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    Applications of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing(Chinese)
    SHU Jiong;WANG Qiang;SUN Juan
    2006, 2006 (4):  1-10. 
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    This paper gave a review and survey of the development of hyperspectral remote sensing technology, the applications of the technolgy in atmospheric environment, features of urban surface and environmental analysis,ocean and inland water environment measurements,vegetation and ecology researches, geologic mine investigations,accidents of environmental hazard. The achievements of Chinese researchers in these areas were also presented. The problems and difficulties in the applications which need further study were pointed out.
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    Design of I2CBus Interface Based on Spartan II XC2S100(Chinese)
    HU Wen-jing;LI Wai-yun;LIU Jing-gao
    2006, 2006 (4):  11-15. 
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    The protocol and principle of I2C-Bus were introduced. The framework of I2CBus based on FPGA was proposed. The idea of nesting state-machine of complicated timing-circuit and the hardware description of I2C-Bus interface by Verilog HDL were presented. The simulation of designing under the Xilinx ISE 6.1i development platform combined with ModelSim SE 5.7 was made and the operation on I2C device based on Spartan II XC2S100 was implemented.
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    Effect of Pulsed Electric Field on the Suspension Cultures of Taxus chinensis(Chinese)
    HUANG Lin-ling;YE Hong;CHEN Shu-de;ZHONG Jian-jiang
    2006, 2006 (4):  16-22. 
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    Two dimensional gel electrophoresis(2-DE) was used to analyse changes of the protein expression of suspension cultures of Taxus chinensis 48 hours after pulsed electric field (PEF) elicitation. The 2-DE experiments were repeated for 3 times, and proved to be reliable according to the correlation coefficient analysis. Distinct changes were found from comparison of the protein patterns of control and PEF treated cells. Matrixassisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry and electrospray ionization mass spectrometry were used to analyse some proteins. The results indicated that heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein(hnRNP), aldose l-epimerase family protein and Ferredoxin-NADP(+) reductase, putative/adrenodoxin reductase are related to the induction of PEF.
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    Influence of Cooling Rate on Microstructure of Oxide Scales Formed on Low Carbon Steel Wires(Chinese)
    LIN Fang-ting;SHI Wang-zhou;MA Xue-ming
    2006, 2006 (4):  23-28. 
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    Oxide scales were prepared by cooling low-carbon steel wires at different rates and the microstructure was investigated by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Mossbauer spectroscopy. The distribution of Fe3O4 in the oxide scale was obtained using Magnetic Force Microscope (MFM), through which the influence of the cooling rate on the distribution of Fe3O4 was studied. The results showed that when lowcarbon steel wires are rapidly cooled, the content of Fe2O3 in the oxide scale decreases while the content ratio of FeO to Fe3O4 increases. At the same time, the content of stoichiometric FeO and the defect concentration of Fe3O4 can also change with different cooling rates. The phase composition of the oxide scale and the distribution of Fe3O4 are the main factors that affect the properties of the oxide scale.
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    Development of Carbon Nanotube/Nanofiber Field Emission Display(Chinese)
    GUO Ping-sheng;SUN Zhuo;CHEN Yi-wei;ZHENG Zhi-hao
    2006, 2006 (4):  29-33, . 
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    A process was developed for fabrication of diodetype carbon nanotube/nanofiber(CNT/CNF) field emission display (c-FED). The CNT/CNF was prepared by low pressure chemical vapor deposition. The anode and cathode were fabricated by screen printing of phosphor and CNT/CNF paste on glass plates. The vacuum package of the c-FED was fabricated like that of vacuum fluorescent display. The fully sealed c-FED exhibited a good emission property with a turnon field of 1.8 V/μm, and the emission current density of 1 mA/cm2 at 2.9 V/μm,the luminance of 600 cd/m2 for yellow light at on applied field of 2.7 V/μm, and uniform emission luminescence. The process has the advantages of low operating temperature compatible with glass substrates, a scalability in CNT/CNF yield and display size, and has a potential for practical application.
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    Synthesis and Field Emission Properties of Tetrapod like and Wire-like ZnO Nanostructures(Chinese)
    HU Hong-mei;YU Ke;ZHANG Yong-sheng;FENG Xiao;ZHU Jian-zhong;ZHU Zi-qiang
    2006, 2006 (4):  34-38. 
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    At 700℃, ZnO nanostructures with tetrapodlike and wire-like morphologies were synthesized using thermal evaporation method. Different source materials were used and the ambient gas was adjusted to study their influences on ZnO products. Field-emission measurements were applied to compare the field-emission characteristics of the two different morphologies of ZnO nanostructures.
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    Direct Detection of DNA Hybridization by Impedance Technique(Chinese)
    XU Ying;YANG Lin;YE Xiao-yan;HE Pin-gang;FANG Yu-zhi
    2006, 2006 (4):  39-48. 
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    A label-free DNA hybridization biosensor based on impedance technique was introduced. A 24-mer 5'-mercapto-group ended single-stranded DNA probe (SH-ssDNA) was self-assembled onto Au electrode surface with mercaptoacetic acid (RSH) to form a recognition layer. By Faradic impedance technique, a significant increase of the interfacial electronic transfer resistance Ret was determined when the SH-ssDNA probe/Au electrode hybridized with its complementary sequence. Further, several experimental conditions, including the SH-ssDNA probe immobilization time, hybridization temperature and time, the eletrolyte for impendance detections were optimized. Especially, the proportion of SH-ssDNA and RSH in the immobilization solution was important for a suitable density of ssDNA probe on electrode surface to improve the hybridization efficiency. Based on these optimized conditions, this label-free DNA hybridization biosensor has a low detection limit of 3.0×10-14 mol/L of complementary sequence in solution. When compared with the complementary sequence, the hybridization signal of one-base mismatched sequence and three-base mismatched sequence was 55.6% and 1.3% respectively.
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    Electrochemical Reduction Behavior of p-Nitroanisole on Copper Electrode(Chinese)
    XUE Teng;WANG Huan;LUO Yi-wen;ZHANG Li;LIU Ying-zi;LU Jia-xing
    2006, 2006 (4):  49-55. 
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    The electrochemical behavior of p-Nitroanisole on copper electrode in methanol-H2O solution was investigated by cyclic voltammetry and chronocoulometry. The influences of scan rate, concentration and temperature on the electrochemical behavior were discussed. It was showed that the reduction of p-nitroanisole on copper electrode was a diffusion-controlled irreversible process. The diffusion coefficient D of pNitroanisole in methanol-H2O solution was 1.03×10-5cm2/s, while the transfer coefficient was 0.26.
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    SpatialTemporal Change of Land Use in Pudong New Area(Chinese)
    MENG Fei;LIU Min;HOU Li-jun;ZHANG Xin-yin;WU Jian-ping
    2006, 2006 (4):  56-63. 
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    Based on GIS and RS methods, the aero-photographs taken during 2000 and 2003 covering Pudong New Area were interpreted, then in both spatial and temporal aspects, the situation of land use change in the area were analyzed. The results showed that in Pudong New Area from 2000 to 2003, the cultivated land and water body area decreased by 4 313 hm2 and 556 hm2, at the ratio of 6.6% and 3.6% per year, respectively. The buildup land expanded with an increase of 4627 hm2, mainly from cultivated land. There are significant difference between towns, land use changes faster in Gaodong, Jinqiao, Zhangjiang and Huamu towns which lie in the urban fringe of Shanghai, and slower in Jichang and Heqing towns that is far from main city zone of Shanghai. The driving forces of LUCC are mainly due to the urbanization, that is, the increase of traffic land use, the rapid development of industrial estate and the rapid growth of population.
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    Numerical Scheme Improvement of the Advection Term in Mass Transport Equation(Chinese)
    CHEN Bing-rui;ZHU Jian-rong
    2006, 2006 (4):  64-70. 
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    In a three-dimensional ocean model with curvilinear coordinates horizontally and σ coordinate vertically, the adapted grids at σ layer for interpolation in the Eulerian-Lagrangian Method (ELM) is unreasonable over steep topography, because the vertical distance between the adjacent grids in the same σ layer is too large. So this paper proposed that the interpolation is taken in absolute vertical coordinates to improve ELM. Compared with the original ELM, the numerical experiments show that the improved ELM has lower numerical dissipation, higher accuracy, and better performance over steep topography.
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    Study on Nitrogen Leaching of Paddy Soil in the Field Experiments(Chinese)
    LU Min;LIU Min;MAO Guo-fang;HUANG Ming-wei;QU Fan
    2006, 2006 (4):  71-77. 
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    A field case study was conducted to elucidate the dynamic characteristics of N leaching in paddy fields during the ricecropping season. The results showed that, nitrate (NO-3-N) is the dominant species in natural leaching water of paddy soil. High NO-3-N concentration in paddy field and fertilizer application are the main reasons of the heavy N leaching loss at the first few days of immerging. However, the leaching loss amount is weak in later paddy planting because the soil nitrification is inhibited under the condition of immerging. The leaching amount of N is affected by the concentration of N and leaching rate, while the leaching rate is controlled by perviousness of the plough pan and the hydrographic conditions. Under the conditions of an application rate of 250 kg/hm2 and a percolation of 200 mm, the N leaching load of 6.44 kg/hm2 and are 2.58% of total fertilizer application amount are estimated for the singlerice cropping paddy.
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    Three Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Circulation in Dishui Lake in Summer(Chinese)
    CAO Hui-jiang;YANG Yun;ZHU Jian-rong
    2006, 2006 (4):  78-83,9. 
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    Dishui Lake is a large man-made freshwater lake at Nanhui Beach in the Changjiang Estuary. The inflows/outflows driven by rivers, the thermohaline circulation, the wind-driven circulation, and the combined circulation in the Dishui Lake in summer driven by the above three dynamic factors were simulated by using improved ECOM model. The inflows/outflows driven by river appear mostly on the line between the inlet and outlet of rivers, generating eddy in the lake. Two cyclonic eddies appear in the thermohaline circulation induced by the heating of surface water in the lake. The east one of the two cyclonic eddies has wider area than the west one, and the speed at the middle and bottom layers is smaller. The surface winddriven currents at the center of the lake mostly meander and northwestward flow. There exist eddies at a side of the strong meander. Due to the mass conservation, the reversed compensation currents appear at the bottom layer. The combined surface currents flow northwestward flow, while the bottom compensation currents flow southeastward. The combined circulation is mainly driven by the wind. The inflows/outflows in the combined circulation appear at the middle and bottom layer due to the against wind.
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    Research on Detection of Urban Vegetation by Object-Oriented Classification(Chinese)
    XIONG Yi-qun;WU Jian-ping
    2006, 2006 (4):  84-90. 
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    The method of object-oriented classification for remote sensing images, based on image segmentation which could create objects sets of homogeneous pixels, provides a way to analyze object's features, such as spectral, shape, topology, texture and so on, and to realize the functions of discriminating various species and automatic classification. The traditional way of analyzing and extracting urban vegetation community was taken as a reference, a new classification method has been developed using QuickBird satellite image in Shanghai. With the new method, the total precision is 84.4%, 24.4% higher than conventional supervised classification. The principle of the new approach mentioned may be useful as a new algorithm joined with existing classifiers.
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    Distribution and Accumulation Trends of Catalpol in Resource Species of Rehmannia(Chinese)
    WU Wen;ZHAO Nan;LI Hong-qing;QU Wei-jing
    2006, 2006 (4):  91-96. 
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    Highperformance liquid chromatography-UV-mass spectrometry (HPLC-UV-MS) was used to check the distribution and accumulation trends of catalpol in Rehmannia species cultivated in the same place. It reveals for the first time that all the 6 species of Rehmannia contain plenty of catalpol, with R.solanifolia, R. elata and R. piasezkii among the most, close to that of R.glutinosa. And, in root tubers of all the Rehmannia species, mature plants before winter bear most catalpol, compared to that of young seedlings and that of plants in blossom. On the contrary, in stems and leaves, plants in blossom contain most catalpol. Within each species, stems and leaves usually have more catalpol than that of root tubers, enlarged and low lignified root tubers accumulate more catalpol than that of thin and high lignified ones. The mechanism of distribution and accumulation trends of catalpol and expected application of the resource species have been discussed.
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    Intermediate Filament Matrix System of Vegetative Cell and Resting Cyst of Euplotes encysticus(Chinese)
    NI Bing;SUI Shu-guang;GU Fu-kang
    2006, 2006 (4):  97-102,. 
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    By the combination of serial selective extraction, with diethylene glycol distearate (DGD) embedment and embedment-free electron microscopy, as well as SDS-PAGE,the intermediate filament (IF) matrix system, which is composed of the filament about 10 nm in diameter and filament band,was observed in vegetative cells and resting cysts of Euplotes encysticus. In vegetative cells,a three dimensions scaffold formed by IF occupies the whole epiplasm with denser filament network beneath the pellicle. The filament of cytoplasm deeps beneath the epiplasm makes up of a looser network attached by organelle and some dense electronic granules. The LA was a laminar structure, which was composed of parallel filaments. The nuclear matrix filament network distributes more intensively and no dense electronic granules attached. The similar more compact network is also seen in the resting cyst, which may be caused by the widely contraction in the course of encystment in infusorians. Remarkably, the filament network is also observed in the innercystwall of resting cyst, and its filament network distributes equably and densely in the whole cyst wall. SDSPAGE shows that only parts of the proteins have preserved when the cyst is formed, part lost, and some distinct proteins have produced.Conclusions: the intermediate filamentlaminanuclear matrix system is a stable structure in both vegetative and resting cyst, and it may play a more important role than the microtubule matrix. Besides the special cingulums in this system of cyst may be the important proteins needed in resting cyst.
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    Changes of Lipid Content and Fatty Acid Composition During Embryonic Development of Macrobrachium rosenbergii(Chinese)
    YAO Jun-jie;ZHAO Yun-long
    2006, 2006 (4):  103-109. 
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    The composition of fatty acids and lipid content during embryonic development of fresh prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii were determined by biochemical methods. The results showed that content of total lipid decreased significantly during development. There was a similar tendency in neutral lipid content, while content of phospholipids nearly remained constant. Higher utilization of total lipid indicated that lipid in embryos of M. rosenbergiiwere used mainly as an energy source. The quantitatively most important fatty acids were the saturates (SFA):C14:0,C16:0,C18:0, the monounsaturates (MUFA): C16:1n-6,C18:1n-9, the polyunsaturates (PUFA)comprise C18:2n-6,C20:4n-6 (ARA) and n-3 high polyunsaturates (ω-HUFA) C18:3n-3,C20:5n-3(EPA) and C22:6n-3(DHA).C18:1n-9 and C16:0 were main energy resources during embryonic development of Macrobrachium rosenbergii. Different fatty acids acted as main energy source during different embryonic stages. The saturates and the monounsaturates were main energy source from fertilized egg stage to gastrula stage. The monounsaturates were main energy source from blastula stage to egg metanauplius stage and so did the polyunsaturates from nauplius stage to zoea stage.
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    Cloning and Expression of rhGLP-1 Multimers in E.coli(Chinese)
    ZUO Yi;HUANG Jing;BIAN Hui-fang;YU Zheng-yan;WU Zi-rong
    2006, 2006 (4):  110-114,. 
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    To get a large quantity of human glucagon-like peptide-1, different hGLP-1 multimers containing different copies of rhGLP-1 were constructed. The synthetic hGLP-1 cDNA gene was inserted into pET-32a(+) to get the recombinant plasmid pET32-GLP-1, which could express a fusion protein including thioredoxin, hexahistidine, and rhGLP-1. The coding sequence for the fusion protein was repeatedly inserted into the vector in tandem to get pET32-GLP-1-2 and pET32-GLP-1-3 with two or three copies, respectively. Three different plasmids were transformed into E.coli BLR (DE3) and induced by IPTG. The results demonstrated that the three kinds of E.colicells expressed the desired protein and the percentages of the desired protein increased with the numbers of gene copy. The purified rhGLP-1 showed obvious biological activity of lowering plasma glucose.
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    Effects of Fenvalerate on Cytochrome P450 and the Protein Map of Tn Cells(Chinese)
    LU Ming;FANG Xin-kui;LIU Xiao-da;WANG Zhao-xia;HUANG Dan-feng;ZHOU Pei;QIAO Zhong-dong
    2006, 2006 (4):  115-122. 
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    To learn the effects of Fenvalerate on P450s and protein expression in Tn(Trichoplusia ni) cells, the cells were treated with different concentrations of fenvalerate for 12 h to observe the livability of cells by Trypan Blue and MTT assay. P450s Contends were determined by spectroscopic analysis. Protein maps of controlled and treated groups were analyzed by twodimensional liquid phase chromatographic fractionation (PF2D) after treated Tn cells with 12.5 μM fenvalerate for 12 h. Significant differences in characteristic and mortality of cells were found while the concentration of fenvalerate was over 17.5 μM. P450s activity trended to be enhanced with the increase of time or dose of fenvalerate. The activity of P450s reached a maximum at the dose of 12.5 μM and the time of 12 h, and the value of maximum is (8.562±3.46) nmol/mg and (5.28±1.14) nmol/mg protein. 124 differences points were detected between the 2D maps of treated and controlled groups. 42 points were upregulated and 82 were downregulated. Fenvalerate can induce P450s in Tn cells and those proteins changed after treated with fenvalerate might be related to some receptors in the P450s inducing pathway.
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    cDNA Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Human Ring-finger DTX2(Chinese)
    YI Zheng-fang;LI Yong-qing;YUAN Wu-zhou;WANG Yue-qun;ZHU Chuan-bing;LIU Fang;WU Zi-rong;WU Xiu-shan
    2006, 2006 (4):  123-126,. 
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    A WWE & RING finger gene, DTX2, located in human chromosome 7q11.23 was identified. Evaluation of fulllength cDNA obtained by RACE showed that it encoded a protein composed of two WWE domains and a RING domain.
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    Influence of Dredging on Suzhou Creek Ecology System(Chinese)
    QI Ren-hai;XU Ya-tong;LIU Yun
    2006, 2006 (4):  127-133. 
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    This study investigated the effects of dredging on the water quality, the quantity of plankton and microbe, and the toxicity of sediment. The results were as follows: after dredging, the water quality was improved; the concentration of heavy metal in water held the line; the variety of the microbe quantity was not obvious and might be recovered soon; and the toxicity of sediment was relatively weak, it included that the toxicity of sediment for the luminescent bacteria was depressed; the death rate of animal declined; the rate of liver in avoirdupois declined; and the rate of exceptional mouse sperm declined. It is suggested that dredging in Suzhou creek helped for the recovery of the aquatic ecosystem.
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    2006, 2006 (4):  134-136,. 
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    2006, 2006 (4):  137-140. 
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