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    Saltwater intrusion in the Changjiang Estuary in the extremely drought hydrological year 2006
    ZHU Jian-rong;WU Hui;LI Lu;WANG Biao
    2010, 2010 (4):  1-6. 
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    It was observed that the extremely low discharges of the Changjiang River, caused by a serious drought in the river’s basin in summer 2006, made a strong saltwater spring over the North Branch in the Changjiang Estuary occured in that year 3 months earlier than usual. The salinity at surface was higher than the one at bottom in the South Branch near the bifurcation of the South and North branches, vertical stratification was obvious, whereas the salinity was vertical homogeneous in the other place of the South Branch due to the strong vertical tidal mixing. Due to the effect of saltwater spilling over from the North Branch into the South Branch and salinity accumulation, the occurred time of the maximum salinity at the Chongtou was about 3 days later than that of the highest tidal level at Qinglonggang, and it took about 2 days for the spilling over saltwater to the downstream Chenhang reservoir by the river discharge.
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    Climate changes and their influence on the massbalances of GlacierNo.1 in the headwater of Urumqi River, Tianshan, China
    SHEN Qi;XU Jian-hua;WANG Zhan-yong;WANG Fei-teng
    2010, 2010 (4):  7-15. 
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    Based on the daily data of temperature, rainfall, flow and relative humidity, this paper attempted to show the characters of climate change at Urumqi Glacier No. 1 in recent 10 years by wavelet analysis. Furthermore, grey entropy relational analysis was used to study the correlation between the glacier mass balances and various meteorological elements. The results indicated that: (1)at the scale of 4 d, 16 d, 32 d and 64 d, the changes of meteorological factors in the study area have three major characteristics represented by stages, periodicity, and weak trend; (2)at a wider time scale, there is a non-symmetry change between the maximum and the minimum of temperatures; (3)during the period of 1996-2004, the glacier mass balance is mainly affected by the temperature factors; (4) the precipitation from September to May(the balance year) is the main source of Glacier accumulation.
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    Analysis of storm surge’s process under the influence of waves
    CHEN Hua-wei;GE Jian-zhong;DING Ping-xing
    2010, 2010 (4):  16-25. 
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    Four typhoon storm surges which affected Changjiang Estuary and its adjacent seas seriously during 2007—2008 were computed by using a 2D storm surge prediction model set up by Hu et al, and the effects of waves on storm surges were discussed. It was found by comparison that the impact of waves on storm surges depends on typhoon’s tracks, locations, and different times. The precision of predication of storm surges can be improved if the influence of waves on storm surges is considered in the days around typhoons’ landing. When a typhoon was close to the shore, the waves broken and affected the storm surge, so it is more reasonable to take account of the influence of waves. It’s necessary to compute waves for the south landing and northwards typhoons.
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    Artificial neural network classification of wetland integrating GIS data: A case study of Dongtan wetland in Chongming, Shanghai
    LI Xiao-dong;GUO Zhong-yang;ZHU Yan-ling;DAI Xiao-yan
    2010, 2010 (4):  26-34. 
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    This paper took Dongtan wetland in Chongming Island, Shanghai, as a case study; using the PCA outputs of TM surface feature spectrum, NDVI, MNDWI, DEM and the GIS data as inputting elements of an Artificial Neural Network (ANN), combined with improved BP algorithm, an ANN classification was applied to the Dongtan wetland. The results show that the ANN classification method improves the classification accuracy, and can effectively distinguish those objects with similar TM spetra.
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    Approxnatural ecological restoration engineering and effectivenessanalysis of degraded Liwa Creek ecosystems
    LI Jing-wen;SHI Wen;YU Li-fan;LUO Hong;DA Liang-jun;;SHEN Kungen
    2010, 2010 (4):  35-43. 
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    Based on the eutrophication status and river channel characteristics of Liwa Creek, with the establishment of threedimentional plant communities and animal communities, the approxnatrual restoration engineering was carried out after traditional environmental engineering techniques. By comparing the changement of water quality, plant and animal communities in Liwa Creek before and after the engineering, the effects of this approxnatural restoration engineering were validated in this paper. The results show that after oneyear’s approxnatural restoration engineering measurement, TN and TP dropped respectively to 0.41 mg/L and 0.03 mg/L; contents of chlorophyll a dropped to 7.86 μg/L; Water quality was improved to a large degree, changing from the original class V to class Ⅱ standard. Besides, with the direct introduction of zoo benthos which filter feeding algae, Silver carp and bighead carp, biodiversity of animal communities is improved to a certain degree during the regulation of algae biomass. Practice proves that approxnatural restoration engineering is effective in the case of Liwa Creek based on low cost, which can finally be promoted during the approxnatural restoration practice of urban ecosystem.
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    Distribution and characteristics of the mossy dwarf forests in China
    XU Jie;WANG Xi-hua
    2010, 2010 (4):  44-57. 
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    Based on plots investigation and literatures of the mossy dwarf forests, this study tried to determine their distribution in China, analyzed the species composition and floristic geographic elements of this kind of forests, and calculated the similarity among communities. The results showed that these communities scattered in a large areas of southern provinces as “islands” in China, with the northern boundary located in the Funiu Mountain in Henan Province. The distribution sites appeared to vary with threestep topography in China and altitude in every specific mountain. The floristic composition which included 16 species of Pteridophytes and 251 species of Spermatophytes was not complicated. The floristic arealtype elements were affected by tropical and subtropical flora,and also influenced by temperate. From east to west, significant differences was found to exist in mossy dwarf forest communities: in the east the similarity was higher while the richness 〖JP2〗was lower in the eastern and northern part. In view of the unique habitats and particular distribution of these communities, more attention should be paid to the protection of this type of ecosystem and further studies are needed.
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    Differences of microbial amounts on plant roots and packing biofilms in the biological grid
    YU Rui-zhang;ZHANG Hui;JIANG Jun;SHEN Ye-hong; YANG Qing-hai;LI Xiu-yan
    2010, 2010 (4):  58-66. 
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    The designed device mainly consisted of combined packing, Cannas, and aquatic animals. Water from Suining Creek, a tributary of the Suzhou Creek in Shanghai, was used as experimental water. Differences of microbial amounts on plant roots and packing biofilms in the device was analyzed to find the mechanisms of microorganisms in the system. The resluts show that the mineralization, amination, nitrification and denitrification may complete at the same time, with the mineralization, amination, nitrification mainly on the surface of plant roots, and the denitrification mainly on the filling material. The plant roots and the filling material provide appropriate natural environment for heterotrophic bacteria, nitrifying bacteria and denitrifying bacteria. The total amounts of heterotrophic bacteria on the surface of per unit mass plant roots are about ten times more than those on the surface of the filling material. Plant could provide root with oxygen, hence, nitrifying bacteria amounts on the surface of per unit mass roots and of the filling material are: roots>filling material of experimental group>filling material of control group. But for the denitrifying bacteria, it behaves: filling material of control group>filling material of experimental group>roots. The amounts and types of microfauna on roots are more than those on the packing films, whose diversity index were 2.16 and 2.08 respectively.
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    Influences of aeration and packing types on the biofilm microbialcommunity of biological grid device
    LI Xiu-yan;ZHANG Yan;LIU Jun;LI Hua-zhi
    2010, 2010 (4):  67-76. 
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    A biological grid device, consisting of hydrophytes and packings, was constructed to reinforce treatment of eutrophic river water. A pilot scale experiment was performed to study the influences of aeration and packing types on pollutant removal and characteristics of microbial community on biomembrane. Seven reaction tanks were parallelly connected and the process was continuously influent and effluent, with water inflow designed to be 6 m3· d-1. The results show that packings, working as microbial carriers, have important roles on pollutant removal. Reaction tanks with packings have higher removal efficiencies of COD,Cr,total N and NH+4,N, with 42.1%~52.2%, 24.4%~47.8% and 58.7%~71.4% higher than those with none packing tanks, respectively. Compared with suspended packings, combined packings and the new type packings have complicated microsetting, thus have higher removal efficiencies of total N. At the same time, intermittent aeration have higher pollutant removal efficiency for all three packings than none aeration ones. ERIC-PCR fingerprinting analysis shows that similar band patterns have been found from biofilm samples of the three kinds of packings before the maturity of biofilms. Along with the maturity of biofilms and system stabilization, biofilm band patterns are divided into two types,suspended carriers have one kind and the combined packings as well as the new type packings have the other. At the same time, microbial population diversity increases and pollutant removal efficiency goes up for all the three packings types. Intermittent aeration tanks (No. 3 and No. 5) have more microbial population diversity than none aeration ones (No. 2 and No. 4), which are in favor of pollutant removal. Therefore,along with stable operation,microbial population diversity index increases and system is in good condition.
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    Clone, expression of allantoicase gene from Dictyostelium disc-oideum and preparation of polyclonal antibody against ALC
    CHEN Neng-xing;WEI Xiao-jing;LIU Wei;HOU Lian-sheng
    2010, 2010 (4):  77-84. 
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    The coding region of allCis obtained from total mRNA of Dictyostelium discoideumby RT-PCR. The results show that the length of allC is 1 100 bp with sequence analysis and coded protein is 42 kD.Becase it is a differentially expression fragments, indicating that the gene play an important role in multicellular development and allC was cloned into the fusion expression vector pET-32a(+) with 6 His tagged and expressed in E. coli BL21 (DE3) host cells. and then purified by Ni2+ affinity chromatography column and fusion protein purified was used to immune the New Zealand rabbits for preparing polyclonal antibody. The fusion protein was successfully expressed and polyclonal antibody was also successfully obtained. The potency of the antibody was as high as 1∶64 000. The specificity of antibody was proved by Western Blotting analysis of expression product of allC. These data suggest ALC fusion protein has the good antigenicity. The antibody with high titer and specificity was obtained in the satisfaction of Western blot and localization experiment request , which was the foundation to farther study the characters of the allantoicase protein and their function during Dictyostelium discoideumdevelopment.
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    Screening the suppressors of uro by EMS mutagenesis and Ac/Dstransposon system
    ZHANG Liang;YANG Yang;SUN Yue;XU Yanfei;YU Chen;ZHOU Wei;TANG Hongbo;LI Xiaofang
    2010, 2010 (4):  85-91. 
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    It was suggested that URO function might be associated with auxinmediated plant development. In order to know the role and the genetic net work ofURO gene, suppressors(double mutants with suppressed phenotype of uromutant) were screened through EMS mutagenesis and Ac /Ds transposon system. Several suppressors have been selected, validated and further analyzed. These suppressors will provide important clews for the function network of URO gene.
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    Preparation of Grifola frondosa polysaccharide sulfatedderivatives and their inhibitory effects on HMEC migration
    MAO Yi-rong;ZHANG Yi;ZHANG Hong-xia;WENG Liang;ZHANG Hong-feng
    2010, 2010 (4):  92-102. 
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    Polysaccharides from Grifola frondosa (GFP) were extracted by hot water and precipitated by 95% EtOH. GFP1-F,GFP1-M and GFP1-L were further purified by DEAE-cellulose and Sephadex G-100 subsequently from GFP. GFP1-F,GFP1-M and GFP1-L were glucan with molecular weight 1.09×10^5, 1.93×10^4 and 2.76×10^3 Da. GFP1-FS, GFP1-MS and GFP1-LS were polysaccharide sulfates obtained from GFP1-F,GFP1-M and GFP1-L with chlorosulfonic acidpyridine. The IR spectrum of GFP1-FS,GFP1-MS and GFP1-LS showed the characteristic absorptions of sulfate ester bond at 1 230 cm^-1and 810 cm^-1 . The 13C-NMR results indicated the modification mainly occurred at C-6 of the polysaccharide sulfates. GFP1-MS had the greatest sulfated degree with DS 1.07, while DSs of GFP1-FS and GFP1-LS were 0.66 and 0.61 respectively. The scratching assay suggested that 73.33%,34.17% and 67.21% cells migrated to scratching area compared with control after 24hour treatment of 1 000 μg/mL GFP1-FS, GFP1-MS and GFP1-LS respectively. So that all the three sulfated derivatives had inhibitory effects on HMEC migration, especially GFP1-MS had the strongest activity which may be related with its complicated branch structure.
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    SKF83959 regulates locomotion activity and anxiety in rats
    DU Dan;ZHANG Shuang;DONG Su-zhen
    2010, 2010 (4):  103-110. 
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    To investigate the effects of the selective agonist of dopamine D1-like receptors SKF83959 in locomotion activity, anxiety, and learning and memory,3monthold male rats were randomly divided into two groups:drugadministrated group in which SKF83959 was injected (i.p. 1.0 mg/kg), and control group in which PBS buffer with equivalent volume was employed instead of SKF83959. Behavioral tests were then conducted. SKF83959 administration induced a significant increase in both total move times and total move time, as revealed by open field test. In elevated plus maze test, rats in drugadministrated group exhibited much longer time staying in the close arms, with significant decreases in entries to total arms, the open arms and the close arms. However, fear conditioning test showed no difference in fear memory between drugadministrated group and control group. The results indicate that SKF83959 can enhance the locomotion and anxiety. However, it does not affect the fear memory in rats.
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    IRF7 expression and its association with systemic lupus erythematosus
    MIAO Qian;TANG Yuan-jia;HUANG Xin-fang;QIAN Xiao-xia;HUANG Xiu-qin;SHEN Nan;
    2010, 2010 (4):  111-117. 
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    To explore the relationship between the expressions of interferon regulatory factor 7 (IRF7) and the pathogenesis of SLE in Chinese Han cohort, the IRF7 mRNA expression levels in peripheral blood of patients and normal individuals were tested by using realtime quantitative PCR technique, and then were compared with the IFN level in serum, IFN score and SLEDAI score. It is demonstrated that the expression level of IRF7 mRNA in SLE patients is significantly increased, and is positively correlated with the IFN level in serum, IFN score and SLEDAI score. So it is concluded that the increase of IRF7 expression may excessively activate the interferon pathway and lead to SLE.
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    Thyroid disrupting effects of perfluorooctane sulfonate on Xenopus laevis
    LIU Jun-qi;LIU Qing-po;CAO Qing-zhen;QIAN Li-juan;GUO Su-zhen;SHI Hua-hong
    2010, 2010 (4):  118-124. 
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    The amphibian metamorphosis assay (AMA) was used to detect thyroid disrupting effects of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS). Xenopus laevis tadpoles at stage 51 were exposed to 10, 50 and 250 μg·L-1 PFOS. The growth, metamorphosis and thyroid histology were observed. After 7 days of exposure, the hind limb lengths were decreased by 11%~18%, and 1 or 2 developmental stages were delayed in treatment groups compared with the control. After 19 days of exposure, the body weights were increased by 10%~20%, the body lengths were increased by 4%~6%, and the hind limb lengths were decreased by 12%~13% in treatment groups. PFOS decreased the number of thyroid follicles, in which cell hyperplasia, colloid depletion and vacuolation were observed. These results suggested that PFOS inhibited the development and increased the growth of X laevis. According to AMA, our results indicated that PFOS was an antithyroid hormone disrupting chemical.
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    α-Halogenation of carbonyl compounds with 1,3-dihalo-5,5-dimethylhydantoin
    CHEN Zi-zhan;GUAN Xi-xia;ZHENG Zu-biao;ZOU Xin-zhuo
    2010, 2010 (4):  125-130. 
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    α-Bromination of aliphatic ketones using 1,3-dibromo-5,5-dimethylhydantoin (DBDMH) in methanol at room temperature was described. α-Chlorination of aliphatic ketones, β-keto-esters and malonic ester using 1,3-dichloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin (DCDMH) and p-toluenesulfonic acid in acetonitrile at 25 ℃ was also reported. β-Keto-esters and dimethyl malonate give α-monochloroproducts in high yields (87%~96%).
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    Study on the synthesis,crystal structure and thermal stability of [Zn(IBG)(H2O)3]·2H2O
    XU Han;LI Yi-zhi
    2010, 2010 (4):  131-136. 
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    The complex [Zn(IBG)(H2O)3]·2H2O (H2IBG= isophthaloylbisglycine) was synthesized and its crystal structure was characterized by X-ray diffraction. The compound crystallizes in orthorhombic crystal system, space group C222(1), with Mr=431.65,a=0.693 01(14) nm,b=0.772 56(14) nm,c=23.006 4(6) nm, V=1.609 61 nm^-3,Z=4,Dc=1.781 g·cm^-3,F(000)=888.0. The molecular structures are stabilized by hydrogen bonds. The title compound was measured by IR, thermogravimetric analysis and XRD.
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