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    Estuarine and Coastal Erosion: A Review(Chinese)
    SHEN Huan-ting;HU Gang
    2006, 2006 (6):  1-8. 
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    This paper gave a review of the state of the art of studies in the past ten years on the coastal erosion processes and mechanisms, patterns and models, and possible counter measures, analysed the progressively deteriorated status of coastal erosion in China, and offered four suggestions on how to further conduct this research: Strengthening the study of estuarine and coastal erosion caused by human being; combining the resarches of tideflat and channel erosions; paying high attention to the study of coastal erosions in the three delta areas in China; and intensifying observations onsite.
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    Review of Reseach on Loess in the Yangtze River Delta and the East China Sea Islands(Chinese)
    ZHENG Xiang-min;LIU Fei
    2006, 2006 (6):  9-24. 
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    LoessPaleosol sequences provide a good continental record of paleoclimatic changes. The existence of loess deposits in the Yangtze River delta and islands in the East China Sea indicated that eolian dust deposited on these area since the last glacial period. It has been shown that loess deposits in the Yangtze River delta and islands in the East China Sea are the extension of upper formation of Xiashu loess deposits. Loess in East China, characterized by thin stratum, complex formation and intensively secondary alteration, records the alternation of cold and warm fluctuations since late Pleistocene, as well as the evolution of East Asia monsoon. The curves of particle size and magnetic susceptibility do not change as regularly as that of the loess deposits in West China, and the analysis of clay minerals and chemical components reveal that the intensive leaching process after deposition. Thus we should pay more attention on the local environment, the landform and the intensively alteration after its deposition before any attempts at paleoclimatic reconstruction. It is suggested that multiparameter investigations represent a powerful approach for paleoclimatic reseach into the complex loess deposits record in the Yangtze River delta and the islands in the East China Sea.
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    Numerical Simulation of the Drift and Diffusion of Oil Film at the Crude Oil Wharf in the Bohai Sea(Chinese)
    CHEN Yi-hong;ZHU Jian-rong;CHEN Bing-ui;WU Hui
    2006, 2006 (6):  25-33. 
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    Using a 3-D estuarine coastal and ocean numerical model with an oil film drift and diffusion module, the area, thickness and trajectory of the oil film was studied after an oil spill accident happened at the 300 thousand ton crude oil wharf in the Bohai Sea. The results show that in the case of no wind the oil film moves southwestward along with the tidal current, its area increases and thickness decreases, and the port is not polluted during ebb tide; a part of the oil film is blocked by the northern jetty, and stays in the port during flood tide. The oil film trajectory oscillates back and forth with the ebb and flood current, and its thickness decreases and area increases during the drift process with oscillation due to the diffusion. The change of wind speed and direction has a significantly influence on the oil film trajectory and pollution extent in the port.
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    Fractal Method for Correcting the Length of Map Curves(Chinese)
    HAN Xue-pei;FU Xiao-mao;TANG Jing-yan;LIAO Bang-gu
    2006, 2006 (6):  34-40. 
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    A fractal method based on GIS was presented. The length of Chinese coastline was measured from different scale maps and corrected with the method. The results show that the fractal method can obviously improve the measurement accuracy from digital maps.
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    Study on the Trajectories of MCS Based on Bayesian Classification(Chinese)
    SU Jun-yi;QIU Jie;GUO Zhong-yang;DAI Xiao-yan
    2006, 2006 (6):  41-46. 
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    In this paper, a Boosting Classifier based on Naive Bayesian Classification was built and applied to classify the trajectories of MCS, using a dataset of environmental physical field values around MCS, based on the automated tracking of MCS over the Tibetan Plateau in summer from 1997 to 2000. Furthermore, results comparing several classification methods found the Boosting Bayesian Classifier to be comparable in performance with decision tree and neural network classifiers in the application of prediction of the trajectories of MCS. So it is proven to be an effective method to reveal the trajectories of MCS over the Tibetan Plateau and improve the accuracy of forecasting the disaster weather in Yangtze River Basin.
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    Study on Bambuterol and Its Metabolite in Rat Serum by Capillary Electrophoresis with Amperometric Detection(Chinese)
    ZHOU Tian-shu;SHI Guo-yue;WU Fang;FANG Yu-zhi
    2006, 2006 (6):  47-52. 
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    The amperometric detection of bambuterol and its metabolite in rat serum following their separation by capillary electrophoresis is described in this paper. A carbon disk electrode used as working electrode for two analytes exhibited a good response at 1.10 V (vs. Ag/AgCl). The optimal conditions of separation and detection were pH 7.0 phosphate buffer solution (0.02 mol·L-1 ), 10 kV for separation voltage. The peak current versus concentration was linear over the range of 2.0×10-5~5.0×10-7mol·L-1for bambuterol and 2.0×10-6~5.0×10-8mol·L-1for terbutaline. The detection limits for bambuterol and terbutaline were 2.5×10-7mol·L-1and 2.0×10-8mol·L-1respectively. This method was successfully applied to the determination of bambuterol and its active metabolite in rat serum.
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    Effects of Microinjecting Rotenone into SNc on the Behavior and Spontaneous Discharge of Ventrolateral Thalamus in Rats(Chinese)
    ZHANG Bei;HE De-fu;Dong Chun-yang;LU Xiang-yue
    2006, 2006 (6):  53-58. 
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    The effects of microinjecting rotenone into SNc on the behavior and spontaneous activities of the ventrolateral thalamus neurons in rats were studied. 28 days after the injection of rotenone, both the latency of rats′ moving on verticalgrid and the numbers of rats′ sliding down the declinedplane significantly increased. The willful movements of animals were significantly decreased, and the time of inactive sitting was significantly increased. The spontaneous discharge rate of the VL neurons significantly decreased. Neurons with type〖KG-*4〗Ⅰbursting fire decreased, however, the regular fire and type〖KG-*4〗Ⅱ bursting fire increased. The peaks of the power spectrum of neurons moved to the low frequency area. The results suggest that microinjecting rotenone into SNc could cause symptoms similar to Parkinsonism syndrome such as rigidity, slow moving, and tremor etc. The results also indicate that it also causes the decrease of spontaneous electroactivities of VL neurons and the changes of their firing patterns.
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    Study on the Indicator System and Fuzzy Aggregative Index Evaluation Model of Enterprises′Environmental Performance(Chinese)
    LIN Feng-chun;CHEN Jing
    2006, 2006 (6):  59-66. 
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    A more comprehensive indicator system was established based on international achievements. The indicator system included environmental regulation indicators, environmental management indicators, advancement indicators and Life-cycle environmental impact indicators. Meanwhile, a new evaluation model of Fuzzy Aggregative Index was put forward with respect to the indicator system. Finally, the model was applied to evaluate the environmental performance of one enterprise.
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    Evaluation and Predication of Water Resources Carrying Capacity Based on SD Model: A Case Study of Chongming Island(Chinese)
    CHE Yue;ZHANG Ming-cheng;YANG Kai
    2006, 2006 (6):  67-74. 
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    Based on system dynamics model, the water resources carrying capacity of Chongming Island in Shanghai city was discussed. Six scenes of water diversion (local surface water quantity, present water diversion quantity, 10% largest water diversion quantity, 20% largest water diversion quantity, 30% largest water diversion quantity and 50% largest water diversion quantity) as well as four scenes of water resource policies (present water policy, water conservation and recycling policy, industrial structure adjustment policy and integrate policy) were analyzed. The water resources carrying capacity of Chongming Island in different years was simulated, and the population, GDP and COD at different scenes were predicated. Compared with longterm plan of Chongming Island, the water resources carrying capacity indicators were calculated. Finally, the strategy which can promote coordinated development of society, economy and environment was obtained.

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    Evaluation System of Ecologica1 Benefits of Waterscape and Its Appplication in Urban Residential Areas(Chinese)
    LIU Na-na;LI Lin;DA Liang-jun
    2006, 2006 (6):  75-83. 
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    Based on the proposed principles, this paper used principal component analysis and nonrepeated twoway analysis of variance to screen the indexes of ecological benefits of waterscape in urban residential areas. Weight of each index at different levels was determined based on analytical hierarchy process decision analysis. Ultimately, a threelevel evaluation system was set up using analytical hierarchy process. We applied this evaluation system to 52 residential areas in Shanghai. The result shows that about 2/3 of waterscapes are categorized into levels 3 to 5, and nonecological artificial waterscape is the key factor that influences the ecological benefits of waterscape in residential areas in Shanghai. At last, we put forward a proposal for ecological restoration and scientific management, i.e., the construction of closetonature waterscape in residential areas. Based on the evaluation approach for ecologica1 benefits of waterscape in urban residential areas evaluation process is simple,useful and highly operable.Additionaly,evaluation results are objective and reasonable.They reflect not only the state of ecologica1 benefits of waterscape,but also the living quality of residents and water environmental management level of residential area.
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    Research of Demonstration Engineering of Landscape Water Eco-compositive Purifying Process in Mengqing Garden(Chinese)
    XU Ya-tong;HE Guo-fu;HUANG Min-sheng;XIE Bing;ZHANG Ming;HE De-fu;LI Xiu-yan;ZHANG Li-quan;LU Kui
    2006, 2006 (6):  84-90. 
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    According to the problems that Shanghai faces in the water environment field, an ecocompositive process to treat landscape water was designed and run; this process was made up of water treatment section and water stabilization section. Running the process to treat water from the Suzhou river, the results that gain from continuous running and analysis in one whole year show that the process is able to improve the sight effect distinctly and to reduce the concentration of NH3-N, TN and TP. And the removals of ammonia, total nitrogen and total phosphorus are 70%, 23% and 38% respectively.
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    Environmental and Land Use Factor Affecting Species Diversity within the Degraded Evergreen Broadleaved Forest Communities in East China(Chinese)
    FANG Xiao-feng;WANG Xi-hua;CHEN Wei-juan;YAN Xiao
    2006, 2006 (6):  91-97,1. 
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    The evergreen broadleaved forest communities in East China have been subject to extensive disturbances such as changing landuse, agricultural development and logging. To describe the character of species diversity of the degraded evergreen broadleaved forests around Tiantong National Forest Park, their α diversity indices were compared with those of nearby mature evergreen broadleaved forest communities. Multiple stepwise regression was used to determine which factors, such as elevation, aspect, slope, land use type, soil depth, human impact intensity and distance to natural vegetation, road and village, affected the species richness of degraded communities. Overall the α diversity of the evergreen broadleaved forest communities was higher than that of the degraded communities. In the degraded communities, the depth of soil and land use type, together with distance to natural vegetation were the main factors influencing the species richness. We also found a positive correlation between the species diversity of degraded communities and soil depth, but distance to natural vegetation was negatively correlated with diversity, in abandoned orchard the species diversity was higher than that of other land use types. The nine influencing factors can be divided into three groups, which include habitat factors, landscape elements and human disturbance activities. All three groups are important in determining species richness in the degraded communities. However, habitat factors alone play an important role in contributing species richness in shrub communities, while both habitat factors and human disturbance activities are significant in the conifer forests.
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    Floristic Geographical Analysis of Degraded Communities of Evergreen Broad-leaved Forests around Tiantong National Forest Park, Zhejiang Province,China(Chinese)
    CHEN Wei-juan;WANG Xi-hua;YAN En-rong;YAN Xiao
    2006, 2006 (6):  98-108,. 
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    The degraded vegetation around Tiantong contains five types of communities, such as earlier degraded community of EBLF, deciduous broadleaved forest community, coniferous and broadleaved mixed forest community, conifer forest community and shrub community. Based on the analysis of floristic compositions, geographical elements and characteristics of the flora, the major characteristics of the flora are as follows: (1) There are 72 families, 138 genus and 204 species in this regional flora of degraded vegetation. Because of the influence of human′s activity, degraded vegetation contain a comparatively lower floristic species richness than that of EBLF community; (2) The floristic characters are conspicuous for temperate and tropicalsubtropical element,which represents a transitional pattern of distribution from subtropical to temperate; (3) Destructions of vegetation lead to the number of endemic to China decreasing; (4) Although five types of degraded communities are different from each other in characteristics of floras, they maintain floristic characteristic and geographic elements of EBLF. These results show that the degraded vegetation around Tiantong has potential ability for nature restoration.
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    Influences of Changes of Environmental Factors on Soil Animal Community in the Succession of the Vegetation in Tiantong(Chinese)
    YI Lan;YOU Wen-Hui
    2006, 2006 (6):  109-116. 
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    The change in litter quality is the main factor influencing the soil animal community in the succession of the Evergreen BroadLeaved Forest in Tiantong. The total density of soil animal community in the litter layer is in a remarkably negative correlation with C/N value of litter (r=-0.681, P<0.001), but in a markedly positive correlation with total phosphorus (TP)content(r=0.762, P<0.001). However, the total number of soil animal group in litter has no marked correlation with all nuritent contents. In the soil in depth of 0~15cm, the total density of soil animal community is remarkably positively correlated with organic matter content(r=0.457, P<0.05), total nitrogen (TN) content(r=0.463,P<0.05)and total phosphorus (TP) content(r=0.564, P<0.01). And the total group number is noticeably positively correlated with TP and TN. Furthermore, there are different correlations between density of main soil animal groups and nutrient contents. In the litter, the density of Acarina and Collembola are extremly markedly positively correlated with TN content and TP content of litter. In the soil, that of Acarina does. However, that of Collembola appears negetive correlation with all soil nutrient contents. Hymenoptera in the litter and soil are markedly positively correlated with TP content. The density of Symphyla in the litter and that of Nematoda, Enchytraeidae and Coleoptera in soil have respectively profoundly positive correlations with all litter nutrient contents and soil nutrient contents.
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    Growth and Development of the Clonal Plant Zoysia japonica in Two Environmental Conditions(Chinese)
    LI De-zhi;SHEN Fang-fang;WANG Chang-ai;KE Shi-zhen;WANG Chao-hua;FAN Xu-li;SONG Yun;LI Hong;ZHOU Yan
    2006, 2006 (6):  117-124. 
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    The patterns of the growth and development and the characteristics of the environmental responses of Zoysia japonica were studied inside and outside the greenhouse. The results showed that: in the same conditions, the sequences of formation were the multiplenode, root, Ta and Tb on the primary stolons; the rates of formation of the multiplenode and the attached organs on the primary stolons were linear and parallel each other, but the rates inside the greenhouse were usually slower than that outside; the formation of internode was a gradual process; 70% of the internode was elongated after the occurrence of the multiplenode and before the occurrence of the next multiplenode, 30% was elongated after the occurrence of the next multiplenode; in the environment outside the greenhouse, the secondary stolons showed similar characteristics of growth to the primary stolons in terms of the multiplenode and the attached organs, but Tb developed slowly than Ta, which might be related to the different patterns of resource translocation and allocation between the primary and secondary stolons, and among the attached organs; through linearly forward growth of the primary stolons and lateral growth of the suborder stolons, the ramets of Zoysia japonica clones might be placed into wider ecological space, ramet population might be expanded and the resource acquisition ability might be reinforced, which might enhance the ecological adaptation and the competitive ability.
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    Influence of Wheat-Straw-Derived Ash on Diuron Sorption and Biodegradation in Soil(Chinese)
    QIU Yu-ping;CHENG Hai-yan;GONG Bing-li;SHENG Guang-yao;
    2006, 2006 (6):  125-130. 
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    Sorption of diuron by wheat straw, its ash arising from burning, ashbased black carbon and ashamended soil was studied. The sorption of diuron on ashfree soil and wheat straw occurred via partitioning behavior with log Koc values of 2.33 and 2.07, respectively. The ash adsorbed 9.7 times more diuron than wheat straw when leaving them unburned in the field. Black carbon was 7~45 times more effective than ash and ashamended soil was 3 times more effective than ashfree soil in sorbing diuron over the range of the experimental concentrations. Aging of the ash for 1 year in the soil did not influence ash sorptivity. The biodegradation of diuron in the soil in the presence and absence of the ash was fitted to firstorder kinetics. The rate constant reduced by 45% and the half life increased by 66% when 0.5% ash was amended to the soil.
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    Preliminary Research of the Migrant Populatiopn of the Black-Faced Spoonbill Platatlea minor in Dongtan Wetland of Chongming Island, Shanghai(Chinese)
    YUAN Xiao;ZHANG Ke-jia
    2006, 2006 (6):  131-136. 
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    From April 2002 to December 2003, the blackfaced spoonbills were investigated in Dongtan Wetland in Chongming Island of Shanghai, China. Results showed that the species were recorded in Dongtan mostly during the northward migrant. They prefer crab ponds as their feeding and resting sites. The blackfaced spoonbill is very rarely in winter. In the spring of 2002, the species stayed in Dongtan at a flock of 45~16 individuals; but in the spring of 2003, each flock was less than 30 individuals and the total amount recorded there is about 130. This showed the Dongtan Wetland has become one of the important overstop areas of blackfaced spoonbills during their migration.
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