Most Read

Issue 2, Volume 3, 2019

Using state space models as a statistical impact measurement of survey redesigns: a case study of the labour force survey of the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Xichuan (Mark) Zhang ,
Jan A. van den Brakel ,
Siu-Ming Tam
Issue 2, Volume 4, 2020

Power-expected-posterior prior Bayes factor consistency for nested linear models with increasing dimensions

D. Fouskakis ,
J. K. Innocent ,
L. Pericchi
Issue 1, Volume 5, 2021

On studying extreme values and systematic risks with nonlinear time series models and tail dependence measures

Zhengjun Zhang
Issue 2, Volume 6, 2022

A review of distributed statistical inference

Yuan Gao ,
Weidong Liu ,
Hansheng Wang ,
Xiaozhou Wang ,
Yibo Yan ,
Riquan Zhang
Issue 1, Volume 4, 2020

A discussion of ‘optimal reinsurance designs based on risk measures: a review’

Tim J. Boonen
Issue 1, Volume 1, 2017

On finite mixture models

Jiahua Chen
Issue 3, Volume 5, 2021

Rejoinder on ‘Inference after covariate-adaptive randomization: aspects of methodology and theory

Jun Shao
Issue 1, Volume 1, 2017

Cholesky-based model averaging for covariance matrix estimation

Hao Zheng ,
Kam-Wah Tsui ,
Xiaoning Kang ,
Xinwei Deng
Issue 1, Volume 1, 2017

An adaptive lack of fit test for big data

Yanyan Zhao ,
Changliang Zou ,
Zhaojun Wang
Issue 1, Volume 1, 2017

Portfolio optimisation using constrained hierarchical bayes models1

Jiangyong Yin ,
Xinyi Xu