Journal of East China Normal University(Natural Sc ›› 2013, Vol. 2013 ›› Issue (5): 27-34.

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Responses of decomposition of Phragmites australis litter to simulated temperature enhancement in the reclamed coastal wetland

GUAN Yue-zhang1, LIU An-tian2, ZHONG Qi-cheng1, WANG Kai-yun1,3   

  1. 1.Department of Environmemtal Science,East China Normal University,Shanghai 200062,China;
    2.Department of Life Sciences,East China Normal University,Shanghai 200062,China; 3.Shanghai Key Laboratory of Urbanization Ecological Restoration,East China Normal University, Shanghai 200062,China
  • Received:2012-07-01 Revised:2012-10-01 Online:2013-09-25 Published:2013-09-30

Abstract: By using open-top growth chambers (OTC) to simulate short-term warming and mesh bags,the study was carried out in the reclaimed wetland in the east Chongming tidal flat. The effects of short-term simulated warming (1.984±0.7) ℃ on the decomposition of Phragmites australis litter were studied and the changes of correlations between decomposition rate and environmental parameters were analysed.The results are as follows: ① stem decomposition rates in OTC plots and CG plots are 49.20% and 45.11%, and leaves decomposition rates are 63.52% and 58.53%, respectively, which shows that warming has increased the decomposition rates; ② stems average decomposition coefficients (K) in OTC plots and CG plots are 0.028 and 0.027,while the average decomposition coefficients of leaves are 0.093 and 0.080, respectively, which shows that the increment of leaves K is bigger than stems K; ③ the order of correlation degree between environmental factors and decomposition rate is: 1.2 m air temperature> 0~5 cm soil temperature> 0~5 cm soil moisture,and the correlation coefficient between leaves decomposition rate and 1.2 m air temperature is biggest which is 6.43%. In summary, air temperature is the key factor affecting the Phragmites australis litter decomposition; meanwhile warming not only improves litters decomposition rates, but also changes the relevance between decomposition rate and environmental factors.

Key words: wetland, Phragmites australis, litter decomposition, temperature enhancement, open-top chambers (OTC)

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