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    Decomposition of Indefinite Inner ProductH-normal Matrices(Chinese)
    Sheng Xing-ping;Chen Guo-liang
    2005, 2005 (2):  1-5,15. 
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    This paper study decompositions of H-normal matrices in indefinite inner product.The results of Gohberg and Reichstein are extend.
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    Large Graft and Algebraic Connectivity of Trees(Chinese)
    YIN Shu-hua;;SHU Jin-long;WU Ya-rong;
    2005, 2005 (2):  6-15. 
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    In this paper, the algebraic connectivity of trees is determined by grafting; meanwhile the relation between the algebraic connectivity and the diameter of two classes of trees is also determined.
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    Crossing Number of Certain Circular Graphs(English)
    LU Jun-jie;WU Ya-rong;REN Han
    2005, 2005 (2):  16-21,2. 
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    This paper determines the exact values of circular graphs C(m,l)(5≤ m ≤ 12, l=3), using methods of drawing and removal edges.
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    Exact Analytical Solutions of Nonlinear Coupled Scalar Field Equations(Chinese)
    ZHU Ju-ning;YAO Ruo-xia;LI Zhi-bin
    2005, 2005 (2):  22-26. 
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    A system of nonlinear coupled scalar field equations is resolved on Maple, using a direct algebra method proposed recently by the authors; new and more general types of exact solutions are derived; and some mistakes made by other authors are corrected.
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    Feature Extraction Method for 12-Lead ECG Based on Wavelet Transform(Chinese)
    XU Jian-qiang;YUAN Zhen-dong;LI Gao-ping;LIN Jing-yu
    2005, 2005 (2):  27-32. 
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    An algorithm to extract features of electro-cardio-gram (ECG) signal based on wavelet multi-resolution analysis is developed. The wavelet transform is used for the segmentation and the feature extraction of ordinary 12-lead ECG. The support vector machine is used to classify the unknown ECG signal. The result shows that feature extraction technology has an optimistic prospect.
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    Calculation of Euclidean Distance between Vertices Based on VCC(Chinese)
    ZHANG Wei;CHEN You-guang;GU Guo-qing
    2005, 2005 (2):  33-38. 
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    This paper introduces the way of utilizing VCC to get the perimeter of an image region, the length and width of the minimum external rectangular (ab. MER) of the image and the size of the region occupied by the image. For digital images in square, triangular and hexagonal lattices, formulates respectively the methods of calculating the Euclid distance from vertex-chain-code of the region boundary.
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    Investigation of the Renormalization of Nucleon Scattering(Chinese)
    HUANG Jian-hua;YANG Ji-feng
    2005, 2005 (2):  39-45. 
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    The renormalization of nucleon scattering is studied in nonperturbative regime. The failure of the conventional subtractive program in nonperturbative context is analyzed. The nontrivial relevance of renormalization prescriptions in calculating phase shift and the importance of physical boundary conditions in determining the choice of the prescriptions are discussed in the nonperturbative parametrization and illustrated with an example in the partial wave channel .
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    Study on Characters of the Transmissive Gain Spectrum of H-PDLC Volume Grating and Its DGE Simulation(Chinese)
    BU Ling-bing;CAI Ji-guang;SHEN Guo-tu;YANG Bao-cheng
    2005, 2005 (2):  46-51. 
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    In this paper, characters of VPG’s transmissive gain spectrum were studied using numerical solution. Using these characters, the idea of a novel dynamic gain equalizer (DGE) was presented and the way how to simulate the DGE was given as well. From the simulation, it can be seen that such DGE works well.
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    Study on Microwave Plasma Excitation in a Cylindrical Cavity(Chinese)
    LIAO Bin;ZHANG Lian;AN Tong-yi;ZHU Shou-zheng
    2005, 2005 (2):  52-57. 
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    According to resonant theory, it was justified that TM01p was the main mode in a cylindrical cavity . Finite difference time domain(FD-TD)in cylindrical coordinate system was used to simulate the electromagnetic field distributions inside the reactor to improve performances. The experimental results are in good agreement with the theoretical predictions.
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    Effects of Pulsed Electric Field on Suspension Cultures ofTaxus chinensis (Chinese)
    YE Hong;HUANG Lin-ling;CHEN Shu-de;ZHONG Jian-jiang
    2005, 2005 (2):  58-64. 
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    Suspension culture of Taxus chinensis was used as a model plant cell system to study the effects of pulsed electric field (PEF) on cell growth and the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites. Different exposure time of PEF had different effects on Taxus chinensis cells in different cell growth phases. Significant intracellular enhanced accumulation of taxuyunnanine C (Tc, a bioactive secondary metabolite) was observed by exposing the cells in early exponential growth phase to a 30 min PEF. The Tc content increased by 30% after exposure to PEF, without any loss of dry cell weight compared with that of the control. Moreover, combination of PEF with sucrose feeding showed a great synergistic accumulative effect on secondary metabolite production.

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    Multicast Asynchrony Web Services in Distributed GIS(Chinese)
    REN Ming;BI Yu;WANG Cheng-dao
    2005, 2005 (2):  65-71. 
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    Beginning from the application of distributed geography information system and considering the situation in one call that a client requests several services, the model of multicast asynchrony RPC was pro-posed. And the functions of each component and their call relationship each other were discussed. Finally, the method based on the thread pool and asynchrony Web Services was introduced to implement this model.
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    DEM Simulation of Sediment Movement in the Baogang Dock Frontal Channel(Chinese)
    LI Mao-tian;CHEN Zhong-yuan;XUE Yuan-zhong;GU Qing-hua
    2005, 2005 (2):  72-77. 
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    the sediment variation in the Baogang dock frontal channel from 1994 to 2002 was simulated using DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and GIS (Geography Information System). The results were as fol-lowing: the Baogang dock channel was general character of erosional from 1994 to 2002, and the total erosion quantity is 113.563×106m3; the average rate of erosion was 14.195×106m3/a;From 1994 to 1999, the channel was erosional, and the total erosion quantity was 53.286×106m3; 1999 to 2002,Baogang dock channel was also erosional, and the total erosion quantity was 60.277×106m3. Sediment was distributing in the upside area about Shangduan Sand and the area between the Shangduan Sand and the New Liuhe Sand. The channel change was a result of the channel borderline conditions, water discharge, suspended sediment load and human activities. The continual movement of the Shanduan Sand to southeast exert potential pre-ssure on the development of Baogang dock.
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    On Standardization of Spatial Information System in Digital City(Chinese)
    WU Jian-ping;SUN Jian-zhong
    2005, 2005 (2):  78-84. 
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    Based on the key technology research of spatial information system for digital Shanghai, the paper put forward standard system of spatial information system and standard application methods, including of identical application,equivalent application and selective application. Finally, according to the guide of standard drafting, It was summarized the method of relative standards drafting in construction of spatial information system.
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    Determination of β-agonists in Meat Products by Capillary Electrophoresis with Electrochemical Detection(Chinese)
    GUAN Yue-qing;CHU Qing-cui;YE Jian-nong
    2005, 2005 (2):  85-90,9. 
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    A high-performance capillary electrophoresis with electrochemical detection (CE-ED) method has been applied for the determination of β-agonists, clenbuterol and salbutamol, in meat products. The effects of several factors such as the acidity and concentration of running buffer, the separation voltage, the applied potential and the injection time on CE-ED were investigated. Under the optimum conditions, these two components can be separated within 8 min at the separation voltage of 18 kV in a 40 mmol/L borax running buffer (pH 7.4). A 300 μm diameter carbon disk electrode was used as the working electrode positioned carefully opposite the outlet of the capillary in a wall-jet configuration at potential of +950 mV (vs. SCE). The response of clenbuterol and salbutamol was linear over two orders of magnitude with the detection limits (S/N=3) of 1.11×10-7 and 9.8×10-8 mol/L, respectively, and ascorbic acid does not interfere with the detection. The method has been successfully applied to analyze β-agonists in real-life samples, and the assay results were satisfactory.
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    Identification of Proteins from Tobacco Prevacuolar Compartment by Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis and Peptide Mass Fingerprinting(Chinese)
    MO Bei-xin;JIANG Li-wen
    2005, 2005 (2):  91-97. 
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    It is difficult for membrane proteins to get into 2-D gel because of their hydrophobic properties and the contaminations of carbohydrates in protein samples also affect the results of 2-D gel. The modified 2-D electrophoresis technique described in this paper overcomes these two difficulties, and have successfully separated proteins from sucrose gradient ultracentrifugation and got membrane proteins into 2-D gel. Proteomic analysis was then performed on proteins from prevacuolar compartment. Around 200 protein spots were separated on the 2-D gel, 23 protein spots were cut out form the gel and subjected to MS/MS analysis. After database searching, 13 proteins did not hit matching proteins, with the 10 proteins that hit matching proteins, 4 of them have known protein function, 6 of which turned out to be unknown or unnamed proteins.
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    Studies on the Selection of Plasma VLDL Concentration for Low Egg Cholesterol Line(Chinese)
    LIU Ying;CHEN Li-qiao
    2005, 2005 (2):  98-102. 
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    The brown shell egg-type chickens had been used in this study to determine its plasma very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) concentration. After two generation divergent selection for plasma VLDL concentration, plasma high and low VLDL concentration groups had been established. The influences of divergent selection for plasma VLDL concentration on some correlated traits had been found. In plasma low VLDL concentration group, body weight, egg weight, albumin weight were slightly higher than that of the plasma high VLDL concentration group, while abdominal fat weight, yolk weight, ratio of yolk to egg weight, egg cholesterol content, egg cholesterol weight were lower than that of the plasma high VLDL concentration group(p>0.05). Only the difference of yolk and egg weight ratio was very significant (p<0.01) according to experimental results. The correlation coefficient between plasma VLDL concentration and these traits had been estimated, the estimated correlation coefficient between plasma VLDL concentration and egg weight, albumin weight were negative, however the positive estimated correlation coefficient between plasma VLDL concentration and body weight, abdominal fat weight, yolk weight, ratio of yolk to egg weight, egg cholesterol content, and egg cholesterol weight had been found, indicating that the selection for low egg cholesterol group using plasma VLDL concentration as an indirect selection index was practicable, and further selection and research are necessary.
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    2005, 2005 (2):  103-105. 
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    2005, 2005 (2):  106-108. 
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    2005, 2005 (2):  109-112. 
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