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    Z2×2 Graded Group(Chinese)
    LI Ke-feng;LIN Lei
    2005, 2005 (3):  1-5. 
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    In this paper, Z2×2 graded groups are defined and some examples are given. Furthermore, Z2×2graded Lie algebra associated with a Z2×2graded group is defined and its properties are discussed.
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    Generalization of the Frobenius Metric(Chinese)
    LI Tie-xiang;WEI Mu-sheng
    2005, 2005 (3):  6-11. 
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    This paper extends the Frobenius metric dF( Z,W) to a general unitarily invariant metric dp,(k)( Z,W). Expressions are derived for p ≥ 2 and for p=1,l=2. And some conjecture is made for p=1, l≥ 3.
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    Bounds on the Spectral Radius of A Type of Tree Graphs(Chinese)
    WANG Xin-xia;SHU Jin-long
    2005, 2005 (3):  12-16. 
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    This paper studies the tree graphs TG of G(n,n+1) simple connected graphs with n vertices and n+1 edges. The bounds, determined by n and l, on the spectral radius of TG are obtained, where l are co-edges of the two basic cycles of G(n,n+1).
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    Application of Asymmetric Geometric Charts for High Quality Process (Chinese)
    PU Xiao-long;YAO Hong
    2005, 2005 (3):  17-23. 
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    The control chart based on the geometric distribution(g-type chart )has been shown to be competitive with p or np chart for monitoring the proportion,especially for applications in high quality manufacturing environments.However when the cases with LCL=0 occur, plotting values beneath the LCL is impossible given the non-negative nature of units such type of lower control limit has no ability to detect rate increase. In fact,situation with a LCL is not uncommon. In this paper we propose the g-type chart with asymmetric control limits.It is found that with the nonzero LCL,the power to detect rate increase has much improved and the power to detect rate decrease is nearly fixed, while the in-control average run length(ARL)is the almost the same as the conventional(symmetric) control chart. In practice,the quantitative results of the paper can be used to determined the control limits.

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    Parallel Greville Method and Its Realization with MPI on PC Networks(Chinese)
    ZHANG Xiang-yun;CHEN Guo-liang
    2005, 2005 (3):  24-30. 
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    Based on the Greville algorithm and Gaussian row pivot elimination,we worked out the method of computing Moore-Penrose generalized inverse matrix,analyzed the complexity of it (i.e (O(mn2/p)),the cost of the parallel computing ((O(mn2)).speed-up ratio and efficiency,discussed how to programming with the message passing interface (MPI),parallel computing in the PC network system under Linux,and list some computational results at last.
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    Bayesian Estimation in A Semiparametric Partially Linear Errors-in-variable Model(Chinese)
    LU Yi-qiang;;MAO Shi-song
    2005, 2005 (3):  31-36. 
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    This article deals with the partially linear model y=Xτβ+g(t)+ε, where ε~N(0,σ2), the predictor X is observable and the predictor t is measured with additive error. The nonparametric function g(t) is estimated by the method of the smoothing spline. The parameters are given the prior by according to the Bayesian explanation of the smoothing spline and Bayesian linear regression. The parametric posterior distribution is sampled by the method of Gibbs sampling. The parameters are estimated by the posterior mean and the parametric posterior interval can constructed by the quantile of samples drew from the posterior distribution. The simulated example is used to illustrate our methodology.
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    Guard Period Optimization of OFDM Performance over Fading and AWGN Channels(English)
    Bakir Mohammed;LI Wai-yun;Belhachat Messaouda;LIU Jin-gao;ZHU Shou-zheng
    2005, 2005 (3):  37-43. 
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    In this paper, the principals of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) system was described and the effect of the Guard Interval (GI) on the system performance was studied. The role of the GI period to solve the problem of interferences that occur at the receiver was discussed. The optimum values of the GI parameter are determined, which were shown to have strong dependence on the maximum delay. A series of simulations have been carried out on Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (QPSK) modulation scheme over multi-path fading and Add White Gaussian Noise (AWGN).The relationship between Bit Error Rate (BER) performance and GI, Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), the maximum delay spread and number of Sub-carrier was studied.
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    Study on Spectral Line Shape Affected by Transit-broadening in Supersonic molecular beam(Chinese)
    SUN Dian-ping;YING Xu-ping;CHEN Yang-qin;LIU Yi-yan
    2005, 2005 (3):  44-47. 
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    This paper suggested that the transit-broadening should be an important factor governing line profile in supersonic molecular beam. The integration-representation of the profile was revealed, it is highly agreeable with the data in refer[7].
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    Preparation of the Au@SiO2 Modified Electrode and Its Application to the Direct Electrochemistry of Cytochrome C(Chinese)
    ZHOU Yu-yan;XIAN Yue-zhong;LIU Fang;HU Yi;ZHOU Li-hui;JIN Li-tong
    2005, 2005 (3):  48-52. 
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    Au@SiO2 composite nanoparticles were prepared. By controlling synthesis conditions, the thickness of the silica shell could be varied in the range of tens to several hundred nanometers. Coupled with chitosan (CHIT), Au@SiO2/CHIT/GC modified electrode was fabricated. The electrode was applied to the determination of cytochrome c (Cyt c). The results of the experiments indicated that the currents of Cyt c were linear to its concentrations over the range from 1.0×10-7 to 2.0×10-5 mol/L and the calculated detection limits (S/N=3) was 5.0×10-8 mol/L. Further work could be done to apply this electrochemical method to preparing biosensor and detecting biologic samples.
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    Electrosynthesis of Polyaniline in Ionic Liquid and Its Electrocatalytic Properties(Chinese)
    QI Xi-min;DU Yan-fang;ZHANG Gui-rong;ZHAO Peng;LU Jia-xing
    2005, 2005 (3):  53-58. 
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    Ionic liquid like 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluorobrate ([BMIM]BF4) has been used as solvent and electrolyte for the electropolymerization of aniline at glassy carbon electrode by cyclic voltammetry. Electrode modified with polyaniline (PAn) has favorable electrochemical activity in ionic liquid and acid solution(pH=0~4), and has significant electrocatalytic activity for redox reaction of catechol and hydroquione.
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    Application of Spatial Clustering in the Study of Agricultural Non-point Source Pollution(Chinese)
    DAI Xiao-yan;GUO Zhong-yang;SHI Chun;WU Jian-ping
    2005, 2005 (3):  59-64. 
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    According to the remote sensing image information of Shanghai area, combining with geographic information system (GIS), a method for watershed distribution of agricultural non-point source pollution was set up and applied in Qingpu district. Based on these, K-means algorithm was applied to analyze the pollution conditions of rivers in the study area, consequently, some meaningful results of the spatial distribution features of agricultural non-point source pollution were obtained.
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    The Enrichment of Cu、Zn、Pb、Cr and Ni in Mollusc in the Tidal Flat of Yangtze Estuary(Chinese)
    LI Li-na;CHEN Zhen-lou;XU Shi-yuan;BI Chun-juan
    2005, 2005 (3):  65-70. 
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    The concentration of Cu, Zn, Pb, Cr, Ni in mollusc in five sampling sites along Yangtze estuary was studied. The result shows that the concentration of heavy metals in different kinds of mollusc is different and the concentration of Cu and Zn is higher than that of the other three elements.The average concentration of Cu and Zn is 354.58 mg/kg and 186.25 mg/kg.The enrichment capability of different mollusc is discrepant. The order of gross concentration shows that Bullacta exarata (763.81 mg/kg) is higher than Corbicula fluminea (603.57 mg/kg) and Sinonovacula constricta (455.85 mg/kg). When analyzing the different enrichment capability of different parts of Corbicula fluminea we find most heavy metals concentrate on muscle. At last we use Metal Pollution Index (MPI) to compare the concentration of heavy metals in Corbicula fluminea of Luchao Port, Xupu, Gulu and eastern Chongming tidalflat. The result shows that the pollution of Corbicula fluminea in Luchao Port and Xupu is the most serious.
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    Numerical Simulation of Eight Main Tidal Constituents in the East China Sea, Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea(Chinese)
    ZHANG Heng;ZHU Jian-rong;WU Hui
    2005, 2005 (3):  71-77. 
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    The 8 main tidal constituents M2、S2、N2、K2、K1、O1、P1 and Q1 in the East China Sea, Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea were numerically simulated using the numerical ECOM model in the sphere coordinate system. The higher resolution grids were designed in the model, the calculated domain includes the East China Sea, Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea, the continental shelf slope of the East China Sea and the Northwest Pacific on east side of the Ryukyu Island, and the real coast and topography were considered. The model successfully simulated the tidal wave propagation features of the eight main tidal constituents in the East China Sea, Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, reconstructed the 5 nodes and 2 semi-nodes of the semi-diurnal tidal constituents, and 3 nodes of diurnal tidal constituents in the calculated domain. Compared with the observed data at 65 gauging stations, the RAM of modal predicted amplitude and phase of the M2、S2、K1 and O1 tidal constituents are 7.85cm and 6.81°, 5.04cm and 8.14°, 3.82cm and 13.04°, 4.34cm and 9.33°, respectively. Compared with the observed data at 17 gauging stations, the RAM of modal predicted amplitude and phase of the N2、K2、P1 and Q1 are 3.64cm and 7.89°, 8.47cm and 10.51°, 1.76cm and 7.56°, 1.50cm and 26.34°, respectively. The model calculated results can be used for the tidal harmonic constants at open boundary condition of estuarine and coastal model with smaller calculated domain.
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    Landscape Ecology of Xiamen City(Chinese)
    ZHEN Yu;ZHANG Li-quan
    2005, 2005 (3):  78-83. 
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    Based on the principles of landscape ecology and applied GIS techniques, the performance of ecological suitability was analysed for Xiamen city.According to the demands of urban development planning to land-use the relationship among economical development, urban landscape and environmental protection was studied. Then, a landscape eco-planning was proposed for Xiamen city, which divided Xiamen city into four eco-functional zones and the main attributes, the major function and strategies of regulation and control for each zone were described accordingly. This landscape eco-planning would serve a scientific basis for the economical development, environmental protection and the foundation of “eco-city of bay type”, as well as a sound guideline for the eco-landscape planning of Chinese costal zones.

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    The Evolution Analysis of the Spatial Landscape Pattern in theYanggong River Watershed, Northwest Yunnan Province During Last 15 years(Chinese)
    JIANG Xue-zhong
    2005, 2005 (3):  84-91. 
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    The Yanggong River is a littler anabranch of upper reaches of the Changjiang River, a representative area in northwest Yunnan Province with complicated terrain and relief conditions, furthermore, there are different nationality and culture background between the upper basin and the lower. After the earthquake happened in February, 1996 and the Lijiang old town was included in the United Nations′ “world cultural heritage” list in next year, the floating population quantity was increased quickly, which leads to intensification of the contradict between human beings and the limited land resources, the paper explored to study the holistic environmental changes on the watershed area scale. Multitemporal remote sensing imageries associated with referenced data such as terrain data and ground survey data were applied to construct the expert classification model based on the knowledge engineer, using the geography information system (GIS) and geo-statistics technology to obtain the conversion matrix of the landscape changing in the drainage area from year 1986 to 2000 for the quantitative analysis on the evolution of spatial pattern. The results suggested that during 1986-1996, the environmental condition of the watershed is deteriorated; but from 1996 to 2000, the landscape changing verified the increase of the forest cover rate due to the action “return the grain plots to forestry” from then on. However, at the same time, the area of the culture land use type is increased at a high speed.
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    A Preliminary Study on the Indicator System for CP-evaluationof Cities——Shanghai A Case Study (Chinese)
    HU Xiao-meng;QIAN Zhi;ZHENG Zhong-lin;CHEN Mei-jun
    2005, 2005 (3):  92-97. 
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    Cleaner Production (CP) is the main measure for us to eliminate and reduce the industrial pollution and achieve “Sustainable Development”. With the implementation of the CP in our country, it becomes necessary to establish indicator systems for CP assessment. The assessment of CP can be practised in an enterprise, an industry or a city.We think the progress of CP in a city is attributed to the changes in such six aspects as the emission of industry wastes, the modern technology adopted in enterprises, the quality of economic development, the construction of fundamental environmental-structure, the constitution and implement of policies and regulations about CP, and CP awareness and education in public, so the indicator system for a city should include these six factors. Moreover, we have selected 24 sub-factors to build the CP indicator system. This system can impersonally reveal the actual state and progress of CP in Shanghai and help us promote CP in the future.
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    Study on the Ecological Characters of Phragmites communis and Its Succession in the Eastern End of Chongming Island, Shanghai(Chinese)
    ZHAO Ping;Ge Zhen-ming;WANG Tian-hou;TANG Chen-dong
    2005, 2005 (3):  98-104,. 
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    During December 2002~December 2003, we sampled Phragmites communis distributed outside and inside of the seawall for four seasons in the Eastern End of Chongming Island, Shanghai. The research results indicated that Phragmites communis is dominant species of the local ecosystem. Its cover reaches to 70% and density is up to 211.83 shoots/m2 and biomass is over 1 783.8 g/m2. It is the main parts of elementary productivity in the area. After June 2003, the area was invaded by the Suaeda glauca and Zoysia japonica rapidly soon after the water of fish-ponds behind of the seawall was draught out, thus we analyze this succession of the biotic community with Principle Component Analysis (PCA) and demonstrate such a succession would be completed in a very short period and Suada glauca may replace Phragmites communis when the wetland become dry. Based on this results, we raise the recommendations on the wetland management in the coming restoration project in this area.
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    2005, 2005 (3):  105-108. 
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    2005, 2005 (3):  109-112. 
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