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    2005, 2005 (5/6):  1-2. 
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    2005, 2005 (5/6):  3-4. 
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    2005, 2005 (5/6):  5-6. 
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    Publications and Citations of the Journal of ECNU in the Past 50 Years(Chinese)
    WANG Shan-ping;YUAN Mei-ying;YOU Li-qun
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  7-12. 
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    Publications and Citations of the Journal of East China Normal University (Natural Science Edition) is studied. The publication statistics of the journal since its establishment in 1955 is presented. Also presented are data of citations of the journal by CNKI during 1998~2005 and by SCI since 1980. The purpose of the study is to have a better understanding of our journal and to find ways to improve it.
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    Progress on Nanomaterial-based Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors(Chinese)
    JIN Li-tong;XIAN Yue-zhong;ZHANG Fen-fen
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  13-24. 
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    Nanomaterials are revolutionizing the development of sensors. Due to their quantum size effect and surface effect, the physical and other attributes of sensors can be improved by using nanomaterials. Moreover, application of nanostructured chemical or biosensors to their analyze multiple components in vivo is becoming available. Now, nanomaterial-based sensors have attracted considerable attention due to their excellent sensitivity, high selectivity and long-term stability. This review mainly focuses on the demonstration the nanomaterial-based electrochemical and biosensors developed by our research group. In addition, we also describe the progress on preparation and application of nanostructured sensors.
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    Magnetic Properties and Giant Magneto-impedance Effect of FINEMET Nanocrystalline Materials(Chinese)
    YANG Xie-long;ZHAO Zhen-jie;YUAN Wang-zhi;LIU Long-ping;WU Zhi-ming
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  25-39. 
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    This paper introduces preparation methods, soft magnetic properties and giant magneto-impedance effect of FINEMET nanocrystalline alloy;and give a detaied review on research and applications of giant magneto-impedance effect and its expectation.
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    A Survey of Managements of Non-indigenous Species via Ballast Water Transport(Chinese)
    CHEN Li-qiao;LI Yun-kai;HOU Jun-li;LI Kai;CHEN Yong
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  40-48. 
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    One of the most important mechanisms for the introduction of non-indigenous organisms is transport in ship ballast water. By analyzing the situation of ballast water usage in ship-transport and the negative impacts of introduced marine organisms via ballast water transport on ecosystems ,economic deveopment and public health, comparing with the treatments using and being researched on preventing transport of the non-indigenous invaders, it is found out that there are advantages and prospects of quantitative risk assessment associated with eco-models on treating ballast water introductions. This may give some qualitative and quantitative evaluations on suggestions to the Chinese ballast water managements.
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    large The Idea of Six Sigma and the Use of Statistics(Chinese)
    PU Xiao-long;LIU Fei
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  49-53. 
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    This article discusses the use of Statistics in industry and introduces the famous six sigma management. It is pointed out that six sigma is a goal to continuously improve the product quality, while statistical method plays an important role in it. The future of statistical method connects to six sigma is discussed.
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    Simple Root Systems For Certain Primitive Reflection Groups(Chinese)
    WANG Li
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  54-62,7. 
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    In [1, 1.7], Shi defined an equivalent relation on the set of all simple root systems of a finite complex reflection group G. Shi also gave all non-equivalent simple root systems of G with G ∈{G12, G24}. In this paper, we found all the non-equivalent simple root systems of G with G ∈{G13,G22,G27,G29,G31,G33}.
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    Presentations for the Primitive Pomplex Reflection Group G27(Chinese)
    WANG Li
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  63-71. 
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    In [1, 1.9], Shi defined a congruent relation on the set of all presentations of a finite complex reflection groups G. Shi also gave all the non-congruent presentations of G with G∈{G12, G24,G25, G26} and proved that all those presentations he gave are essential[1, 7.1]. In this paper, we found all the non-congruent essential presentations of G27.
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    Perturbation Analysis of the Generalized Bott-Duffin Inverse of L-zero Matrices(II)(English)
    ZHANG Xin-fa;CHEN Guo-liang;XUE Yi-feng
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  72-78. 
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    Let L be a subspace of Fn and PL be the orthogonal projection of Fn onto L, where F=C or R. Let A be an n×n matrix. In this paper,we will give the perturbation analysis of the generalized Bott-Duffin inverse A(L)(+)=PL(APL+I-PL)+ when A and L have small perturbation. Using this result, we establish a perturbation analysis to the least squares solution of the system Ax+ B*y=b, Bx=d under certain small perturbation of A and B.
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    Oscillatory, Bounded and Monotone Properties of A kind of Delay Second-order Differential Equations(Chinese)
    ZHANG Xiao-xia
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  79-84,1. 
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    Some new results are obtained for the oscillatory, bounded and monotone properties of solutions of forced second-order quaslinear equation (p(t -τ )(y'(t - τ))α)' = q(t)yβ(t) + r(t),t ≥ t0, where,t0 and τ are all nonnegative real numbers, when t ≥ t0,p(t) is a postive real continuous function,r(t) is a real continuous function, q(t) is a nonnegative real continuous function and q(t)is not zero function , α and β are quotients of odd positive integers.

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    Upper-embeddability of Special Bipartite Graphs(Chinese)
    Wu Xiang-qun;REN Han;Lü Chang-qing
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  85-89,1. 
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    Liu and Nebesky have independently provided different necessary and sufficient conditions for the upper embeddability of graphs. This paper mainly investigates the upper embeddability of bipartite graphs. We prove the following result:(1)Let G=(X,Y;E)and G3=(V(G3),E(G3)), where V(G3)=V(G),E(G3)=E(G)∪{e=xy|dG(x,y) = 3,x∈ X,y∈ Y}, then G3 is up-embeddable; (2)Let G=(X,Y;E),|X|=|Y|=n(n≥ 3), for every pair of x∈ X,y∈ Y with dG(x,y)=3, such that d(x)+d(y)≥ n+1,then G is up-embeddable.
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    Robust and Non-Fragile H∞ Control for Uncertain Stochastic Discrete-delay Large-Scale Systems(Chinese)
    ZHANG Xiao-mei;ZHENG Yu-fan
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  90-96. 
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    This paper deals with the problem of obust and non-fragile H control for uncertain tochastic discrete-delay large-scale systems. The ncertainties of the system are assumed to be time-varying norm-bounded. The aim is the design of a robust and non-fragile H decentralized state feedback controller for the systems with additive controller gain variations,which ensures the robust stochastic stability and a prescribed H performance level for the resulting closed-loop system, in spite of the uncertainties and the time delays. Based on the Lyapunov method, a sufficient condition for the existence of such a state feedback controller is obtained in terms of linear matrix inequalities(LMIs).

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    Robust State Feedback Control for Discrete-time Systems with Input and State Delays(Chinese)
    TANG Hong-ji;ZHANG Xiao-mei;CHEN Shu-zhong
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  97-102. 
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    The problem of the robust state feedback control for a class of discrete time systems with state and input delays is studied. Based on Lyapunov stability theory and linear matrix inequality approach, a delay-dependent sufficient condition for the stability of the system is given.A controller satisfying the requirement of design can be obtained by solving a linear matrix inequality(LMI). A numerical example is given to illustrate the effectiveness of the method.
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    Stability Analysis of Linear Sampled-data Systems(Chinese)
    DAI Hao-hui;CHEN Shu-zhong;WANG Zi-ming
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  103-110. 
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    In this paper, the sufficient condition of stability of linear sampled-data systems was discussed. After analyzing the solution of linear sampled-data system in details, we found that increasing the order of approximate discrete time system will obtain and improve the stability of linear sampled-date system. To any sample period, there is one smallest order of approximate discrete time system. And the existence of sample controller is ensured by the controllability of the original systems.
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    Multirate Sampled-Data Stability of Nonlinear Systems with Quantization(Chinese)
    CHEN Xiao-qin;WANG Zhi-ming
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  111-118. 
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    This paper studies the stability of multirate sampled-data nonlinear systems with quantization. Under the assumption of the Schur stability of the coefficient matrix for its linearized sampled-data systems without quantization, we have shown that the multirate sampled-data systems without quantization is uniformly asymptotic stable and the multirate sampled-data systems with the constrained quantization is stable in the sense of the uniform ultimate boundedness. Finally, the difference in the response of the multirate sampled-data systems with no quantization and the systems with quantization can be made as small as desired by selecting the quantization level sufficiently small.
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    The Power Function of the Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test for Analyzing Unreplicated Factorial Designs(English)
    CHEN Ying
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  119-125. 
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    This paper determines, under the condition that errors are normally distributed, the exact power function of the generalized likelihood ratio test proposed by Al-Shiha and Yang[1] for analyzing unreplicated factorial experiments. And then makes it possible to compare the powers of different test methods.
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    The Consistence and Valuation of Pensions Based on Options(Chinese)
    WEM Li-min;HAN Tian-xiong
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  126-131. 
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    The private pension scheme includes three types of classical forms: defined benefit, defined contribution and targeted money purchase. None of three dominates the others uniformly. This paper shows that the three types of funded pension scheme are related to each others through a set of options on the underlying financial assets held in the fund. We also give the valuation of these options; and give a contribution principle under which the optimal contribution rate on a DB pension scheme is obtained.
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    2005, 2005 (5/6):  132-134. 
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    2005, 2005 (5/6):  135-137. 
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    Adsorption of 4-Nitroaniline and N,N-dimethylaniline on Carbon Nanotubes(Chinese)
    GENG Cheng-huai;CHENG Rong-ming;XU Xue-cheng;CHEN Yi-wei
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  138-142. 
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    The thermodynamic characteristics and mechanism of 4-nitroaniline and N,N-dimethylaniline adsorption by carbon nanotubes were studied and the adsorption isotherm line at different temperature were determined . The results showed that the adsorption of 4-nitroaniline and N,N-dimethylaniline accorded with Freundlich model well and that the adsorption is spontaneous , exothermic and decreasing entropy process. The process is physical adsorption.
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    Preparation of Entangled Squeezed Coherent States(Chinese)
    LI Jin-fang;ZHANG Zhi-jun;MA Lei
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  143-146. 
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    A scheme was presented for the generation of bipartite and multipartite entangled squeezed coherent states. In the scheme, a V-type three-level atom was sent through many single-mode cavities filled with squeezed coherent field. The whole system was entangled via the atom-cavity Raman interaction. Then detection the atom leaves the cavity system in an entangled state.
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    Molecular Ionic Density Diagnosis in Glow Discharge by Velocity Modulation Spectroscopy(Chinese)
    GONG Tian-lin;;YANG Xiao-hua;HAN Liang-kai;CHEN Yang-qin
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  147-151,. 
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    The density of molecular ions together with the temperature and the electric intensity in the positive column can be diagnosed when studying the dependence of spectral intensity and line-width on some experimental parameters by velocity modulation spectroscopy. The ionic density was theoretically and experimentally studied in this paper, and the good agreement suggests that the velocity modulation spectroscopy can non-intrusively diagnose the ionic density in plasma.
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    Giant Magneto-impedance Effects in Nanocrystalline Composite Glass-coated Microwires(Chinese)
    WANG Rui-li;ZHAO Zhen-jie;YUAN Wang-Zhi;RUAN Jian-zhong;LIU Long-ping;YANG Xie-long
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  152-156. 
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    Composite structured samples of glass-coated Fe-based nanocrystalline wires deposited with a layer of copper by magnetron sputtering method were prepared. The giant magneto-impedance effect (GMI) observed from the samples was carried out as ac driving current flowed through ferromagnetic core, copper shell, and both of the core and shell, respectively. It is found that the maximum GMI frequency decreases from 80 MHz to 60 MHz with copper layer when the current flows through ferromagnetic core. The onset GMI freqwency is also decreased. The results show the electromagnetic interaction between the shell layer and the core.

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    Refining Regional High Degree Geopotential Model by High Resolution Gravity Data(Chinese)
    WANG Qiang;CHEN Hua-an;
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  157-164. 
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    This paper focused on the method to improve existing global gravitational model including integral approach and tailored method. An improved 720 degree global gravitational model was estimated utilizing the high resolution gravity data in China.
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    Association Rules and Their Applications in Disaster Weather Forecasting(Chinese)
    QIU Jie;GUO Zhong-yang;SU Jun-yi;DAI Xiao-yan;LIN Hui
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  165-169. 
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    Based on generalizing concepts and algorithms of spatial association rule mining, the relationships between the trajectories of MCSs and their environmental physical field values were discussed using GMS brightness temperature and High Resolution Limited Area Analysis and Forecasting System (HLAFS) values provided by China National Satellite Meteorogical Center over the Tibetan Plateau, consequently, some important results were obtained.
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    An Interactive Visualization System for Tide and TidalCurrent Forecast Base d on IDL(Chinese)
    QIU Ying-hua;ZHU Shou-xian
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  170-176,. 
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    This paper developed an interactive visualization forecast system of tide and tidal current based on IDL (Interactive Data Language). The system utilized the forecast methods of harmonic analysis and numerical simulation of dynamics. By graphic user interface the system gets the parameters for calculation, and performs the forecast calculation by execute the numerical model program, displays the visualization result of forecast by utilizing IDL’s graphic system, and provides users the ability to adjust the ways of visualization freely by the IDL widgets.
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    Study of the Influence of Strong Storm Surges on Shanghai(Chinese)
    HU De-bao;GONG Mao-xun;KONG Ya-zhen
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  177-182. 
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    Based on the strong storm surge data from 1949 to 1999 that affected Shanghai regions and the storm-induced calamity data, the temporal and space distribution of strong and unusual strong storm surge process, and their disaster analysis are investigated. Several conclusions have been drawn as follows: 1) The origins of strong storm affecting Shanghai were mainly distributed in the range of 7~20 °N, 122~165 °E, 2) The strong storm surge processes attacking Shanghai happened mainly in August and September, 3) When a strong storm surge encountered astronomical tide, the upsurge often exceeded the alert water level and induced calamity, 4)The strong storm surges affecting Shanghai are mainly landing in Shanghai, Zhejiang and west turning in the sea, 5) The unusual strong storm surge attacking Shanghai happened once about 10 years.
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    Effects of the Hydrolysate of Nitrogen Sources on Transglutaminase by Streptomyces(Chinese)
    CHANG Zhong-yi ;YANG Xue-xia;ZHUANG Xiao-hui;HUANG Xiu-qin;GAO Hong-liang
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  183-187. 
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    The effect of hydrochloric acid hydrolysis of soybean cake powder and cottonseed powder under different pressure were investigated on MTGase production by Streptomyces.The results showed that hydrolysate of soybean cake powder in high pressure served as favorable source.MTGase activity could reach 3.86 μmol/(min•mL).The optimum of hydrolysis of soybean cake powder is followed:suitable concentration of hydrochloric acid is 3 mol/L,hydrodysis time is 4 hours. The experimental results showed that the most suitable fermentation medium consisted of 1.0% peptone,1.5% hydrolysate of soybean cake powder.
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    Study on Bryophytes in Evergreen Broadleaved Forests ofDaweishan Nature Reserve, Yunnan Province, China(Chinese)
    ZHAI De-cheng;YANG Li-qiong;ZHU Rui-liang
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  188-197. 
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    This paper deals with floristics and the ecological distribution of bryophytes in the evergreen broadleaved forests of Daweishan Nature Reserve (22°28′~22°45′ N, 103°39′~103°51′ E) by means of the Point Central Quarter Method. A total of 134 species representing 34 families and 66 genera were reported, among them 59 species (44.0% of the total) belonging to East Asian elements, and 53 species (39.6%) to tropical ones. The ecological distribution of bryophytes in the evergreen broadleaved forests of Daweishan Nature Reserve can be divided into four main types: (1) Epixylophytia (2) Geophytia; (3) Petrophytia; (4) Epiphyllitia. By Kroeber′s percentage of similarity, the index of similarity is high among Daweishan Nature Reserve , Baishanzu Nature Reserve and Huaping Nature Reserve at the level of family and genus. It, however, is low at species level. Chinese names of eight species, Brotherella complanata, Brotherella curvirostris, Clastobryopsis robusta, Sinskea flammeum, Sinskea phaea, Toloxis semitorta, Trachycladiella aurea and Trachycladiella sparsa, are newly given.
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    2005, 2005 (5/6):  198-201. 
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    2005, 2005 (5/6):  202-204. 
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    2005, 2005 (5/6):  205-207. 
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    Longnian Lin;;Remus Osan;Shy Shoham; Wenjun Jin;Wenqi Zuo;Joe Z. Tsien;
    2005, 2005 (5/6):  208-216. 
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