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    Study on reserve site selection by simulated annealing algorithm: An example from the Great Blue Mountain World Heritage Area
    ZHANG Kun;XU Shi yuan;WANG Jun
    2010, 2010 (2):  1-8. 
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    The reserve siteselection problem is how to minimize the cost of the reserve system while satisfying certain conservation goals. To solve this problem, simulated annealing algorithm is widely used. Take the Great Blue Mountain World Heritage Area (GBMWHA) as an example, this paper studied the distribution of myrtacea in the 100 kilometers buffer area of GBMWHA. The aim is focused on the compactness of the reserve system. We experimented variety parameters of the objective function,namely the boundary length modifier (BLM). The results show that, a more compact portfolio could be achieved at the expense of larger area. But the compact system has shorter boundary, thus is easier to manage.
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    Analysis of system characteristics and vulnerability of rainstorm hazards in Shanghai
    LU Min;LIU Min;QUAN Rui song;ZHANG Li jia;WANG Jing jing
    2010, 2010 (2):  9-15. 
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    Based on nearly 30 years rainstorm data, this paper did dynamic research on the exposure, vulnerability of the Shanghai urban system under the impact of rainstorms. Under the rainstorm environment, the evolution process characteristic of the system was also studied. The result showed that the amount and the intensity of rainstorm indicate a significantly increasing tendency in recent 30 years; the rainstorm increased the hazard of urban waterlogging. While the impact of urban flood disaster caused by low intensity rainstorm is slight, extreme rainstorms still bring great threat to the city. In urban construction and development process, social system change, such as the design and the improvement of drainage capacity, rebuilding of old district and the improvement of housing standards, reduced urban waterlogging hazards and vulnerabilities. However, with the development of the urban area, new weak and hazardous regions emerge, thus it is necessary to contnue doing dynamic analysis on the disaster vulnerability of the system.
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    Dynamic evaluation of land use intensity in Taian city
    YANG Jiong;WANG Wei
    2010, 2010 (2):  16-25. 
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    An evaluation index system for the central area land in Taian city Shandong province was built, including three layers (Target, Criteria and Element Layers) and 11 indices (the investment in fixed assets, road paving, total employees, all government revenue, the total turnover of all consumer goods, GDP, per capita GDP, urban land use area per capita, per capita living space, green coverage, per capita public green land of a certain area). The integrated score of three different periods of land intensive use in 1990, 2000 and 2007 was calculated, using a multifactor comprehensive evaluation model. The results showed that the intensive utilization of builtup areas land was increased in Taian. Some factors, such as investment in fixed assets, all government revenue, GDP, per capita GDP and per capita public green land, condributed significantly to the improvement of intensive utilization of land, while other factors, such as all road paving, employees, green coverage in a certain area, have not so significant contributions.
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    Spring avian community characteristics in Fuling and its ecological perspective for regional reserve
    WU Shao bin;FANG Ping;HAN Zong xian;LUO Zhu kui;LI Hong qun;ZHANG Yan;WU Sha
    2010, 2010 (2):  26-33. 
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    By the method of line transect, a bird survey was conducted in Fuling, Chongqing China, in the springs during 20062008. According to the habitat characteristics, the avian communities were classified into four catalogues: water area community, secondary forest community, residential area community, and farmland community. A total of 96 bird species was recorded, including 4 species with important values from 200 to 300 and 38 widely distributed ones. The secondary forest habitat has the highest species richness and index of ShannonWiener. Avian communities in the water area, water areafarmland, and forestresidential area have the highest Pielou index, Jaccard index, and Cosine index, respectively. Impacts affecting birds in Fuling arise mainly from the irrational agriculture configure and industrial pollution. The study suggested that Natural Forest Protection Projects should be advocated and practiced.
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    Change characteristics of major ions and their influence factors in Yangtze Estuary in recent years
    LI Dan;DENG Bing;ZHANG Guosen;ZHANG Yingying
    2010, 2010 (2):  34-42. 
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    The geochemistry of major ions(Ca2+,Mg2+,Na+,K+,HCO32-
    ,SO42-,Cl-,NO3-和SiO32-)in the Yangtze River was studied, based on the monthly monitoring data at Xuliujing station for the period of 2004-2008 and the investigation result of the Yangtze River in September 2008. The study found that the concentration of main ions varies clearly in different seasons, with a negative correlation with the discharge of the River. But the difference of the concentration is less clearly than that of the discharge. There is a persistently increasing in the concentrations of K+, Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Cl-, NO3-, SO42-and the ratio of hardness/alkalinity; especially the concentration of SO42-and the ratio of hardness/alkalinity have a more obvious increasing trend. In contrast, the concentration of SiO32-and HCO3-show a decreasing trend. The changes of major ions mainly result from the environment acidification, the pollution emissions by human, the cyclic salt from sea, the preserved effect by reservoirs establishments etc.
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    Effects of application rates of N,P fertilizer on yield and nitrate accumulation in lettuce
    ZHANG Jun guo;DA Liang jun;ZHANG Cai xian;NIAN Yao ping;XIA Ti yuan;
    2010, 2010 (2):  43-49. 
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    An experiment was carried out on field to investigate the relationship between the yield, nitrate accumulation and N,P fertilization level in lettuce. The yield of lettuce increased 32.4%, when the rates of N and P were reduced to 46.4% of that in high fertilizer groups. N and P, applied in proper combinations, are important factors for high yield of lettuce. The optimal level of nitrogen for high lettuce yield was 180~270 kg·hm-2,and that of phosphorus was 125~190 kg·hm-2. The content of nitrate in lettuce increased with the increasing of nitrogen levels of fertilizers. Appropriate phosphorus levels could restrain nitrate accumulation of lettuce. Proper N,P combinations could improve the quality of lettuce and increase yield.
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    Study on the relationship between water quality improvement and Nymphaea tetragona physiological diurnal variation in purification tanks
    ZHAO Feng;LU Xiao ming;HUANG Min sheng;CHEN Jian jun
    2010, 2010 (2):  50-57. 
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    With the nonaeration(Ⅰ) and aeration(Ⅱ) conditions of two aquatic plant purifyingtanks, the changes of plant physiological traits including the activities of POD, CAT, and the contents of SP, Chla,and the main physical water quality in a day at different times, were observed. Correlation between diurnal variation of plant physiological traits and removal efficiencies of CODCr,NH4+-N,TP were analyzed, and the effect of aeration to plant physiological traits and the purifying effect were studied. The results showed that the plant physiology and the water quality index were affected by the light intensity changes to some extent. The physiological traits of 〖WTBX〗Nymphaea tetragona〖WTBZ〗 had positive correlations with the removal efficiencies of CODCr,NH4+-N, TP. Aeration affected the activities of POD, CAT and the contents of SP, Chla significantly; the water quality of two conditions of purification tanks were affected by the variation of light intensity. The content of DO and the removal efficiencies of CODCr,NH4+-N, TP in the conditionⅡexceeded the conditionⅠby 2.54 mg/L, 21.0%, 16.6% and 14.1%, respectively.
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    Screening thyroid hormone disrupting effects of cadmium using Xenopus metamorphosis assay
    QIAN Li juan;GUO Su zhen;CAO Qing zhen;LIU Jun qi;SHI Hua hong
    2010, 2010 (2):  58-66. 
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    Xenopus laevis tadpoles (NF51) were exposed to cadmium chloride at the concentrations of 0.01, 0.1and 1 mg·L-1Cd2+ for 21 days. The changes of growth, metamorphosis and thyroid gland of X. laevis were observed. Compared with the control, the body weight (BW), snout to vent length (SVL) and hind limb length (HLL) were decreased by 0.39, 0.17 and 0.27 fold in 1 mg·L-1Cd2+treatment group after exposure for 7 days, respectively. The hind limb length (HLL) was decreased by 0.11 fold and the development showed one stage slower in 1 mg·L-1 treatment group after exposure for 21 days. And the other treatment groups did not show significant changes in BW, SVL, HLL or development stages after exposure for 7 and 21 days. Cadmium chloride treatment decreased the number of follicle, and induced the depletion of colloid and even vacuolation after exposure for 21 days. In addition, amalgamation of two or more follicles occurred in 1 mg·L-1 treatment group. Our results suggested that cadmium chloride had thyroid hormone disrupting effects and might disturb thyroid gland tissue directly. Therefore, AMA was further proved to be a valid tool to screen the thyroid hormone disrupting effect of heavy metal salt.
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    Morphological study on embryonic development of the parthenogenetic egg in Daphnia carinata
    QIN Fen;LI Qiang;XU Xiaoqian;ZENG Cuo;ZHAO Yunlong
    2010, 2010 (2):  67-76. 
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    The parthenogenetic egg (PE) is centrolecithal and its embryogenesis lasts about 45 hours at 24 ℃. According to the morphological and histological changes, the embryonic development of D. carinata could be divided into seven major stages, i.e. the cleavage stage, blastula stage, gastrula stage, eggnauplius stage, eggmetanauplius stage, embryo with eye pigments, and preparehatchling stage. The superficial cleavage of PE did not happen until approximately 40 minutes after egg laying. At the end of cleavage, the embryo consisted of 256 cells and reached the blastula stage at which a large part of the blastocoele was filled with yolk granules, accompanying by the formation of a thin sheet of divided cells. The cell division rate was accelerated and gastrulation took place by means of immigration of blastodermal cells at the end of this stage. Afterwards, the morphological changes in embryo development became remarkable. The eggnauplius stage was characterized by the appearance of the rudiments of two antennae and a mandible in the head region of the embryo, while the eggmetanauplius stage characterized by the formation of the thoracic segments, thoracic limbs, carpace, and guts. At the eye pigments stage, the embryo was found presenting the eye pigmentation in the welldeveloped compound eyes. Simultaneously, other physiologically important tissues and organs started to develop. During the last preparehatching stage, the organelle structure in the embryo could be quite similar to that in the larval. The results could accumulate basic biological information for further research on embryonic development of Cladocera.
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    Experimental study on the hypoglycemic action and prevention of diabetic complication with Pueraria flavonoids
    ZHANG Zaicao;YE Xiyun;XU Minhua;WANG Yaofa
    2010, 2010 (2):  77-81. 
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    An animal model of diabetes was established with alloxan tail vein injection (50 mg/kg), in order to research the effects of Pueraria flavonoids on blood glucose level and the prevention of diabetes and its complication. The mice were randomly divided into 4 groups: normal group, diabetic group, Tang Mai Kang control group and Pueraria flavonoids group. After 40 days, the weight, water intake, blood glucose, sugar tolerance, fructosamine, Dglucitol, aldose reductase, SDH and advanced glycation end products(AGEs) of the mice were detected. Compared with the diabetic group, the blood glucose〖JP2〗 level of the mice treated with Pueraria flavonoids was decreased markedly, while the content of SDH in the blood was increased significantly. The contents of fructosamine, Dglucitol, aldose reductase and AGEs in the blood were reduced obviously. Moreover, the contents of AGEs and Dglucitol in 〖JP〗the liver, kidney, cerebrum, heart and skin were also decreased (all P<0.01).Our results demonstrate that Pueraria flavonoids are effective not only in lowering blood glucose level but also in the prevention or treatment diabetesinduced complication.
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    Comparison on relationships between characters and invasiveness in different weed groups in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, China
    LI Ming li;GUO Shui liang;YIN Li ping;CHEN Guo qi
    2010, 2010 (2):  82-91. 
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    Based on investigations and previous documents, 647 weed species in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, China, were confirmed. Their 32 botanical and ecological characters, which include invasiveness, type of life cycle, seed or fruit size and production, breeding system etc., were collected. 647 weed species were quantitatively divided into 11 groups using the method of cluster analysis. The relationships of their invasiveness with other 31 characters were analyzed employing the GLM and correlate procedure of SPSS 13.0. The results showed that, when the 647 species were regarded as a whole, the species with the characters such as taproot or tuberous roots, unisexual flowers, big seeds (or fruits), zygomorphic flowers, perennial type, mesic or shade habitats are often of lower invasiveness, while those with much seeds (or fruits), growing in the sunny or hygrocolous habitats are probably of higher invasiveness. However, if the weeds of different groups were analyzed separately, the relationships between invasiveness and characters vary with different weed groups. That is, a character, which correlates closely with invasiveness in one weed group, probably does not in other groups. Therefore, it may not reasonble to find a universal index system to evaluate invasiveness of all alien plants in a given area.
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    Effects of extensive oxidative stress on the interaction between the skeletal type ryanodine receptors and related proteins
    ZHANG Yu kun;CAI Zhi yin;ZHU Qian rong;CAO Mei ping;XIA Ruo hong
    2010, 2010 (2):  92-101. 
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    By using [3H]-ryanodine binding assay, SDS-PAGE, Western Blotting, photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS) and DPH fluorescence polarization, the influences of oxidation modulators 1,4NQ and Na2SeO3 on the channel activity, the average particle size of RyR1, the distribution of SR proteins in crosslinking complex, and fluidity of SR membrane under the oxidative stress were investigated. The results indicate that, upon to the oxidants treatment of 1,4NQ and Na2SeO3, both the activity of RyR1 channel and the fluidity of SR membrane decreased, and macromolecular crosslinked complexes consisting of RyR1 emerged on the gel of the SR membrane proteins. Further investigations showed that DTT decomposed the crosslinked complexes. Above results suggest that the inhibition of RyR1 channel caused by the high concentration of oxidant modulators is probably due to oxidation of the functional sulfhydryls which are responsible for the closure of the channels, and the occurrence of mistaken crosslinking between SR proteins which would alter the function of the calcium release unit.
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    In vitro study of the effect of silver nanoparticles on the adhesion and membrane function of cells
    YU Wen juan;WANG Xiang hui;SHI Qin;HUANG Rui
    2010, 2010 (2):  102-110. 
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    In this paper, the acute cytotoxicity of silver nanoparticles, as well as their influence on the adhesion state and membrane functions of Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells ( HUVEC) and Human Umbilical Artery Smooth Musle Cells (HUASMC) were studied in vitro, for the sake of clinic using security. The results are as follows. Silver nanoparticles whose concentration ranged from 0.0039 mg/mL to 0.5 mg/mL did not show acute cytotoxicity within 8 hours, but the effects on the adhesion state of both cell lines were observed. The shape of the cells abnormally became small and round, which indicated that they were not well adhered on the culture plate. At the mean time, silver nanoparticles were found aggregating on the cell membrane, and the membrane fluidity and integrity of the cells were alternated, which implied that Ag nanoparticles had cytotoxicity in a certain degree.
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    Forebrain overexpression of αCaMKII disrupts behavioral flexibility
    AN Shu ming;ZENG Qing wen;XU Hao;LIU Ru qing;CAO Xiao hua
    2010, 2010 (2):  111-118. 
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    The αCaMKIIF89G transgenic mice and their littermate controls were subjected to the rotarod test and Morris water maze test. There was no significant difference in motor coordination and ability between these two groups in the rotarod test. In the visible platform test, transgenic mice showed the normal perception, motivation and motor ability. In addition, transgenic mice performed normally in learning and memory in both place navigation training and the 1st spatial probe test. However, compared with wild type mice, transgenic mice spent significantly more time and swam longer distance to reach hidden platform in the 2nd and 3rd day of spatial reversal learning. These results indicate that αCaMKII overexpression in the forebrain can impair spatial reversal learning. The mechanism of the performance deficit may be relevant to disrupted or abolished LTD in the forebrain.
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    Study of βCaMKII on working memory in protein modified transgenic mice
    YIN Liang;ZENG Qing wen;DU Dan;CAO Xiao hua
    2010, 2010 (2):  119-126. 
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    This experiment was designed to investigate the effect of the βCa2+/calmodulin dependent protein kinases II(βCaMKII) on the working memory in mice. The result of Western Blot showed that βCaMKII was overexpressed in the prefrontal cortex in transgenic mice. There was no significance in escape latency between transgenic mice and controls in Morris water maze. In addition, the correct of transgenic mice in T maze was also similar to that of controls. These results suppose that overexpression of the βCaMKII has no significant effect on the prefrontal cortex dependent working memory in mice.
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    Synthesis and evaluation of silica monoliths
    REN Hu bo;LIU Ren min
    2010, 2010 (2):  127-133. 
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    In this paper, a silica monolith was prepared as the promising candidate for HPLC separations. Characterization of prepared silica monolith was performed with scanning electron microscopy and surface area machine. Its chromatographic properties were evaluated by using toluene and phenol as samples while nhexane as the mobile phase. Permeability and column pressure drop were evaluated for separation, and the possible separation mechanism was also investigated in the paper. The results showed that the silica monolith had characters of high permeability, high mechanical strength, good chemical stability and strong absorption capability.
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    Isolation and identification of a strain of Streptomyces with antimicrobial activity
    WANG Xue jun;MIN Chang li;CHEN Dai jie
    2010, 2010 (2):  134-140. 
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    A strain HCCB10124 was isolated from the soil against pathogenic fungus Verticillium dahliae.The growth of 10 plant pathogens and some bacteria were strongly inhibitded by strain HCCB10124 on PDA plate, but unconspicuous effects on bacteria comparatively. The morphology, cultural characteristics,physiological and biochemical properties ,chemotaxonomy and 16S rDNA sequences of this strain were studied. The results exhibited that the homology of 16S rDNA between Streptomyces strain HCCB10124 and Streptomyces albireticuli reached 99%. A phylogenetic tree was constructed by comparing with the published 16S rDNA sequences of the related species. According to the multiclassification principle and the phylogenetic analysis, the Streptomyces strain HCCB10124 should be nomenclatured as Streptomyces albireticuli.
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