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    The superiority of Bayes estimators of the estimable function of regression coefficient matrix and the covariance matrix in multivariate linear model
    HE Lei, XU Jing
    2017, 2017 (1):  1-10.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5641.2017.01.001
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    In this paper, the parameter estimation problem in a multivariate linear model is investigated when the design matrix is non-full rank, the joint prior of regression coefficient matrix and covariance matrix is assumed to be the normal-inverse Wishart distribution. By using the Bayes theory, the Bayes estimation of estimable function of regression coefficient matrix and covariance matrix are derived. Then we prove that  the Bayes estimation of estimable function and covariance matrix are superior to the corresponding generalized least square (GLS) estimators under the criteria of Bayes mean square error (BMSE) and Bayes mean square error matrix (BMSEM). In addition, under the Bayes Pitman Closeness (BPC) criterion, the superiority of the Bayes estimation of estimable function is also investigated. Finally, a Monte Carlo simulation is carried out to verify the theoretical results.

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    Optimization for parking space distribution in storage yard of automotive ro-ro wharf based on the strategy of gathered groups
    CHEN Xiao-jing, HU Zhi-hua, LI Gong-jun, TENG Wei-chao
    2017, 2017 (1):  11-18.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5641.2017.01.002
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    The rationality of parking space distribution of the ro-ro storage yard effects the loading and unloading of turnover rate in the process of ro-ro transportation. In order to improve the working efficiency, the article researched the problem of parking space optimal distribution. According to the principle of gathered groups distribution, focusing on improving concentration degree of batch automobiles, a mixed-integer programming model was proposed to measure concentration degree of batch automobiles. Then a heuristic algorithm of grids random search was designed to solve the model. Compared with branch and bound method through numerical experiments, the results proved that the proposed model and algorithm are reasonable and valid, generalizing the theory research for parking space distribution and managment of ro-ro wharf.

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    Probing equivalent definitions of 2-edge connected graphs
    SU Jing, MA Fei, YAO Bing
    2017, 2017 (1):  19-25.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5641.2017.01.003
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    As known, k-edge connected graphs play an important role in the research of networks and graph theory. There are many propositions of 2-edge connected graphs nowadays, which depict the essences of 2-edge connected graphs. We present 17 equivalent propositions of 2-edge connected graphs and dig more properties of 2-edge connected graphs from different aspects of 2-edge connected graphs. Furthermore, two equivalent propositions of 2-edge connected graphs by two new operations are proposed, and then we provide the equivalent proofs between the propositions we have collected and discovered.

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    On the signless Laplacian spectral radius of some graphs
    CHEN Yuan-yuan, MU Shan-zhi, WANG Guo-ping
    2017, 2017 (1):  26-31.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5641.2017.01.004
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    Let A(G) be the adjacent matrix of G and Q(G) = D(G)+A(G) is the signless Laplacian matrix of G. The signless Laplacian spectral radius of G is the largest eigenvalue of Q(G). In this paper we characterize the graphs with the maximum signless Laplacian spectral radii among the graphs with given vertex connectivity, among the graphs with given number of blocks and among the graphs with given pendant vertices, respectively.

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    3-hued coloring of planar graphs
    QI Lin-ming, LI Jin-bo, LI Wei-qi
    2017, 2017 (1):  32-37.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5641.2017.01.005
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    For a fixed integer k, r > 0, a (k, r)-coloring of a graph G is a proper k-coloring such that for any vertex v with degree d(v), the adjacent vertex of v is adjacent to at least min{d(v), r} different colors. Such coloring is also called as a r-hued coloring. The r-hued chromatic number of G, denoted by χr(G), is the smallest integer k such that G has a (k, r)-coloring. In this paper, we prove that if G is a planar graph, then χ3(G)≤12.

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    Complex network analysis in Java application systems
    SHEN Ping-ting, CHEN Liang-yu
    2017, 2017 (1):  38-51.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5641.2017.01.006
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    A lot of empirical studies have demonstrated that Java software system is a kind of artificial complex network and its in-degree distribution obeys the power law, while out-degree distribution is lognormal. However, most experiment objects in these studies are Java development tools, such as JDK, log4j and Tomcat, and the type of data analyzed in dependence graph is limited, because they only consider some class dependence relationships and omit certain useful data types, like member variables and local variables. In this paper, we all useful dependence relationships between entities or modules on both class and function levels, and we further propose a novel method to transform a system network into a weighted directed graph. Comprehensive experiment results show that the in- and out-degree of 10 types of Java application systems mostly fit the power law distributions, and our proposed method to detect the scale-free feature of a weighted and directed network is effective in analyzing Java application systems.

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    Two new Top-k queries in uncertain database
    QIU Xin, LIN Xin
    2017, 2017 (1):  52-63.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5641.2017.01.007
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    Since the pre-existing Top-k queries in uncertain databases almost are based on tuple level rather than x-tuple level restricts its application. The paper proposes two new instance-level Top-k queries and executive algorithm in uncertain databases in order to get intuitive query results. These two new queries take both  rank and confidence of each x-tuple’s tuple, figuring out the most meaningful position in the returned results. After the optimization of the executive algorithm, its executive efficiency has been improved significantly.

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    Membrane paradigm in Gauss-Bonnet gravity
    ZHAO Tian-yi
    2017, 2017 (1):  64-70.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5641.2017.01.008
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    To an outside observer, a black hole’s event horizon behavesexactly like a dynamical fluid membrane. We extend this membrane paradigm to black holes in Gauss-Bonnet modified theories of gravity. We derive the stress tensor and various transport coefficients of the fluid and evaluate the transport coefficients for a static geometry. We reckon on what theories of gravity admit horizon with fluid properties.

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    Magneto-impedance effect of amorphous Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9 ribbons with Ni80Fe20 permalloy film
    HAN Yang, LYU Wen-xing, ZHAO Zhen-jie
    2017, 2017 (1):  71-79.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5641.2017.01.009
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    Different thickness of Ni80Fe20 films are deposited on the Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9 amorphous ribbons using RF (radio frequency) magnetron sputtering method. The magnetic properties and magneto impedance effect are measured and compared with as-cast Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9 amorphous ribbons. The results show that the ribbon coated with 260 nm Ni80Fe20 layer achieves a much better performance than others, which produces a GMI (giant magneto-impedance) ratio of 33.0%. It is found that the surface of 260 nm Ni80Fe20 layer is smoother and the particle size is relatively smaller. The hysteresis loops of the ribbons with and without Ni80Fe20 coating layer are almost unchanged. However, the hysteresis loops of the Ni80Fe20 films sputtered onto glass substrate indicate the shift of anisotropy direction from parallel to normal to the surface as the thickness increases. The shifting will influence the magnetic exchange interaction between the amorphous ribbons and the Ni80Fe20 coating layers. The variation of GMI effect can be interpreted by the surface structure and magnetic exchange interaction.

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    Evaluation and forecast of livability for the global city: A case study of Shanghai
    HAN Ji, YUAN Kun, HUANG Lu-xia, MENG Xing
    2017, 2017 (1):  80-90.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5641.2017.01.010
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    Global city is an inevitable form in the development of urban city, which influences global affairs directly in all aspects including sociology, economics, culture and politics. As a leader in modernization in China, improving livability is one of the most important tasks in the construction of global city for Shanghai. Based on the existing evaluation index system of global city’s livability, modifications in indexes are made according to the characteristics in the development of modern cities. By comparison of New York, Tokyo and Shanghai, we propose and verify the “N-curve hypothesis” of livability in global cities: livability experiences “up-down-up” process with rising per capita income. Decomposition analysis is used for identifying main factors of livability during different development stages. Moreover, four scenarios based on Exponential Smoothing method and Logistic model are set to predict the development of livability of Shanghai in next 30 years. Result shows that vision according to development of Tokyo while keeping Shanghai’s own advantages can achieve the best livability, which can be helpful for construction of livable Shanghai.

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    Analyzing the spatial equity of urban parks’〖KG*6〗social service functioning quantitatively: A case study for the central area of Shanghai
    HU Yue, CAI Yong-li
    2017, 2017 (1):  91-103.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5641.2017.01.011
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    Urban park is an important part of urban green infrastructure. From the perspective of human use, the primary function of urban parks is to provide leisure and entertainment opportunity and improve people's physical and mental health and other social services. To evaluate how well the function of social services is often related to the study of spatial equity. For analyzing the spatial equity of urban parks’ social service functioning indepth and inwidth, a new study frame optimization of accessibility models of assessing the spatial equity quantitatively is established. In this paper, the park service capability index and the spatial service equity index are set up and used in a case study of the central area of Shanghai at both the housing level and the district level. The results reveal that ① the two indexes in this study are effective to appraise the structure of urban parks and the equity of residents, and the quantitative method is feasible; ② the deviation coefficient of two indexes is more valuable than its absolute value for comparing the difference of equity between districts; ③ the method in this paper break through the limitations that traditional indicators just obtain mean level and can reflect the spatial difference on a small scale, providing clear guidance for planning and decisionmaking.

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    Analyzing urban public green space service based on real population data: A case study within the outer ring of shanghai
    ZHAO Xi-zhi, WU Bin, WU Jian-ping, YU Bai-lang
    2017, 2017 (1):  104-112.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5641.2017.01.012
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    Urban public green space is fundamentally important for residents’ daily life. Traditional methods for calculating service population of urban public green space often adopt administrative regions as analytical units for statistical analysis. This relies on the division of administrative units and cannot reflect population variation within a unit. This paper performed the analysis at a finer resolution with more accurate real population data within the outer ring of Shanghai. The methods and procedures were proposed to calculate the results based on raster analysis of Geographic Information System (GIS). First, with cost allocation function in GIS, service area, service population and service population per unit area were analyzed by assigning different service distances of each urban public green space. Second, no service area, population and population density in no service area were analyzed.

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    Application of BRDF model in land cover mapping
    YANG Xue-feng, YE Mao, MAO Dong-lei
    2017, 2017 (1):  113-124.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5641.2017.01.013
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    The reflection heterogeneity of vegetation can reflect the structural and spectral characteristics of vegetation, and therefore it can help to identify vegetation more effectively.Misr multi-angle observation data has been explored in the sutdy of the lower Tarim River.Meanwhile, the kernel driven and RPV model  inversion is used to obtain information of surface BRDF, and SVM method is used to study the land use and the cover of classification by the combination of MISR nadir reflectance data and BRDF information. By comparative analysis of the effect of the BRDF of the classification results,the findings are as following: BRDF information can provide additional information for the land cover mapping in the semi-arid area and improve the accuracy of the mapping. Both the kernel driven model and the RPV model can simulate the surface reflection in the study area. After using BRDF, the identification accuracy of grassland and forest land increased obviously.

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    Structural differences of wintering forest bird from four habitats in Shilihetang, Guizhou Province
    LUO Zu-kui, LI Yang, CAO Fu-ping
    2017, 2017 (1):  125-131.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5641.2017.01.014
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    In order to explore the distribution of forest birds in Shilihetang of Anlong in Guizhou Province, bird surveys were carried out from four habitats of village, forest, farmland and vegetable land in January between 2013 and 2015 using the method of line transect. A total of 56 avian species and 1 193 individuals was recorded, which belonged to 22 families and 7 orders. The mean avian abundance in the line transects decreased from village to forest, farmland and vegetable land. The accumulative avian species decreased from forest to village, farmland and vegetable land. Insectivores were the richest in each of the four habitats. Shannon-wiener index, predominant index and species evenness were all the highest in the forest, and lowest in farmland. Sørensen similarity was highest in the village-forest, and Morisita-Horn similarity was highest both in village-farmland and vegetable land-farmland. Food resource and vegetable structure are important factors influencing the distribution of wintering forest birds in the study area. We suggest that arbor species should be increased in the forest, bird killing activity should be forbidden, and a conservation station should be set up for bird protection.

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    New data of Shanghai flora
    LI Hui-ru, WANG Yuan, YAN Xiao-ling, WANG Zhang-hua,YAN Jing, MA Jin-shuang
    2017, 2017 (1):  132-138.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-5641.2017.01.0015
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    Five species and two varieties of alien plants and three native plants belonged to ten genera and nine families were recorded in Shanghai for the first time, including Raphanus sativus var. raphanistroides(Makino) Makino, Vigna radiata var. sublobata (Roxb.) Verdc., Oxalis bowiei Aiton ex G. Don, Cucumis bisexualis A. M. Lu & G. C. Wang, Ludwigia leptocarpa (Nutt.) H. Hara,Oenothera speciosa Nutt. and Lolium remotum Schrank. Among them, V. radiata var. sublobata (Roxb.) Verdc was a new record of alien plant in China. Stephania japonica (Thunb.) Miers, Veronica anagallis-aquatica L., Emilia sonchifolia (L.) DC were the new records of three native plant species.

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