Most Cited

Issue 3, Volume 5, 2021

Rejoinder on ‘Inference after covariate-adaptive randomization: aspects of methodology and theory

Jun Shao
Issue 1, Volume 1, 2017

Cholesky-based model averaging for covariance matrix estimation

Hao Zheng ,
Kam-Wah Tsui ,
Xiaoning Kang ,
Xinwei Deng
Issue 1, Volume 1, 2017

On finite mixture models

Jiahua Chen
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Spatial-sign-based high-dimensional white noises test

Ping Zhao ,
Dachuan Chen ,
Zhaojun Wang
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Reliability estimation of s-out-of-k system with Kumaraswamy distribution based on partially constant stress accelerated life tests

Dongzhu Lamu ,
Rongfang Yan
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Statistical inference of reliability for a K-out-of-N: G system with switching failure under Poisson shocks

Fang Luo ,
Linmin Hu ,
Yuyu Wang ,
Xiaoyun Yu
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A selective review on statistical methods for massive data computation: distributed computing, subsampling, and minibatch techniques

Xuetong Li ,
Yuan Gao ,
Hong Chang ,
Danyang Huang ,
Yingying Ma ,
Rui Pan ,
Haobo Qi ,
Feifei Wang ,
Shuyuan Wu ,
Ke Xu ,
Jing Zhou ,
Xuening Zhu ,
Yingqiu Zhu ,
Hansheng Wang
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Partially fixed bayesian additive regression trees

Hao Ran ,
Yang Bai
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D-optimal saturated designs for main effects and interactions in 2^k-factorial experiments

Francois K. Domagni ,
A. S. Hedayat ,
Bikas Kumar Sinha
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Variable selection and subgroup analysis for high-dimensional censored data

Yu Zhang ,
Jiangli Wang ,
Weiping Zhang