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    K-groups Structure of Tracial Limits of C*-algebras(English)
    YANG Xin-bing;HU Shan-wen
    2006, 2006 (3):  1-7. 
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    Let A=(t4)lim (An,Pn) be the tracial limit of a sequence of unital C*-subalgebras An, this paper proved that (1) united manners of the structure of K0(An) can be transmitted to K0(A); (2) for ∨n ,n∈N and if the natural maps ikn:Uk(An)/Uk0(An) --> K1(An) are surjective, then ∨k∈N,ik:Uk(A)/Uk0(A) --> K1(A) are surjective too.
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    Closing Property of C*-Algebras with Tracial Limit(English)
    XIAO Xiang;HU Shan-wen
    2006, 2006 (3):  8-14. 
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    It was shown that there are some C*-algebras maintaining the closing property with the tracial limit, especially under the condition of simplicity. Suppose A=(t2)limn -> ∞ (An,pn). If each An admits at least one tracial state or has SP-property, then A has the same case. Suppose A=(t3)limn -> ∞ (An,pn) and A is simple. If TR(An)=0, tsr(An)=1 and An has Cancelation of Projection, then A has the same case.
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    C1,1 A Priori Estimates for the Christoffel-Minkowski Problem(English)
    XU Lu
    2006, 2006 (3):  15-20. 
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    Based on Bernstein's technique, this paper established the C1,1 a priori estimates for degenerate Hessian equation on Sn, which is corresponding to Christoffel-Minkowski problem in convexity geometry. It refined the results of Krylov.
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    Normal Family of Holomorphic Functions(English)
    WANG Xiao-jing;PANG Xue-cheng
    2006, 2006 (3):  21-25. 
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    A normality criterion for a family of holomorphic functions was got. Let F be a family of holomorphic functions on the unit disk ⊿, all of whose zeros are of multiplicity at least m; let M,N be two positive numbers; if for any fF, f(z)=0
    => |f(m)(z)|M ,f(m)(z)=1 => |f(z)| ≧N , then F is normal on ⊿.
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    Some Properties of Three Kinds of Generalized Inverses(Chinese)
    ZHU Chao;CAO Li-qiong;CHEN Guo-liang
    2006, 2006 (3):  26-31. 
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    This paper investigated three kinds of widely used generalized inverses of matrices: they are {1,3} and {1,4} inverses, and generalized Bott-Duffin inverse of L-zero matrices. Some new expressions and properties are obtained; and examples are given to illustrate their applications in finding least-square solutions and minimum problem solutions.
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    Optimization Conditions and Wolfe Type Duality Theory of Semi-preinvex Multiobjective Programming(Chinese)
    JIANG Wei-qiong
    2006, 2006 (3):  32-36. 
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    Sufficient and necessary conditions of the efficient on semi-preinvex multiabjective programming are obtained. Based on these, the wolfe type dual is discussed and the corresponding duality are established.
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    Classes of Upper Embeddable Graphs with Specific Minimum Degree-Sum of Vertices in Independent-Set(English)
    GAO Yan-bo;REN Han
    2006, 2006 (3):  37-43. 
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    Combined with the edge-connectivity, this paper investigated the upper embeddable graphs with specific minimum degree-sum of vertices in its independent-set, and obtained the following results. (1) Let G be a 2-edge-connected simple graph, if G satisfies the following conditions: for any 3-independent set I in G, ∨xi ,xjI (i,j = 1,2,3), d(xi ,xj)≧3 (1 ≦ i j ≦ 3) =>
    i = 13 d(xi) ≧ v + 1(v = | V(G)|}), then G is upper embeddable; (2) Let G be
    3-edge-connected simple graph, if G satisfies the following conditions: for any 6-independent set I in G, ∨xi ,xjI (1≦i,j≦6), d(xi,xj) ≧3(1 ≦ i j ≦ 6) => ∑i = 16 d(xi) ≧ v + 1(v = | V(G)|), then G is upper embeddable.
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    On the Existence of Wavelets for Non-Expansive Dilation Matrices(Chinese)
    GUO Feng-chen
    2006, 2006 (3):  44-50. 
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    Let D be a collection of invertible n×n real matrices and Γ a collection of points in Rn. this paper proved that when D={Aj,j∈Z}, A is a real n×n matrix, such that
    A be diagonal matrix with submatrices us its elemets, where A1 is expansive, A2 is idempotent with det A2≠0, then there exists a (D,Γ) wavelet.
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    Periodic and Solitary Wave Solutions to Generalized Compound KdV-mKdV Equations(English)
    DONG Ming;LI Zhi-bin
    2006, 2006 (3):  51-59. 
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    A Jacobi elliptic function expansion method was used to solve generalized compound KdV-mKdV equations. Before this a transformation was introduced to simplify the solving process. Many solutions were obtained through this method, and some of them can be deduced to solutions of some famous nonlinear equations with particular parameters.
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    Output Feedback Adaptive Controllers for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear System Including Delayed Perturbations(Chinese)
    XU Jian-qiang;CHEN Shu-zhong
    2006, 2006 (3):  60-65. 
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    The problem of output feedback adaptive stabilization for a class of uncertain dynamic system including time varying delayed perturbations was discussed.The uncertainties were assumed to satisfy the so-called matching conditions and the transfer function matrix of the nominal system was strictly feedback positive real.By using of the Lyapunov stability theory and Lyapunov-Krosovskii functional we proposed an output feedback adaptive controller,which guarantees that the closed-loop system is globally stable i the sense of uniform ultimate boundedness. Finally, an illustrative example was given to demonstrate the validity of the results.
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    Level Set Approach for Image Segmentation Based on Extended Chan-Vese Model and AOS Scheme(Chinese)
    XU Sheng;LI Zhi-bin
    2006, 2006 (3):  66-70,1. 
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    A new level set approach for image segmentation was proposed based on the piecewise-constant Mumford-Shah model developed by Chan and Vese, The approach used AOS scheme, which is unconditional stable, to discrete the level set function. Besides, extended fast marching method for constructing the signed distance function was introduced to reduce the amount of computation significantly.
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    Simulation and Optimization of Stochastic (s, S) Inventory System Based on Genetic Algorithm(Chinese)
    JIANG Chang-hua;HU You-hua
    2006, 2006 (3):  71-76. 
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    System simulation was used to optimize stochastic inventory. It combined genetic algorithms with simulation of discrete event system and used genetic algorithms to guide the choice of control variables.A new selection operation and a candidate policies′ collector were proposed to overcome the randomicity of a stochastic inventory system.Test results of a (s, S) inventory system showed that the solution proposed is feasible and effective.
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    Algorithm for Extracting Contour and Generating Chain Code Tree(Chinese)
    CHEN You-Guang;ZHANG Wei;HUANG Sui
    2006, 2006 (3):  77-85. 
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    A new method to trace region contours and generate chain code tree was proposed by defining the vertex chain code and constructing the pixel vertex matrix of binary images. While tracing contours of a region and extracting vertex chain codes of these contours, the chain code tree of the contours is created. Further more, the complexity of the algorithm is linear and it can be used for tracing the contour of any complex region.
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    Preemptive Routing Algorithm Implemented by Link Prediction(Chinese)
    NIAN Mei;WANG Neng
    2006, 2006 (3):  86-92. 
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    A routing algorithm for Ad Hoc Networks associating reactive and proactive protocols, called preemptive algorithm, was proposed. The network nodes estimated valid duration of the link when the received signal strength was below the dangerous power threshold. If the estimated valid time was less than the response time,finding an alternative local route was triggered and the to-be-broken route was substituted before the dangerous link was broken. The simulation result shows the extended AODV protocol with the preemptive algorithm proposed significantly reduces the number of lose packets due to the broken paths,decreases the packet delivery delay in the situation of heavy traffic.
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    Design and Implement of a Knowledge-Based Crawler(Chinese)
    YANG De-ren;GU Jun-zhong
    2006, 2006 (3):  93-98. 
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    Web page arrival principles,a knowledge modeling method,and a mapping mechanism between the model and pages were introduced. The main components of knowledge-based Crawler and its several key implementation techniques were presented. A knowledge relativity model was offered. This knowledge extraction method is useful to build next generation intelligent search engine.
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    Implementation of Distributed Education Resource Service System Based on Data Grid(Chinese)
    WU Yong-he;MA Xiao-ling;XIAO Jun;ZHU Zhi-ting
    2006, 2006 (3):  99-108. 
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    This paper studied a distributed education resource service system named ERSDG, which based on grid in order to share and use Shanghai Education Resource. First, Globus Toolkit was indroduced, the framework and functions of ERSDG were elaborated, and specifications of resource file name and types of resource node were brought forward; and then system realization from synchronizing data,resource access service and monitor management were discussed. At last we analysed ERSDG′s performance on test of synchronizing data, user access and system monitor.
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    Algorithm for Resource Scheduling Based on Economic Model(Chinese)
    ZHENG JUN;YAN Li-hui;REN Jiao-na;Xue Li
    2006, 2006 (3):  109-113. 
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    A new scheduling algorithm based on economic model was proposed, which extends classic optimization algorithm, keeping the time of computation at the minimum. The algorithm takes “deadline” and “budget” which are provided by different gird users, into consideration. The performance of this new scheduling algorithm, achieving lower job completion time and satisfying user′s QoS demand, is demonstrated by its implementation on Gridsim.
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    Magneto-Impedance Effect of DC Joule Annealing on NiFeP Composited Wires(Chinese)
    WU Shi-rong;YUAN Wang-zhi;RUAN Jian-zhong;ZHAO Zhen-jie;YANG Xie-long
    2006, 2006 (3):  114-119. 
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    NiFeP/CuBe composite wires were produced by electroless-deposition, then were annealed using a DC Joule annealing technique for certain time in the environment of nitrogen gas. The experiments showed that DC Joule annealing may induce circular anisotropy in the ferromagnetic layer, thus the GMI effect of the composite wires is increased greatly. When the annealing current is 2.8 A and the annealing time is 2 minutes, the sample’s GMI effect reaches the highest value of 53.2% at 475 kHz.
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    GSM and GPS Application Research Based on Sistang Handy Device under Embedded Linux(Chinese)
    LI Wai-yun;HU Wen-jing;LIU Jin-gao
    2006, 2006 (3):  120-125. 
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    The data format of short message in GSM and GPS was explained briefly, then the embedded Linux operation system was transplanted on the Sistang board. The hardware and the application software were researched about position navigation, remote control, personal communication etc. that based on embedded Linux handy device, and these application programs were designed under embedded Qt software design platform.
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    Design of USB Interface Program for Embedded Apparatus(Chinese)
    ZHU Ren-long;ZHAO Jun-yi;HUANG Yong
    2006, 2006 (3):  126-133. 
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    A simplified method for USB(Universal Serial Bus) interface programming for embedded devices was proposed by adding some new functions (“head file”,“macro” and “code generator”) in the assemble compiler. A real application example “An analog signal logging unit based on ET44M210 with USB interface” was presented to illustrate the advantages and feasibility of this method.
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    2006, 2006 (3):  134-136. 
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    2006, 2006 (3):  137-140. 
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