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    Temporal-spatial characteristics of the transport flux of non-point source pollution in Lake Dishui watershed in Shanghai
    Lv Yong-peng, YANG Kai, CHE Yue, XIE Sheng,LIU Chen, REN Xiang-yu, SHANG Zhao-yi
    20120, 2012 (6):  1-12,38. 
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    In this paper, the semi-distributed calculation method for the transport flux of the non-point source (NPS) at the watershed scale in the tidal plain of eastern China was proposed based on the classical export coefficient modeling approach, and the method was applied to the case of Lake Dishui watershed in Shanghai. The results show that: (1) among land use, rainfall and scattered-rural sewage, land use has been the biggest NPS; (2) from 1965 to 2008, NPS pollution has been increasing through three stages of unobvious, preliminary obvious and very obvious; (3) the spatial distribution of the transport flux of NPS in 13 secondary sub-watersheds and 137 tertiary sub-watersheds is in association with the functional orientation of sub-watersheds, the degree of urbanization and the effective green area.
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    Study on the diversity pattern of natural herb under the forest of Shanghai Green Belt during its early building-up period
    CAI Bei-ming, CHEN Xiao-shuang, DA Liang-jun, WANG Rui
    20120, 2012 (6):  13-20. 
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    An investigation of the natural herb under forest of Shanghai Green Belt was made, where 277 community plots were surveyed. The results show that the flora of the natural herb recorded in the study area includes 88 species, 73 genera and 33 families, which were divided into 49 community types, with the annual plant as their dominant species. This suggested that there was a high diversity of community types under the forest of Shanghai Green Belt during its early building-up period owing to the condition of good sunlight. Moreover, it was better for the highly adaptable annual plants to grow there because of the high frequency of human disturbances.
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    Dynamic variations of nitrate contents in the asparagus greenhouse soils from Chongming Island
    QI Ying-ying, BI Chun-juan, YU Zhong-jie,CHEN Zhen-lou, XU Shi-yuan, SUN Yue-di
    20120, 2012 (6):  21-28. 
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    The dynamic variations of nitrate contents in the asparagus greenhouse soil at different growth stages of asparagus in Chongming Island were measured. The result showed that contents of nitrate in the soils of 10-year, 4-year, and 1-year old asparagus greenhouses ranged from 248.3 to 651.0 mg N·kg-1, from 18.4 to 928.4 mg N·kg-1 and from 52.4 to 556.2 mg N·kg-1, respectively. Generally, nitrate accumulated in the soils of all the three greenhouses. Both nitrogen fertilizer applications and plant uptakes of nitrogen caused significant variations of soil nitrate contents at different growth stages. The nitrate was most seriously accumulated in soil at late growth stage of asparagus in summer, which also resulted in heavy leach of nitrogen to the deeper layer. Soil acidifications and salinizations were found in all the three greenhouses. Nitrate accumulation was one of the important factors that caused soil salinization in the 10-year old asparagus greenhouse.
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    Responses of photosynthetic characteristics of Phragmites australis to simulated temperature enhancement in Eastern Chongming Island, China
    QI Qiu-yan, YANG Shu-hui, ZHONG Qi-cheng,ZHANG Chao, WANG Kai-yun
    20120, 2012 (6):  29-38. 
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    Using the method of Open-top chambers (OTC) to simulate climate warming in the future, The study was carried out in reclaimed marsh in Eastern Chongming Island in rapid growth season. The results showed that the net photosynthetic rate(〖WTBX〗Pn〖WTBZ〗), transpiration rate(〖WTBX〗Tr〖WTBZ〗) and stomatal conductance(〖WTBX〗Gs〖WTBZ〗) of 〖WTBX〗P. australis 〖WTBZ〗in OTC were significantly reduced by 11.9%, 22.5% and 21.7%, respectively, while the intercellular CO2 concentration(〖WTBX〗Ci〖WTBZ〗) and water use efficiency (〖WTBX〗WUE)〖WTBZ〗 were lower, but the changes were not significant. The net photosynthetic rate-light intensity (〖WTBX〗Pn-PAR〖WTBZ〗) curves which were nonlinear fitted in OTC and CK showed the same trend that Pn increased quickly and then hasten gentle by 〖WTBX〗PAR〖WTBZ〗. In OTC, photosynthetic response curve of the 〖WTBX〗P. australis〖WTBZ〗 was lower than the control plots; at the same time, the temperature enhancement made the light saturation point (〖WTBX〗LSP〖WTBZ〗) and apparent quantum efficiency (〖WTBX〗AQY〖WTBZ〗) dramatically reduced by 22.0% and 12.1%, respectively, but the dark respiration rate (〖WTBX〗Rd〖WTBZ〗) and light compensation point (〖WTBX〗LCP〖WTBZ〗) respectively increased by 16.5% and 14.9%. The maximum net photosynthetic rate(〖WTBX〗P〖WTBZ〗max) of 〖WTBX〗P. australis〖WTBZ〗 in OTC was not evidently effected. Meanwhile, the leaf nitrogen content(〖WTBX〗N〖WTBZ〗mass) of 〖WTBX〗P. australis 〖WTBZ〗in OTC were significantly reduced, while the leaf mass per area (〖WTBX〗LMA 〖WTBZ〗) was higher, but the changes of photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency (〖WTBX〗PNUE〖WTBZ〗) was not significant. To 〖WTBX〗P. australis〖WTBZ〗 in Eastern Chongming Island, the 〖WTBX〗LMA 〖WTBZ〗was significantly negatively correlated with the 〖WTBX〗PNUE〖WTBZ〗 ,〖WTBX〗P〖WTBZ〗mass (〖WTBX〗p〖WTBZ〗 ≤0.05) and 〖WTBX〗N〖WTBZ〗mass(〖WTBX〗p〖WTBZ〗 ≤0.01), while the 〖WTBX〗Nmass〖WTBZ〗 was positively correlated with the 〖WTBX〗PNUE〖WTBZ〗(〖WTBX〗p 〖WTBZ〗≤0.01) . The correlation analysis showed that the 〖WTBX〗P〖WTBZ〗max was significantly positively correlated with 〖WTBX〗N〖WTBZ〗mass(〖WTBX〗p 〖WTBZ〗≤0.01) and 〖WTBX〗PNUE(p〖WTBZ〗≤0.05〖WTBX〗).〖WTBZ〗In summary, the simulated warming significantly affected the photosynthetic characteristics of 〖WTBX〗P. australis.
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    Effects of different levels of eutrophication on the emergent aquatic plant growth and the nitrogen and phosphorus absorption abilities
    LIU Li-hua, GUO Xue-yan, DA Liang-jun, LI Jing-wen
    20120, 2012 (6):  39-45,72. 
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    Three-dimensional numerical simulation of the drift and diffusion of oil film at the highway bridge in the Yalu River
    CHEN Shi-qian, ZHU Jian-rong
    20120, 2012 (6):  46-56. 
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    An improved 3D numerical model ECOM-si, coupled with the drift and diffusion module of oil film, was adopted to simulate the thickness and trace of the oil film after an oil spill accident (100 tons leakage) is occurred at the main pier of the highway bridge in the Yalu River. The model results show that the oil film reaches the water intakes of Sidaogou and Dandong Paper Mill at 0.9 h and 1.5 h after the oil spill, experiencing duration of 0.6 h and 1.7 h in summer, respectively. The oil film reaches the two places at 1.2 h and 1.7 h after the oil spill, experiencing duration of 0.6 h and 2.5 h in winter, respectively. No matter in summer or in winter, the oil film will not reach the water intake of Yanwo. Although the river discharge in summer is much larger than the one in winter, the oil film drifts upstream farther in summer than in winter during flood current. The numerical experiment results show that the stronger flood current in summer is only the second reason for the pheonomena, while the wind is its principal reason. The orientation of the river is north-west near upstream the bridge which results in the oil film blocked by the northwest wind in winter, and is almost north-south farer upstream the bridge which results in the oil film pushed forward by the south wind in summer.
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    Impacts of the symmetrical and unsymmetrical typhoons on the storm surge simulation in the East China and the South China Seas
    GAO Qin-qin, ZHU Jian-rong, DUAN Yi-hong, SUN Ming-hua
    20120, 2012 (6):  57-72. 
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    An unstructured grid model based on FVCOM was used to simulate the storm surges in the regions of the Changjiang Estuary, the Hangzhou Bay, the Fujian coast, the Pearl River Estuary, and the South China Sea. Two kinds of typhoon models were compared, i.e. the unsymmetrical typhoon provided by the WRF model and the symmetrical typhoon calculated by using the Fujita formula. Both of these two typhoon models can simulate the storm surge well around the Changjiang Estuary, the Hangzhou Bay, the Pearl River Estuary and the South China Sea, with the unsymmetrical typhoon model producing the results slightly better. For the typhoons crossing the Taiwan Island and then landing along the Fujian coast, the unsymmetrical typhoon by WRF can simulate storm surge far better, since the typhoons in that region are significantly unsymmetrical.
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    Establishment of GPR41 stable cell line and agonist screening of GPR41 receptor
    WU Jin, DONG Su-zhen
    20120, 2012 (6):  73-80,102. 
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    In this study, a stable GPR41 receptor cell model was established. The GPR41 expression was detected by RT-PCR and western blot,while the function of GPR41 was confirmed by cAMP and Ca assays. These results have shown that we have successfully established GPR41 cell line which can be used for screening the agonists of the receptor in vitro. GPR41 receptor binding activity was tested by cAMP assay using secondary metabolites extracted from gulf seaweed aflatoxin c-f-3 in Putian Fujian. The results have also shown that the No.37 compound, a new compound belonging to 2-Pyrones, has GPR41 receptor agonist activity with high affinity. This is the first report on 2-Pyrones with GPR41 receptor agonist activity.
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    Study on the effects of Mg2+ on the binding between Bloom syndrome helicase and G4DNA
    LUO Heng, CAI Ming-juan, CHEN Xiang, DING Mei,LI Kun, XU Hou-qiang
    20120, 2012 (6):  81-88. 
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    This paper studied the effects of Mg2+ on G4DNA, BLM-G4DNA complex, and the binding of BLM642-1290 helicase and G4DNA using fluorescence anisotropy technology.The results indicated that the fluorescence anisotropy of G4DNA increased with Mg2+ concentration (〖WTBX〗P〖WTBZ〗<0.01); The anisotropy of BLM-G4DNA complex showed varied tendency of decrease-increase-decrease with Mg2+ concentration (〖WTBX〗P〖WTBZ〗<0.01);The anisotropy of the binding between the helicase and G4DNA gradually declined following Mg2+ concentration (〖WTBX〗P〖WTBZ〗<0.01); The binding was most likely to occur between the helicase and G4DNA when Mg2+ concentrations was 3.0 mmol/L, which suggested that the suitable amount of Mg2+ could promote the binding of the helicase and G4DNA but that could lead to the change of the binding properties of two molecules including the shape, flow ability, and charge. These results provided useful data for studying the interaction mechanism between BLM helicase and G4DNA.
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    Expressions of REGγ, p53, NOTCH1 and BRAF gene in thyroid cancer and their clinical relevance
    QI Long, ZUO Di, WANG Hui, LI Xiao-tao
    20120, 2012 (6):  89-95. 
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    This study was designed to investigate the expressions of〖WTBX〗 REGγ〖WTBZ〗,〖WTBX〗 〖STBX〗p53〖WTBZ〗, 〖WTBX〗NOTCH1〖WTBZ〗 and 〖WTBX〗BRAF〖WTBZ〗 in papillary thyroid cancer as well as the potential correlations with clinicopathological significance. The expressions of 〖WTBX〗REGγ〖WTBZ〗,〖WTBX〗 p53〖WTBZ〗,〖WTBX〗 NOTCH1〖STBZ〗〖WTBZ〗 and 〖WTBX〗BRAF〖WTBZ〗 in thyroid cancer samples were detected by Realtime-PCR and immunohistochemistry, respectively. The correlations with clinicopathological factors were statistically analyzed. The expression of 〖WTBX〗REGγ〖WTBZ〗 in papillary thyroid cancer samples was significantly higher, with an 87.5% (35/40) positive rate in cancer tissues, and was correlated with age and lymph node status (〖WTBX〗P〖WTBZ〗=0.015 1<0.05), but not related to sex (〖WTBX〗P〖WTBZ〗=0.742>0.05). In addition, the 〖WTBX〗REGγ〖WTBZ〗 had a positive correlation with the levels of 〖WTBX〗〖STBX〗p53, NOTCH1〖STBZ〗〖WTBZ〗 and 〖WTBX〗BRAF〖WTBZ〗 (〖WTBX〗P〖WTBZ〗=0.023 3<0.05), indicating that 〖WTBX〗REGγ〖WTBZ〗 could serve as an objective biological-marker for estimating the occurrence and progression of papillary thyroid cancer. Combined detection of 〖WTBX〗〖STBX〗p53〖WTBZ〗,〖WTBX〗 NOTCH1〖WTBZ〗 and 〖WTBX〗BRAF 〖WTBZ〗may facilitate clinical diagnosis, treatment and prediction of prognosis.
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    Preliminary study on the immune-like cells during Dictysotelium discoideum development
    LIANG Jing-jing, TIAN Li, LI Li, HOU Lian-sheng
    20120, 2012 (6):  96-102. 
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    To study the immune-like cells during the development of Dictyostelium discoideum,fluorescent dye Ethidium bromide (EB) was used as surrogates for the environment toxins that Dictyostelium might encounter in the soil. With the help of fluorescence microscopy, only rufous mound cells were visualized. Positioning of nucleus by Hoechst33342 was to confirm that EB was phagocytosed into the intracellular. During the slug stage, the florescent dye EB displayed highly accumulation within a small subset cells and eventually was found in the abandoned sheath as the slug continued to migrate.The special kind cells in the slug had the ability to sequester EB. The results from flow cytometry showed that the immune-like cells existed in pre-stalk cells, suggesting the simple immune-like cells present in Dictyostelium discoideum, which is the foundation to futher study the occurrence and development of immunity system.
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    Establishment of high-throughput-screening model for IRE1 kinase inhibitor
    ZHANG Kun-zhi, SU Ming-bo, ZHOU Yu-bo
    20120, 2012 (6):  103-113. 
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    This paper expressed and purified the cytosolic fragment of human IRE1 (inositol-requiring enzyme1), an ER transmembrane 'sensor〖KG-*9〗' protein with bacular expression system. Then the HTRF (Homogeneous Time-resolved Fluorescence) assay for IRE1 kinase was set up and optimized. Z′-factor is about 0.58 and the coefficients of variation (CV) is less than 10%, indicating the molecue-based high-throughput screening assay for IRE1 kinase inhibitor was successfully established. This work would lay a solid foundation for the discovery of IRE1 kinase inhibitor and the further research.
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    Two strategies for efficient expression of soluble recombinant human FGF-21 protein
    LI Juan, LIU Wen, XIAO Lei, LAO Xun, ZHAO Li-fen,HUANG Jing, WU Zi-rong
    20120, 2012 (6):  114-121. 
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    The expression of recombinant soluble FGF-21 protein was achieved through transferring another plasmid pTf16 which expressed molecular chaperone Tig. On the other hand, the yield of FGF-21 was greatly improved with the method of lactose auto-induction. The result showed that the soluble TrxA-FGF-21 fusion protein reached 92.4% by molecular chaperone co-expression. With lactose auto-induction, the expression quantity of fusion protein was 17.4% of the total proteins, and the 〖WTBX〗OD600 〖WTBZ〗 was 12.4; thus relative yield was 5.5 times higher than IPTG induction. The biological activities of recombinant FGF-21 were studied 〖WTBX〗in vivo〖WTBZ〗 in healthy C57BL/6 mice. It showed that recombinant FGF-21 can lower blood glucose obviously in mice (〖WTBX〗P〖WTBZ〗 <0.05 or 〖WTBX〗P 〖WTBZ〗<0.01). The recombinant FGF-21 treatment also led to a significant decrease in concentration of triglyceride in C57BL/6 mice (〖WTBX〗P〖WTBZ〗 <0.01).
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    Species distribution and antibiotic susceptibility of Staphylococci isolated from the healthy human skins of East China Normal University students
    JIANG De-ming, MA Hai-long, GULISITAN Nueraihemaiti,MAIERDAN Paliheti
    20120, 2012 (6):  122-130,138. 
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    〖WTBX〗Staphylococus〖WTBZ〗 were isolated from the healthy human skin samples using Baird Parker medium. The taxonomy and phylogenetic relationship of 〖WTBX〗Staphylococus 〖WTBZ〗were analyzed based on the 16S rRNA gene sequences. Antibiotic susceptibility of 〖WTBX〗Staphylococci〖WTBZ〗 was detected by B-K method. A total of 31 strains of 〖WTBX〗Staphylococus〖WTBZ〗 were isolated which can be classified into 6 different species. Each of 31 〖WTBX〗Staphylococus〖WTBZ〗 strains was able to resist to at least one antibiotic among 10 tested antibiotics. The highest resistance rate was found against Amoxicillin and Ampicillin with 91%. Only 3 strains among the isolated〖WTBX〗 Staphylococus〖WTBZ〗 strains were resistant to Amikacin. The results indicated that 〖WTBX〗Staphylococus〖WTBZ〗 strains were abundant in both Uyghur and Han’s skins and the population level of 〖WTBX〗Staphylococus〖WTBZ〗 species was higher in Uyghur human skin samples than in Han’s. Furthermore, our study also suggested that 〖WTBX〗Staphylococus〖WTBZ〗 strains isolated from healthy human skin samples of East China Normal University students had high resistance ability to 10 tested antibiotics.
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    Effect of different preservative film packages on the quality of fresh-cut Hami melons
    ZHOU Ren-jia, QIAO Yong-jin, WANG Hai-hong, CHEN Zhao-liang
    20120, 2012 (6):  131-138. 
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    In order to define the effect of different preservative films on quality of fresh-cut Hami melon, the fresh-cut Hami melons were packaged by PE film, PE microbore film, OPP film and PVC film with the thickness of 0.03 mm, stored at 5 ℃ and 85%~95% RH for 13 days, testing their respiration rate, weight loss rate, firmness, luminosity, content of total soluble solid and vitamin C, activity of PG and CX, and sensory characteristics at days of 0, 1, 4, 7, 10, 13. Fresh-cut Hami melons packaged with 0.03 mm PE film showed low respiration rate and moisture loss, maintained content of total soluble solid, vitamin C, firmness and luminosity well, restrained the activity of PG and CX obviously. PE film (0.03 mm) is the optimal package film for fresh-cut Hami melon. Overall fresh-cut Hami melon packaged with it, stored at 5 ℃ and 85%~95% RH for 10 days still maintained good commodity value.
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    Space theory on graphs: The linearly independence methods in graph theory (II)
    REN Han WU Hao
    20120, 2012 (6):  139-156. 
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    In this paper we survey some important results and methods applied
    in graph theory and related topics. Different from the classical
    combinatorial matrix methods used in the fields such as the spectral
    theory of graphs, we concentrate on the finite linearly spaces over
    various kinds of number fields and their actions and influnces on
    the structural graph theory.
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