Most Read

Issue 2, Volume 3, 2019

Using state space models as a statistical impact measurement of survey redesigns: a case study of the labour force survey of the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Xichuan (Mark) Zhang ,
Jan A. van den Brakel ,
Siu-Ming Tam
Issue 2, Volume 4, 2020

Power-expected-posterior prior Bayes factor consistency for nested linear models with increasing dimensions

D. Fouskakis ,
J. K. Innocent ,
L. Pericchi
Issue 2, Volume 6, 2022

A review of distributed statistical inference

Yuan Gao ,
Weidong Liu ,
Hansheng Wang ,
Xiaozhou Wang ,
Yibo Yan ,
Riquan Zhang
Issue 1, Volume 1, 2017

On finite mixture models

Jiahua Chen
Issue 1, Volume 5, 2021

On studying extreme values and systematic risks with nonlinear time series models and tail dependence measures

Zhengjun Zhang
Issue 3, Volume 5, 2021

Rejoinder on ‘Inference after covariate-adaptive randomization: aspects of methodology and theory

Jun Shao
Issue 1, Volume 1, 2017

Cholesky-based model averaging for covariance matrix estimation

Hao Zheng ,
Kam-Wah Tsui ,
Xiaoning Kang ,
Xinwei Deng
Issue 1, Volume 4, 2020

A discussion of ‘optimal reinsurance designs based on risk measures: a review’

Tim J. Boonen
Issue 3, Volume 6, 2022

A selective review of statistical methods using calibration information from similar studies

Jing Qin ,
Yukun Liu ,
Pengfei Li
Issue 1, Volume 1, 2017

An adaptive lack of fit test for big data

Yanyan Zhao ,
Changliang Zou ,
Zhaojun Wang