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    Syntheses and Biological Activity of Novel Heteroretinoids(Chinese)
    CHEN Zhen;WANG Jing;XU Zi-jin;ZOU Xin-zhuo
    2006, 2006 (2):  1-6. 
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    Syntheses of three novel heteroretinoids were reported. Novel heteroretinoids were 5-(5,6,7,8-Tetrahydro-5,5,8,8-tetramethyl-2-naphthalenyl)-3-pyrazole carboxylic acid, 2-Methyl -5-(5,5,8,8-tetramethyl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-naphthalen-2-yl)-furan-3-carboxylic acid, 1-Butyl -2-methyl-5-(5,5,8,8-tetramethyl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-naphthalen-2-yl)-1H-pyrrole-3-carboxylic acid.The results of biological test indicated that these compounds possessed some growth inhibition effects in leukemia cells.

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    Determination of Content of RNA in Yeast by Capillary Zone Electrophoresis with Amperometric Detection(Chinese)
    CHEN Xiang;WANG Qing-jiang;DING Fei;LU Jin;HE Pin-gang;FANG Yu-zhi
    2006, 2006 (2):  7-12. 
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    The indirect determination of the content of RNA in yeast by analyzing adenine (A) and guanine (G) with capillary electrophoresis with amperometric detection (CE-AD) was reported. The effects of potential of working electrode, running buffer, separation voltage and injection time on the CE-AD determination were investigated. Adenine and guanine could be well separated in a 30 mmol/L borate buffer (pH 9. 0) within 18 min under the optimum conditions. Their detection limits of adenine (S/ N = 3) of 2.0 ×10-7 mol/ L and 1.7 ×10 -7mol/ L, respectively. The experimental results showed that this method is of high sensitivity and high repeatability, and potential to be used in the quick analysis of yeast in foods.
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    Determination of Sinapic Acid,Quercetin and Protocatechuic Acid in Allium cepa Linn by Capillary Zone Electrophoresis with Electrochemical Detection(Chinese)
    GENG Cheng-huai;CHU Qing-cui;YE Jian-nong
    2006, 2006 (2):  13-17. 
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    A simultaneous determination of sinapic acid, quercetin and protocatechuic acid in Allium cepa Linn by capillary aone electrophoresis with electrochemical detection was reported. The parameters affecting the separation and detection such as detection potential, separation voltage and concentration of running buffer were evaluated. Under the optimum conditions, the analytes were baseline separated within 25 min in a borax buffer (PH=9.0). Good linear relationship was established between peak current and concentration of analytes in the range of 2.0×10-7-1.0×10-4g/mL for sinapic acid, 2.0×10-7-5.0×10-5g/mL for quercetin, and 5.0×10-7-5.0×10 -5g/mL for protocatechuic acid. The detection limit (S/N=3) is 1.5×10-7g/mL,1.6×10-7g/mL and 3.6×10-7g/mL respectively for these three analytes. This method has been used for the determination of active ingredients in allium cepa linn with satisfactory results.
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    Analysis of Remote Sensing Image Format —— GeoTIFF(Chinese)
    CHEN Duan-wei;SHU Jiong;WANG Qiang;DUAN Yu-sen
    2006, 2006 (2):  18-26. 
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    GeoTIFF, a geographically extended image format of TIFF, was studied in this paper. Description and analysis were given to TIFF format, storing methods of GeoKeys, three kinds of coordinate systems supported by GeoTIFF, six GeoTags and their relationships, as well as coordinate transformation and geocoding. Advantages of GeoTIFF were explained, and its application prospect is anticipated.
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    Component GIS for Census in Pudong New Area(Chinese)
    WANG Yuan-fei;ZHOU Feng;LIU Zhi-qiang;MI Wei-jie;LU Tao;DING Jing-hong
    2006, 2006 (2):  27-32. 
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    A census GIS, which named as Pudong New Area Census GIS (PucGIS), was developed using techniques of component GIS, data ware house, demographic and population modelling. The detailed demographic index was designed in the system for exploring more information from census database. The technology of data ware house was used in census database designing, Pudong New Area census data was partitioning in spatially by the census block, which coincide with the political boundary of Jiedao or Zheng. This two level database improving the execution efficiency of PucGIS greatly.
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    Analysis on the Relationship between Heavy Rainfall and Features of Environmental Fields(Chinese)
    DAI Xiao-yan;GUO Zhong-yang;SU Jun-yi;GU Xin-ye
    2006, 2006 (2):  33-40. 
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    Hong Kong Observation Operational Regional Spectral Model (ORSM) forecasting physical values in June and July 2002 were used to explore the large-scale atmosphere circulation situations and physical conditions causing continuously severe rainfall in the south of China by analyzing the features of average geopotential height field, temperature field, humidity field, meridional and zonal wind velocity field when heavy rainfall took place. The study of the thermodynamic and dynamical field near the heavy rainfall belt indicates that in temperature field, at the low and middle level of atmosphere, the heavy rainfall belt lies in the comparatively colder zone south of the high temperature zone with lower gradient, while the gradient is higher in the north of the heavy rainfall belt. On the other hand, in humidity field, the heavy rainfall belt is located in the high humidity zone, while at the low level of atmosphere, it is in the south of relative humidity gradient zone. Furthermore, in wind velocity field, at the low level of atmosphere, the heavy rainfall belt existed in the convergence zone of the east and west winds, south and north winds.
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    Characteristics of Hydrology and Sediment Transportation and Influence by Reservoir Project in the Meimaosha of Yangtze Estuary(Chinese)
    ZUO Shu-hua;LI Jiu-fa;YING Ming;SHI Lian-qiang;XU Hai-gen
    2006, 2006 (2):  41-48. 
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    Using the data of years, including the latest in situ data observed in Meimaosha and adjacent water areas in the southern passage of the Yangtze Estuary in Sep., Dec. 2003 and Jan. 2004, characteristics of hydrology and sediment were studied by the multi-methods of hydrology, sediment transportation and statistics. The results show that tidal currents show a strong ebb dominance as velocity of the ebb current is larger than the flood current, time of the ebb current longer than the flood current. In general, the average suspended sediment concentration is 1.40 kg/m3 during the period of the spring tide and 0.60 kg/m3 during the period of the neap tide respectively. The observed data also show that suspended sediment concentration during the flood season is higher than that of during the dry season. Suspended sediment concentration of the flood tide is higher than the ebb tide in the spring tide during the flood season, which is contrary in the neap tide. During the dry season either in the spring tide or in the neap tide, suspended sediment concentration of the ebb tide is higher than the flood tide. The change of the suspended sediment concentration gradient is evident. The variety of the current velocity and suspended sediment concentration after the ecotypic reservoir project have been constructed with the current continuity equation and a linear regression formula of sediment carrying capacity. The result show that it will affect the Nanhui tidal flat in a certain extent.
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    Differentiation of the Ciliature and the Base-Associated Fibers of Onychodromus quadricornutus during Asexual Divisions(Chinese)
    Zhu Hui;Zou Shi-fa;Ni Bing;Gu Fu-kang
    2006, 2006 (2):  49-57. 
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    The differentiation of the ciliature and the base-associated fibers during asexual division of the fresh water ciliate, Onychodromus quadricornutus (Foissner et al. 1987) were observed by using protargol staining technique. During asexual division of O. quadriconutus, AZM and PM of the proster is formed at the site where the old oral structures is located and there is no detectable close relations between the new and old structures during the morphogenesis of left and right marginal cirri, the phenomena different from what found in some known oxytrichids. The cirri base-associated fibers of O. quadriconutus include anterior and posterior longitudinal fibers, transverse fibers and radiating fibers. The appearance of these fibers are similar to that observed in some known ciliates, except for that of the transverse fibers of left marginal cirri which differs from the known ciliates in location. During morphogenesis, the old ciliatures together with their base-associated fibers begin to degenerate and disappear in the primordial zone of new anterior and posterior FTV cirri. The base-associated transverse fibers of the old left and right marginal cirri are observed to be the first to disintegrate and degenerate. The disintegration of the base-associated transverse fibers in these parts of old structures shows a close relation with the differentiation of the primordial zone, suggesting an important role of this disintegration in supplying differentiation and development of the primordium with some substances. Other old ciliatures and the base-associated fibers can remain for a relative longer time in the cortex and finally begin to degenerate and disintegrate when their function declines gradually.
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    Effects of Symbiont on Saline Tolerance and Isozymes of Host in Paramecium bursaria-Chlorella System(Chinese)
    SUN Jun;ZHANG Ying;GU Fu-kang
    2006, 2006 (2):  58-62. 
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    To further investigate the effect of symbiotic Chlorella on physiological process and metabolism of the host P. bursaria, NaCl or Pb(NO3)2 tolerance and 12 types of isozyme of Chlorella-containing P. bursaria(CCP) and recovered Chlorella-containing P. bursaria(RCCP) and Chlorella-free P. bursaria(CFP) were analyzed. The results showed that NaCl tolerance of CCP was similar to that of RCCP, different from that of CFP, and that Pb(NO3)2 tolerance and activity of isozymes of CFP were similar to those of RCCP. RCCP showed the transitional characteristics between CCP and CFP. Diverse composition and activity of isozymes of among the three samples indicated existence or symbiotic time of Chlorella could change the isozyme system of the host. Fewer composition and lower activity of isozyme in CCP probably implied that due to the symbiosis of Chlorella, isozyme system of the host degenerated in “P. bursaria - Chlorella” system.
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    Function of gp150 in the Differentiation of Stalk Cell during〖WTHX〗 Dityosteliun Discoideum Development(Chinese)
    HOU Lian-sheng
    2006, 2006 (2):  63-67. 
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    Cells of Dictyostelium discoideum are trigged to undergo development when they are depleted their food source. Cell adhesion molecules play an important role in maintaining the integrity of cell aggregation and influencing subsequent cell-type differentiation and cell sorting. At the loose aggregation stage , gp150 was localized on the peripheral area of multicellular aggregation.At the slug stage, the prespore cell domain and prestalk cell domain were separated by the gp150 molecule, quantity of the gp150 molecule become to increase in the pretalk cell domain following Dictyostelium discoideum development. Thus the temporal of gp150 molecule expression and the special localization of gp150 molecule are related with the differentiation of stalk cells Dictyostelium discoideum development.
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    Optimization of PCR Conditions for Macrobrachium nipponensis Gene Fragments(Chinese)
    ZHAO Xiao-qin;NI Juan;CHEN Li-qiao;GU Zhi-min;ZHOU Zhi-ming
    2006, 2006 (2):  68-74,8. 
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    Genomic DNA was isolated from the musculature of Macrobrachium nipponensis to establish a reproducible and stable PCR technical system. The ingredients and programs of amplified reactions were optimized respectively. The results showed that the profiles of PCR products could be improved obviously by using the 25 μL solution of 10×Buffer 2.5 μL, Mg+2 1.5 mmol/L, 4×dNTP 0.2 mmol/L, 1 U Taq DNA polymerase, 0.4 μmol/L of each primer and 200~300 ng of DNA template as well as the programs of 5 min at 95 ℃, 35 cycles of 1 min at 95 ℃, 50 s at 56 ℃, 1 min at 72 ℃ and finally, 10 min at 72 ℃. The optimized conditions could result in satisfactory specificity and reproducibility in amplifying 18S rRNA,COI,ND5 gene fragments, and consequently provide a useful means for the research of genetic diversity, molecular marker and germplasm identification in Macrobrachium nipponensis.

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    Digestive Enzyme Activities and the Contents of the Amino Acid during the Embryonic Development of Macrobrachium nipponense(Chinese)
    ZHAO Yan-min;ZHAO Yun-long;Wang Qun;YAO Jun-jie;AN Chuan-guang;DUAN Xiao-wei
    2006, 2006 (2):  75-81. 
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    Amino acids composition and activities of four digestive enzymes including pepsin, tryptase, amylase, cellulase were determined in the eggs of freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium nipponense. These eggs were sampled from different embryonic development stages. The results indicated that digestive enzymes activities and amino acids correlated closely with the stages of embryonic development. Activities of pepsin, tryptase and amylase were relatively high during the whole embryonic development stages. Activities of pepsin, tryptase and amylase were high in early and late developmental stages, but relatively low during middle stages. Cellulose activity was low and showed no obvious change during different embryonic development stages. During protozoea stage, activities of pepsin, tryptase and amylase increased obviously. The content of dissolvable protein and amino acid had a decreased trend. It had relevance to the activities of related enzymes. However, content of the dissolvable protein and amino acid during gastrula stage were higher than that of during blastula stage. Among all the amino acids determined, content of Glu was the highest, the highest essential amino acid (EAA) content was Leu. There was little difference between the ratios of content of single EAA to total EAA during different stages of embryonic development of M. nipponense.

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    Comparative Study of Trypsinase Digestion and Homogenization in Acquiring Free Sperms from Eriocheir Sinensis(Chinese)
    MA Qiang;WANG Qun;LI Kai;DING Ying-di
    2006, 2006 (2):  82-87. 
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    The purpose of this paper was to compare two methods of acquiring free sperms from spermatophores of Chinese mitten-handed crab (Eriocheir sinensis). Under the condition of pH 7.4 and different reaction temperatures (27 ℃,32 ℃,37 ℃,42 ℃and 47 ℃, respectively), trypsinase concentrations (0.05 %, 0.10 %, 0.15 %, 0.20 % and 0.25 %, respectively) and reaction times(5 min,10 min,15 min,20 min and 25 min, respectively), the best reaction condition of trypsinase digestion method (TDM) was studied by orthogonal tests and the sperm amounts which got from each gram of spermatophores was used as a criterion. According to the results of orthogonal tests, we found that enzymatic reaction time was the primary factor, and the reaction temperature and the trypsinase concentration also functioned. The maximum effect of trypsinase digesting works at temperature 37 ℃, trypsinase concentration 0.20 % and time 5 min. By using TDM the amounts of free sperms acquired from each gram of spermatophore were 7.41×108 which was significantly higher than that using HM which was only 3.33×108 and the sperm mortality rate was 4.75 % by using TDM which was significantly lower than that using HM which was 27.00 %. Furthermore, the acrosome reaction ability was detected by artificially-induced methodology and the reaction rates were 62.3 % (TDM) and 64.5 % (HM), and there was no significant difference between them. These results suggest that TDM is more effective than HM in acquiring free sperms.

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    15α-Hydroxylation of 13-ethy1-estr-4-ene-3,17-dione Using Immobilized Penicillium raistrickii by Calcium Alginate gel Embedding Methd(Chinese)
    LI Jun;GENG Xu;ZHANG Pei-jun;WU Zi-rong
    2006, 2006 (2):  88-92. 
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    15α-hydroxylation of 13-ethyl-estr-4-ene-3,17-dione using immobilized Penicillium raistrickii entrapped in calcium alginate gel was studied. The conversion conditions, which affected hydroxylation such as substrate concentration, the time to add substrate, conversion duration, were investigated. The results show that, the immobilized Penicillium raistrickii can be utilized repeatedly five times with no obvious decline of hydroxylation ability.

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    Effect of Puararia Flavonoids on AGEs Induced Bovine Vascular Endothelial Cells Injury in Vitro(Chinese)
    XU Min-hua;YE Xi-yun;ZHANG Long;WANG Yao-fa
    2006, 2006 (2):  93-97. 
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    The effects of Puararia flavonoids(PF) on bovine vascular endothelial cells(VEC) in vitro injured by advanced glycation end products(AGEs) were investigated. When VEC was incubated with AGEs(4 g/L) for 48 hours, the growth of VEC was enhanced, the contents of lactate dehydrogenase(LDH) and malondialdehyde(MDA) and lipofuscin(LPF) were markedly increased(P<0.01), the contents of nitric oxide(NO-2/ NO-3) and glutatuhione(GSH) were reduced. Treatment with PF caused a reduction in LDH and MDA and LPF, the contents of GSH and NO-2/ NO-3 were increased. The results suggest AGEs has direct effects on VEC, perhaps oxidative stress participates in this process. PF can protect cultured VEC from being injured by AGEs, thereby exert favorable effect against the occurrence and development of chronic vascular complications in diabetic mellitus.

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    Regulation and Tissue Specific Expression of VHA-c3 of Arabidopsis Thaliana(Chinese)
    XU Ping;LI Xiao-fang;ZENG Wei-jun;WANG Shui-ping
    2006, 2006 (2):  98-104,. 
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    Gene expression of VHA-c was detected in Arabidopsis silique, flower, leaf, bolt, root. However, the expression level of VHA-c3 was much higher in leaves than in the other tissues. Analysis of the putative promoter of VHA-c3 was carried out in tobacoo leave system. A series of the promoter mutants were constructed in which various extents of VHA-c3 promoter were placed upstream of the GUS gene in vector pC1305.1. The expression of GUS was analyzed by Agrobacterium-mediated transient expression system.It was found that a 2 812 bp promoter region has high gene expression capacity. And there is a high potential key cis-element for leaf-specific expression between 2812-2 234 bp region.

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    Caloric Values of Seven Dominant Species in Tiantong NationalForest Park, Zhejiang Province, China(Chinese)
    CHEN Bo;YANG Yong-chuan;ZHOU Ying
    2006, 2006 (2):  105-111. 
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    The ash contents and caloric values of different aboveground organs for three dominant tree species and four dominant shrub species in the east subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest in Tiantong National Forest Park(TNFP), Zhejiang Province were studied in the paper. The results showed that the gross caloric values (GCV)and the ash-free caloric values(AFCV) of various aboveground organs are different among dominant species, the GCV and AFCV of three dominant tree species can be ranked in a decreasing order as Schima superba> Castanopsis carlesii > C. fargesii, and their GCV and AFCV during mature trees are the biggest among the different developmental phases. Meanwhile the GCV and AFCV of the three tree species during the saplings and seedlings are higher than those of shrub species too. GCV and AFCV of the same organ in different aboveground layers decreased from tree species to shrub species, therefore it suggested that the caloric values are closely related to the light gradient within the community. For the same species, the caloric values altered greatly among different organs, the GCV and AFCV of leaves are higher than those of branch and bark. The paper also showed that the gross caloric values are affected obviously by the ash contents.

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    Community Structure and Seasonal Change of Soil Animals in Castanopsis Fargesii Forest at Tiantong, Zhejiang Province(Chinese)
    YI Lan;YOU Wen-hui
    2006, 2006 (2):  112-120. 
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    A four-season investigation was conducted on the soil animals in the litter layers and soil layers depth of 0-15 cm of Castanopsis fargesii forest at Tiantong, Zhejiang province during September, 2003 and July, 2004. The litter layer includes fresh litter layer (L), fermentation layer (F) and humus layer (H).Soil animals amount to a total of 32, 657 in number, including macrofauna, mesofauna and wet types, falling into 10 classes and 27 groups respectively. For soil macrofauna, the dominant groups are Coleoptera, Hymenoptera and Blattoptera, while for mesofauna, they are Acarina and Collembola and for wet type ones, Nematoda. The results of the investigation indicate that: (1) the group numbers and density are all greater in the litter than in the soil depth of 0-15 cm; (2) the vertical distribution of soil animals in the litter differs from that in the soil, the group numbers in the former tend to increase gradually from top to bottom,with those in bottom humus layer the largest; altogether 18 groups are found in it;large numbers of individuals are seen in the middle fermentation layer and in the bottom humus layer, with those in the former greater, both accounting for 77.04 % of the total; (3) the DG index (density-group index) reveals a seasonal change of soil animal community diversity as autumn >spring>winter>summer; (4) the vertical distribution of dominant groups varies with seasons in a regular manner, thus influencing the seasonal change of the vertical distribution of the entire community.

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    Saplings Nutrient Characteristics of Common Plants in Tiantong National Forest Park(Chinese)
    SHI Jia-yue;WANG Xi-hua;YAN En-rong;CHENG Ming-hua
    2006, 2006 (2):  121-129. 
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    The investigation of nutrient contents of 39 common species was carried out in Tiantong National Forest Park. The results reveal that the leaf N contents of evergreen-broad leaved trees range from 1.059% to 2.896%,P contents range from 0.069% to 0.126%, the leaf N contents of deciduous-broad leaved trees range from 1.868% to 3.254%, and P contents range from 0.092% to 0.186%. The leaf N contents of coniferous tree Pinus massoniana is 1.874% (N), and the P contents of 0.078%. Average nutrient contents in all organs are different, average nutrient contents in stem and root are lower, and the leave are highest among organs. N and P contents are closely correlated in different organs. Deciduous broad-leaved species have consistently higher leaf N and P than evergreen broad-leaved species, but there are no significant differences in stems, branches and roots. The nutrient contents of trees are higher than shrubs among evergreen broad-leaved species. According to nutrient contents,the common and dominant species in different succession stages can be classified into three groups,nanmely, the rapid growth strategy group, the nutrient retention strategy group and the other group.In addition, there is a correlated relationship between N and P contents in different organs and the correlation cofficient is in the order: leaf>stem>branch>root.The positive relationship between N and P for the need of different organs is also observed.

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    Vegetative Dispersal Ability of Spartina alterniflora in Eastern End of Chongming Island(Chinese)
    ZHANG Dong;YANG Ming-ming;LI Jun-xiang;CHEN Xiao-yong;
    2006, 2006 (2):  130-135. 
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    Smooth cordgrass(Spartina alterniflora)is one of the most notorious invader plants and was listed in the alien invader species of China in 2003. The area of smooth cordgrass in Shanghai was about 3592 hm2. However, few information was available about its vegetative dispersal ability in the nature. In the present study, we surveyed the distribution in Shanghai and estimated the vegetative dispersal ability in Eastern End of Chongming Island, Shanghai. Strong vegetative growth was observed in individuals and patches of smooth cordgrass. After 9 months'growth, smooth cordgrass individuals could develope 86 to 222 ramets per genet. The largest dispersal distance was 226 cm for individual smooth cordgrass. Mean dispersal distance of smooth cordgrass patches was 107 cm and the largest was 263 cm. At last, some strategies based on the observations had been proposed to control the rapid spreading of this species.

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    2006, 2006 (2):  136-140. 
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