Issue 1, Volume 2, 2018

Statistical Theory and Related Fields, Volume 2, Issue 1 (2018)

Editorial Foreword

Editorial foreword

Jun Shao ,
Dongchu Sun ,
Danyu Lin

Testing hypotheses under covariate-adaptive randomisation and additive models

Ting Ye

Impact of sufficient dimension reduction in nonparametric estimation of causal effect

Ying Zhang ,
Jun Shao ,
Menggang Yu ,
Lei Wang

Deep advantage learning for optimal dynamic treatment regime

Shuhan Liang ,
Wenbin Lu ,
Rui Song

A generalisation of the exponential distribution and its applications on modelling skewed data

Muhammad Zubair ,
Ayman Alzaatreh ,
M. H. Tahir ,
Muhammad Mansoor ,
Manat Mustafa

Step-stress accelerated degradation test planning based on Wiener process with correlation

Lei He ,
Rong-Xian Yue ,
Daojiang He

Statistical analysis of dependent competing risks model in constant stress accelerated life testing with progressive censoring based on copula function

Xuchao Bai ,
Yimin Shi ,
Yiming Liu ,
Bin Liu

Objective Bayesian hypothesis testing and estimation for the intraclass model

Duo Zhang ,
Daojiang He ,
Xiaoqian Sun ,
Min Wang

Objective Bayesian analysis for the accelerated degradation model using Wiener process with measurement errors

Daojiang He ,
Yunpeng Wang ,
Mingxiang Cao

Response to discussion of ‘Nutritional epidemiology methods and related statistical challenges and opportunities’

Ross L. Prentice ,
Ying Huang

Discussion of the paper by R. L. Prentice and Y. Huang: Optimal designs and efficient inference for biomarker studies

D. Y. Lin

Much room for optimism on measuring diet, preventing cancer and cardiovascular disease, and correcting for measurement error – discussion of the paper by R. L. Prentice and Y. Huang

Donna Spiegelman

On the formation and use of calibration equations in nutritional epidemiology – Discussion of the Paper by R. L. Prentice and Y. Huang

Laurence S. Freedman ,
Pamela A. Shaw

Nutritional epidemiology methods and related statistical challenges and opportunities

Ross L. Prentice ,
Ying Huang