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Issue 4, Volume 6, 2022

Empirical likelihood inference and goodness-of-fit test for logistic regression model under two-phase case-control sampling

Zhen Sheng ,
Yukun Liu ,
Jing Qin
Issue 3, Volume 5, 2021

Rejoinder on ‘Inference after covariate-adaptive randomization: aspects of methodology and theory

Jun Shao
Issue 1, Volume 1, 2017

Cholesky-based model averaging for covariance matrix estimation

Hao Zheng ,
Kam-Wah Tsui ,
Xiaoning Kang ,
Xinwei Deng
Issue 1, Volume 5, 2021

On studying extreme values and systematic risks with nonlinear time series models and tail dependence measures

Zhengjun Zhang
Issue 1, Volume 1, 2017

On finite mixture models

Jiahua Chen
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Regression models of Pearson correlation coefficient

Abdisa G. Dufera ,
Tiantian Liu ,
Jin Xu
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A novel nonparametric mixture model for the detection pattern of COVID-19 on Diamond Princess cruise

Huijuan Ma ,
Jing Qin ,
Fang Chen ,
Yong Zhou
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Locally R-optimal designs for a class of nonlinear multiple regression models

Lei He ,
Rong-Xian Yue
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Rates of convergence of powered order statistics from general error distribution

Yuhan Zou ,
Yingyin Lu ,
Zuoxiang Peng
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Availability and cost-benefit evaluation for a repairable retrial system with warm standbys and priority

Jia Kang ,
Linmin Hu ,
Rui Peng ,
Yan Li ,
Ruiling Tian