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    DECELL Algorithm for A Generalized Matrix Inverse(Chinese)
    FENG Jing;;CHEN Guo-liang
    2005, 2005 (4):  1-5. 
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    The paper tried to combine Decell method and the MPI system to calculate the generalized inverse of matrices of large dimension. New algorithm was given, and its realization on a PC local network system was described. Experimental results showed that the speed and efficiency of the new algorithm is much better than common serial algorithms.
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    The Largest and Smallest Eigenvalues of Double Cyclic Graphs(Chinese)
    YIN Shu-hua;;SHU Jin-long;
    2005, 2005 (4):  6-11,9. 
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    Two classes of connected double cyclic graphs, An(p,q) and Bn(Gls,Gkt,Tm), are investigated in this paper. The relationship between the largest eigenvalues and the girths, and low bounds of the smallest eigenvalues of the graphs are obtained.Moreover, extremal graphs with these bounds are characterized,respectively, and the upper bound on the spread of the graphs is presented.
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    Bayesian Predictive Density Estimate on Mixtures of Lifetime Models(English)
    REN Yun-wen;CHENG Yi-ming
    2005, 2005 (4):  12-17. 
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    This paper proposes a finite mixture model of heterogeneous population. Bayesian estimates of type I/II censored test with one/two-sample are made for the model;examples of type I censored two-sample prediction are given;questions for further investigated are proposed.
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    Local Influence for Semiparametric Generalized Linear Model(Chinese)
    ZENG Lin-rui;ZHU Zhong-yi
    2005, 2005 (4):  18-25. 
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    This paper discusses the local influence measures for semiparametric generalized linear model. The counting formulas of influence matrix for case weights perturbation model ,mean shift perturbation model and arguments perturbation model are derived. An example is given for data analyses and illustrates that our method is available. It is an extension on semiparametric model of the corresponding conclusion about linear model and expenential family nonlinear model of Cook(1986),Wei(1998).
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    An Image adaptive Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based on DWT(Chinese)
    WAN Ying-jie;WANG Xin-wei
    2005, 2005 (4):  26-31. 
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    An image-adaptive watermarking algorithm based on wavelet transform was proposed. At first, A digital image used as watermark was scrambled. Next, the original image and scrambled watermark image was decomposed by discrete wavelet transform(DWT), and the Markov random field model was used to obtain the allowable distorted parameter of every lowest approximate coefficient, embedding position; and intensity were adjusted according to the allowable distorted parameter. At last, the lowest approximate coefficients of watermark was embedded into lowest approximate coefficients which were selected from original image.
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    A New Scheme for Teleportation of Schrödinger Cat State(Chinese)
    LI Jin-fang;ZHANG Zhi-jun;MA Lei
    2005, 2005 (4):  32-36. 
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    A scheme is presented for the teleportation of an unknown Schrödinger cat state via a degenerate Λ-type three-level atom and two cavity fields Raman interaction.
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    Dilatational Viscoelasticity of Surface Film of SDBS at Gas-Water Interface(Chinese)
    Cheng Dong;Ding Hong-Liu;Lu Wei-Chang;Liu Qi-Zhen;Chen Bang-Lin
    2005, 2005 (4):  37-42. 
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    The dilational viscoelasticity properties of gas-water interface of SDBS were investigated. The dependence of dilational modulus, dilational viscosity and phase angle on dilational frequency was expounded. The results showed that the microscopic relaxation model of the surface film was decided by diffusion-control model. Besides, the influence of temperature and concentration to the interfacial dilational properties of SDBS was also discussed, and the intrinsic relation between them was studied.
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    On Fundamental Problems about Flood Disasters and Flood Insurance in the Taihu Basin(Chinese)
    WANG Xiao-li;CHEN Xi-qing;ZHANG Er-feng
    2005, 2005 (4):  43-50. 
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    The Taihu Basin is currently one of the most developed areas in China.However,The flood hazards in this basin is severe and frequent because of its special physical and economic situation.As one of the most important components of nonstructural measures,flood insurance plays an important role in eco- nomic recovery after flood disaster.It is therefore necessary to develop flood insurance in the Taihu Basin as soon as possible.At the same time,the application of flood insurance in the Taihu Basin will also provide valuable experiences for flood insurance throughout of the country. Finally, based on the studies abort flood insurance both at home and abroad, the proposes some idea and the concrete steps for practicing flood insurance.
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    Development of the Plug-in GIS Software(Chinese)
    CUI Xiu-tao;;WU Jian-ping;ZHANG Wei-feng
    2005, 2005 (4):  51-58. 
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    This paper puts forward a “plug-in GIS development method” which divides the GIS software development into two parts:host development and plug-in development.Each part will be developed to comply with the COM specification.It will give the host a standard interface by using a plug-in connector,a plug-in can plug into the host by installing the plug-in.It realizes the“plug in and play”by the two steps. This paper introduces four aspects:the scheme of plug-in GIS development,the plug-in development,the standard interface creation of host system and the development of plug-in. In the end, a case is demonstrated to explain the whole development process.
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    Extracting Urban Cover and Background Information on ETM Images(Chinese)
    MENG Fei;;LIU Min;ZHANG Xin-yi
    2005, 2005 (4):  59-65,8. 
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    Owning to rapid economic development,land covers in urban areas,especially in Yangtze Delta, tend to change drastically in recent years.It is therefore,important to acquire the distribution of urban are- as and corresponding information.This study is focusing on the method of converting images into landuse covers from Landsat Enhanced Thematic Mapper(ETM).Firstly,it analyzes the mechanism of urban areas and other landuse types.Secondly,the model TM4-TM7<K1,TM5-TM4>K2 TM6>K3 is introduced and proved to be better. Thirdly, multi-step-classification method, masking the original image with the urban thematic layer, thus to get rid of urban information and go on extracting the left landuse information with best bands combination, is introduced and discussed.The proposed method proves to have many advantages over the conventional supervised classification method and NDBI method. It is more objective and faster than supervised classification method and can acquire a higher accuracy compared with NDBI method.
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    GIS for Pipe Underground in Campus and Its Spatial Data Accessing(Chinese)
    RUI Jian-xun;XU Jian-hua;LIAO Hong-juan;ZHOU Qiao-lan;
    2005, 2005 (4):  66-72. 
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    MapObjects are used to develop the underground pipe management GIS of Shanghai Normal University,a light and small GIS.The spatial features and attributes of the system are separated,and a component GIS database access mechanism is developed.
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    Comparative Investigation of Cytoskeleton Proteins between KAx-3 and AK127 Cells during Dictyostelium Development(Chinese)
    HOU Lian-sheng;FU Zou-min
    2005, 2005 (4):  73-77. 
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    Cell of Dictyostelium discoideum are trigged to undergo development when they are depleted their food source. Cell cytoskeleton proteins play an important role for completing the development of Dictyostelium discoideum. To study the change of cytoskeleton proteins during Dictyostelium discoideum development, we used the wild-type cells KAx-3 and mutant cells AK127; cytoskeleton ‘ghost’ have been prepared by biochemical extraction with TrotonX-100, cytoskeleton proteins were separated using SDS-PAGE and scan by BIO-PROFILE of VILBER LOURMAT. The datum showed that the 103.4kD、49.6kD、44.2kD、30.8kD、19.8kD and 13.5kD were shared by KAx-3 and AK127 cells; in that 44.2kD and 30.8kD were the most stable. They may take some support for cell development with other cytoskeleton proteins. The most different existed in some proteins, for example 87.2kD, 68.2kD and 40.7kD, those proteins can not be expressed in the mutant cells at the same developmental stage of wild type cells. This result indicates those proteins are required for Dictyostelium cells development. It is noteworthy that mutant cell showed the characteristic 21.1kD proteins after 12h development. These obvious difference related to the process of development, in other hand, also related to the mutant cell lacking gp150 protein.
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    Preliminary Study on Phylogenetic Relationships of Cypridocopina (Ostracoda: Podocopida) Based on 18S rDNA Sequences(Chinese)
    YU Na;ZHAO Mei-ying;CHEN Li-qiao;LI Kai
    2005, 2005 (4):  78-86. 
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    Nucleotide sequences for the 18S rDNA (1 720 bp) of 11 ostracoda species, representing 3 superfamilies and 5 families, were analyzed based on maximum parsimony (MP) and neighbor joining (NJ). The topologies of phylogenetic relationships gained by two analytic methods are similar. The results shown: 1) Cypridocopina forms a monophyletic group; 2)Close rationship between Pontocypridoidea and Macrocypridoidea can be postulated; 3)Cypridoidea is considered as a monophyletic group, but the rationships among cypridoidean families could not be resolved from 18S rDNA.
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    Monitoring Water Quality in Suzhou Creek Using  Dynamic Change of Periphyton Community(Chinese)
    GU Yong-jie;WANG Xiu-zhi;LIAO Zu-he
    2005, 2005 (4):  87-94,1. 
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    This paper investigates the relationship among the species composition, density of dominant species and community structure of periphytons, and water quality at eight transects along Suzhou Creek in different seasons. The results showed that the species number of periphyton was the greatest in summer and the density of dominant species was the highest in summer and autumn, and the water quality was generally consistent with the tendency of the changes both in the indices of diversity and evenness. There were significant negative correlations between the contents of N and P in water, and the indices of diversity, evenness, algae density, total biomass, while CODcr and BOD5 did not show any significant relationship with these four biological indices. According to above results, the pollution level was relatively low at the transects of Zhaotun and Huangdu, while relatively high at the tansects of Wuning Road and Beixinjing. With regard to the community structure, the dominant species at the upstream were mainly autotrophic algae while those at the middle and downstream were mainly heterotrophic animals, which indicates that the changes in the community structure could reflect the changes in water quality.
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    2005, 2005 (4):  95-97. 
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    2005, 2005 (4):  98-101. 
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    2005, 2005 (4):  102-105. 
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    2005, 2005 (4):  106-109. 
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    2005, 2005 (4):  110-112. 
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