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    On the Properties of Reflexive G-inverses of A Bordered Matrix
    GUO Wen-bin;WEI Mu-sheng
    2003, 2003 (1):  1-12. 
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    In this article we study the relations among D1,D2,D3,D4, which are in the reflexive g-inverse matrix of the bordered matrix. By using the expression of Mr-, we also obtain the relation between and Mr-.
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    An Application of the Polar Tangential Coordinate
    PAN Sheng-liang
    2003, 2003 (1):  13-16. 
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    In this paper, we will presennt a new type of smooth constant breadth curves with the help of the polar tangential coordinates (Minkowski's support function) for the closed convex curves in the plane.
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    Boundedness and Persistence of Lyness Equation with Variable Coefficients
    LI Xian-yi
    2003, 2003 (1):  17-20. 
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    In this paper an invariant of an equation with variable coefficients is first found. Then, by utilizing the invariant, the boundedness and persistence of solutions of the Lyness equation is derived. Our result partly solves an open problem given by G.Ladas.
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    The Derivation Algebra of gl(C)
    XIA Li-meng;YANG Heng-yun;LIN Lei
    2003, 2003 (1):  21-24. 
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    In this paper, it is proved that the derivation algebra of the Lie algebra of infinite matrices with finite nonzero entries is isomorphic to the quotient of the Lie algebra of infinite matrices with finite nonzero entries in each row and in each column nodulo its center. It os also proved that this quotient is a complete Lie algebra.
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    Identification of Laguerre Model and Design Variable for Time-varying Systems(2) ------Kalman filter algorithms
    DING Zhao-hong;SHA Quan;YUAN Zhen-dong
    2003, 2003 (1):  25-30. 
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    It is supposed that the time-varying parameters included in the system are stationary AR(1) variable. The estimate of the mean square error (MSE) of transfer function for time-varying Laguerre model is discussed. The approximate expression of MSE for Kalman filter algorithms can be derived under following assumptions:the dynamic of the system is slowly changing, the adaptation is also quite slow and the order of model system is high enough. Using Laguerre model instead of FIR model,the MSE will be reduced and the order of Laguerre model is reduced as well. The optimization problems for design variables of time-varying system identification algorithms are discussed.
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    An Automated Calculating for A Class of Exact Solutions to Nonlinear Differential Equations
    LIU Ying-ping;LI Zhi-bin
    2003, 2003 (1):  31-37. 
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    By the Mathematics-Mechanization method proposed by Wu Wentsun, a package RATH os developed to output directly the solitary wave solutions to a nonlinear differential equation, based on the maple system. With it nearly one hundred equations have been calculated. The results not only recover all known solutions, but also find some new solutions as well as solutions in the general form. Furthermore, most of the solutions are obtained with the running time no more than 10 seconds under PC Pentium Ⅲ.
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    The VHDL Realization of SCI Interface
    HU Wen-jing;LI Wai-yun;CHEN Song
    2003, 2003 (1):  38-41. 
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    The design idea of SCI interface circuit is discussed in details, and the design method of digital systen use VHDL on EPLD is introduced.
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    Principle of Multi-floating Calibration and Application in Design of Moisture Teller
    ZHANG Wei-min;WANG Kai
    2003, 2003 (1):  42-47. 
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    This paper proposed a new calibration method for capacitance moisture teller, which is called multi-floating calibration. The measuring ranges of the instrument are enlarged and the precision is improved while the new multi-floating calibration is used. A design example of moisture teller based on capacitance sensor is described.
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    An Application of Genetic Algorithm in GPR Data Analysis for Buried Tomb Relics
    YAO Meng;MENG Hai-yan
    2003, 2003 (1):  48-54. 
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    This article introduces a new application of Genetic Algorithm in the field of remote sensing (Signal's data classifier). Based on Simple Genetic Algorithm, an improved performance could be attained through the data mining process with necessary object-related information from a seties of EM radar signal images. After the preprocessing stage, the target's lacating task could be modeled into a curve imitation process. Beyond the heredity from SAG, expert knowledge and environment conditions are put into consideration in the practical problem resolution. We suggest a possible way to locate the underground object in the relics detecting field. Compare with ordinary calssifier method GA is better on speed and accuracy of searching on target. In further work we shall pattern 3-D model of the relics using complex GA.
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    Research of Thick Hull in Thermal Image Theoretical Simulation of Ships
    GAO Lan-xiang;SHEN Guo-tu;YANG Bao-cheng;CAI Ji-guang
    2003, 2003 (1):  55-61. 
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    "Thin hull" model has been used in the theoretical simulation researches of infrared images of objects on the sea up to now and static approximation adopted in the calculation. The physical model is developed for those ships which can mot be treated as thin hull and the temperature field changes with time. The model estabished can inherit the mature algorithms and software of the existing models. Through the extension of the theoretical equations and corresponding software of the thin hull model simulation calculations are made and the effects of body structures of a ship with thick deck on the changing temperature fields of the ship's outside surfaces are studied.
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    Photodegration of CuO/TiO2 Nanoparticles and Its Application
    AI Shi-yun;XIAN Yue-zhogn;CHEN Jun-shui;CAI Qi;JIN Li-tong
    2003, 2003 (1):  62-67. 
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    CuO/TiO2 nanoparticles were prepared with hydrothrmal method and characterized by means of X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Transmission electronmicroscopy (TEM). The photocatalytic properties of the immobilization of CuO/TiO2 nanoparticles were assessed by measuring the photodegration of Rhodamine 6G in aqueous solution. These immobilization of CuO/TiO2 nanoparticles showed much higher photoactivity than immobilization of TiO2 nanoparticles. Results of this study also indicate that the photodegradative mechanisms are that the doping of Cu2+ in TiO2 nanoparticles made the ability of TiO2 particles adsorbed Oxggen enhance, and decreaded the recombination of photogenerated electrons and photogenerated hole in the interface of nanoparticles. Therefore the photogenerated reactions were accelerated. In addition, the results that the polluted water was treated with CuO/TiO2 nanoparticles wre exciting and promising.
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    Study of Gold Colloid Monolayer Modified Carbon Fiber Ultramicroelectrode and Its Application in Determination of Cytochrome C.
    ZHU Min;SHI Guo-yue;LIU Min;JIN Li-tong
    2003, 2003 (1):  68-73. 
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    A novel chemically modified ultramicroelectrode os described for the detection of cytochrome Cin this paper. Firstly, ethidene diamine(ED) was eletropolymerized on the surface of carbon fiber ultramicroelectrode(UME),and then gold colloid nano particles was deposited on the surface(Au/ED/UME). At last, we dipped the Au/ED/UME into the potassium iodide solution and then the iodide ion was absorbed onto the surface of Au/ED/UME. The electrochemical behavior of the prepared modified I-/Au/ED/UME was studied. The chemically modified UME, which was used as working electrode, has good electrocatal reduction of cytochrome c with a detection limit of 3.2×10-7mol/L and a linear concentration range of 6.5×10-7~1.2×10-5mol/L(vs.SCE). We think it has great potential for application for in vivo studying of cytochrome C.
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    Synthesis and Properties of Tungstomolybdosilic Multicomponent Polyoxometalate Clusters with Transition Elements
    DAI Li-yi;SHAN Yong-kui;HE Ming-yuan
    2003, 2003 (1):  74-80. 
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    In this paper, a serie of multicomponent substitued polyoxometalate clusters containing silicon, tungsten, molybdenum and earlier transition metal elements were synthesized. The genetal moleculat formulat was determined: K4H2[M(OH2)SiMo2W9O39].nH2O (M=Mn2+,Co2+,Ni2+,Cu2+, Zn2+, Cd2+; n=21-26). By means of IR,UV,XPS,TG-DTA, the properties and structural characteristics of the new tungstomolybdosilic multicomponent polyoxometalate clusters with transition elements were investigated.
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    Open Boundary Condition Considered Residula Current and Tidal Current Simultaneously in Ocean Model
    ZHU Jian-rong;FU De-jian
    2003, 2003 (1):  81-85. 
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    It's needed to consider the effect of tidal current in order to numerically simulate the circulation realisically in a shallow sea, because the tidal mixing and tide-induced residual current have an important effect on the circulation. It's needed to set the current speed for the open boundary condition in stead of set the water level in order to balance of water volume flowing in and out the calculated domain. First, we verify the consistent of the tide and tidal current in the calculated domain in the case of open boundary condition with tidal level and tidal current. Then we consider the composition of the residual current and tidal current. It's necessary to verify numerically that whether we can give out the open boundary condition with the composition of residual current and tidal current simultaneously. Applied the ECOM, the numerical experiment with the tidal current open boundary codition shows that results are consistent with the tidal level open boundary condition by designing an idealized bay. It is successful to simulate the distribution of residual current in the case of considering the residual current and tidal current at the open boundary simultaneously. The conclusion in this paper can be referenced for the numerical calculation of current in the case of composition of residual current and tidal current.
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    The Influence of El Nino Events to Qiantangjiang Area
    GUO Zhong-yang;CHEN Zhong-yuan;PAN Li-fan;LU Yan
    2003, 2003 (1):  86-91. 
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    Through analysis of five measure station (Fuyang,Misai; Futang; Jinhua and Quxian) in Qiantangjiang area from 1963 to 1998, the ralation of El Nino event with research area's precipitation in summer and winter is dicussed. The results indicate that the precipitation in different seasons is relation to El Nino event in different level.
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    Leaf Nutrient and Structural Characteristics of 32 Evergreen Broad-leaved Species
    HUANG Jian-jun;WANG Xi-hua
    2003, 2003 (1):  92-97. 
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    In the present paper, leaf nutrient and structural characteristics of 32 evergreen broadleaved plant species were studied. The results are as follows: leaf N varies from 1.022% to 2.744%, the average is 1.606%; leaf P varies from 0.032%~0.227% and the average is 0.086%;N and P are positively correlated; leaf C varies from 36.49% to 53.85%and the average is 45.00%;SLA varies from 72.64 to 197.78 and the average is 119.29;leaf C is negatively correlated with SLA, but nutrient content isn't correlated with leaf C or SLA of these three life forms isn't significant.
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    Study on the Antioxidation Effects of Grape Seed Procyanidins Extract
    ZHU Zhen-qin;ZHAI Wan-yin;CHEN Ji-wu;XIA Jing;FU Bei-bei;XIE Ping;HU Tian-xi
    2003, 2003 (1):  98-102. 
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    In order to study the antioxidation effects of grape seed procyanidins extract (GPE), seven chemiluminescence systems were used to determine the protective effect of GPE on DNA damage caused by ·OH and the scavenging effect of GPE on O2-、OH、H2O2 and ONOO- , and various reactive oxygen species produced during "respiration burst" of whole blood phagocytes. The inhibiting effect of GPE on lipid peroxidation was evaluated by using the colorimetric system of lipoprotein polyunsaturated fatty acids peroxidation induced by Fe2+. The experiments showed that GPE can effectively scavenge O2-、OH、H2O2 ,ONOO- and various reactive oxygen species prouduced during "respiration burst" of whole blood phagocytes, and inhibit lipid peroxidation (IC50s are 0.2ug/ml、90ug/ml、0.5ug/ml、10ug/ml、130ug/ml、70ug/ml respectively); the inhibiting rate of DNA oxidative damage is approximately 70%, when GPE at a concentration of 25ug/ml is given. These results indicate that GPE os an efficient antioxidant and can effectively scavenge various free radicals and provide effective protection anfinst DNA damage caused by ·OH.
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    Effects of PH on Physiological Characteristics of Heptacodium miconides
    LIU Peng;XU Gen-di;YANG Wei-wei
    2003, 2003 (1):  103-107. 
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    The study deals with the changes of physiological characteristics(Photosynthetic, Exhaustion rate, Membrane permeability, Peroxidase activities, Ascorbate peroxidase actibities and root cativities) with different supplementation of PH of Heptacodium miconioides. There are 7 kinds of PH treatments (3,3.5,4,4.5,5,5.5,6,6.5,7,7.5,8,8.5)in our experiment. The results indicated that under PH 5.5 treatment,photosynthetic efficiency (Pn),respiratory intensity (Er), root activities (RA) and the activities of peroxidase (POD)、catalase(CAT)、ascorbate peroxidase (AP) of Heptacodium miconides leaves are the highest, and membrane permeability (MP) of Heptacodium miconioides leaves are the lowest. The growth of Heptacodium miconides is more favorable under PH 5.5 treatment. When PH of water medium is lower or higher than PH 5.5 ,it is disadvantageous to the growth of Heptacodium miconides.
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