based on the onedimensional energy equations of the terrain, the IR field model was improved to be able to take various processes of the heat exchange among different parts of terrain into consideration. It was proved that the distribution of the surface soil temperatures obtained by the improved model is suitable in comparison with the experimental value. The IR radiation distribution for the natural terrain was calculated and agreement on the results from the model of distribution function of probability.
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    Statistics and Analysis of Scientific Papers Published by ECNU in SCIE
    ZHENG Wei, RAO Sheng-ping
    2006, 2006 (5):  135-140. 
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    This paper analysed the scientific papers published by ECNU in SCIE journals on some aspects, including numbers, subjects, highyield authors,cited times and periodicals. Based on the data, an evaluation was made of the achievement of scientific researches of ECNU.
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